Rainer Wendt: The Crackdown on Criminal Culture-Enrichers in Berlin

Long-time readers will remember Rainer Wendt, the head of the federal German police union. In the following video Mr. Wendt discusses the latest police raids on Arab mafia clans in Berlin.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Nash sends additional information on Bushido vs. Abou-Chaker and clan. She says: “Here’s wiki info on the two rappers involved, Bushido and Capital Bra (LOL yes that’s his name), and on Abou-Chaker, leader of the largest Arab family clan in Berlin.”

Video transcript:

0:00   I now greet Rainer Wendt from the German Police Union.
0:03   Nice to have you here, Herr Wendt.
0:06   So this was quite a big blow against international weapons dealers.
0:09   How did we even get on the trail of this gang?
0:12   Well, first of all this is a blow, yes, and an especially big one.
0:15   At the end of a very intense investigation
0:18   you can strike at multiple targets at the same time,
0:21   especially with the special task force.
0:24   I can only say that was a great blow, but whether it’s going to be
0:27   Effective, we can only see once we proceed, once it begins,
0:30   especially how the men behind it will be uncovered.
0:33   But for now, to the Berlin Police, great work.
0:36   It is very unusual in that there actually were
0:39   700 weapons or more there,
0:42   that we could intercept all that and confiscate it all.
0:45   Yes, but I’m afraid there are a lot more weapons in the country,
0:48   illegal weapons. I’m sure that number goes into the millions.
0:51   We can see that especially coming from the Balkan wars,
0:54   that there is still an incredible amount of inventory around,
0:57   and they have to go somewhere, and so that’s where they’re being sold to.
1:00   So what is the situation generally in terms of weapons smuggling into Germany?
1:03   The weapons smuggling into Germany is extremely lively.
1:06   There’s a huge market for it here:
1:09   there’s biker [rocker] gang crime;
1:12   there are large extended Arab clans.
1:15   There are a lot of buyers for these illegal weapons,
1:18   and insofar as authorities stay on the ball with this,
1:21   and not only on the national, but also the international scene,
1:24   I am sure of that, the German police didn’t work this on their own,
1:27   and that is a good thing.
1:30   We’d like to talk about another topic, and that topic is family clan crime.
1:33   Especially in Berlin this is a huge issue, which is in the headlines
1:36   right now because of the arrest of Arafat Abou-Chaker and his brother.
1:39   One might almost think that for the past few months
1:42   there’s been a harsher crackdown by the police, why only now?
1:45   First of all, your question is valid.
1:48   For a space of thirty years it was merely observed how everything developed
1:51   into these perfect parallel societies, where these people could
1:54   develop their criminal enterprises.
1:57   Thomas Heilmann from here in Berlin, the former Justice senator,
2:00   who was the initiating party back in 2017,
2:03   he determined that the most vulnerable spot,
2:06   the one spot where we can really grab by the neck,
2:09   was their finances, their assets and wealth.
2:12   Those assets can be confiscated for now.
2:15   In Berlin alone 77 immovable properties
2:18   that have been seized as of today,
2:21   the results of this we’ll just have to see as we proceed, that’ll take some time for sure.
2:24   And also in North Rhine-Westphalia there have been raids and seizures of properties
2:27   and arrests, so yes, we are definitely seeing a stronger crackdown on this,
2:30   finally, because these are the right times to do so, and in NRW
2:33   we saw that Herbert Roll, the minister of the interior,
2:36   always participated at these raids live on location, which means that there is now
2:39   also strong political backing present now, which is exactly how it should be.
2:42   Let’s take another look at the case of Bushido against the Abou-Chaker clan,
2:45   where another rapper now has inserted himself into the case,
2:48   his name is “Capital Bra”, and he published a video on the internet
2:51   which we’ll listen to quickly:
2:54   “I’m not anymore with idiot [he published albums with Bushido — translator],
2:57   because he now works together with police,
3:00   he works for police now. He got police protection.
3:03   OK. One might understand. Kids were in danger.
3:06   Now he s**ts on folks, folks go to the slammer,
3:09   and… I am not for that, I did everything for him,
3:12   even people said don’t do it, but I did it anyway,
3:15   because we were a team. But we are not a team.
3:18   The police are now his team…
3:21   Bushido now plays for the police team,
3:24   not in “my” team anymore, what does that tell us?
3:27   First of all, I don’t believe a word, of course he doesn’t “play” with the police now…
3:30   You don’t think he is cooperating? Oh sure he cooperates, but he’s not
3:33   playing on our team. Our team is rather limited, and
3:36   and it actually follows the rule of law, and so even when one cooperates,
3:39   that doesn’t mean that he “plays” on our team. But that is —
3:42   this description that he is now on the police team,
3:45   that is of course the deadliest contempt that a guy can show another in that scene.
3:48   I mean, you can accuse someone of being a gangster, a crazy guy or whatever,
3:51   but to call someone a snitch, a traitor, you’re with the police now,
3:54   you’re on the other side now, there’s definitely a serious threat in there, too.
3:57   it also clearly shows how these clans despise the constitutional state.
4:00   Yes, they despise it and they completely ignore it.
4:03   They have built complete parallel worlds,
4:06   with their own justice system, their own set of rules
4:09   that they brought with them,
4:12   and that we now have to try to disband.
4:15   This is going to be a lengthy process and we are only at the beginning now.
4:18   Says Rainer Wendt, and thank you very much for being here.

3 thoughts on “Rainer Wendt: The Crackdown on Criminal Culture-Enrichers in Berlin

  1. It’s a very nice interview.

    It must be greatly consoling for German listeners to learn that the raid netted 700 illegal weapons, and there are mere millions more residing with gangs and thugs throughout Germany. And yet, the crackdown on ownership of guns and airguns (my addition) by law-abiding German citizens continues. Most countries in Europe strictly regulate airguns almost as much as regular firearms. Of course, airguns, which can easily kill someone, would be good for mainly sniping and assassination. And what need would a German have for a weapon of assassination, with all the officials doing their jobs with enthusiasm?

    The German (and European) gun laws are like the asylum laws in the US: highly dysfunctional, crafted for a completely different population, and impossible to get rid of with a divided polity.

    The weapon of choice for assassination for Africans will be the knife: very, very deadly, impossible to stop at close range, and the perfect weapon of terror.

  2. Those clans are about to get WHOMPED.

    Did you see the smile on that guys face.
    Unless germans are the greatest liars on earth(they would be the best poker player if that was true) then they are actually going after the clans now.

  3. Long overdue as these criminal muslim gangs are the “5th column” that when the tipping point comes in Germany they will the “brownshirts” on the streets intimidating the non-muslim German population into subservience. Germany has a slim window of opportunity to change it’s Merkel sealed destiny.

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