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For those of you who have been snowed in without the Internet for the past week, the graphic above is a reference to Nick Sandmann. He is a student at Covington High School, a Catholic institution in Kentucky. He went on a school field trip to D.C. on January 18 to attend the March for Life. Afterwards, while waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for the bus to take them home, he and his classmates (some wearing MAGA hats) were accosted and mobbed by the Black Hebrew Israelites, plus a Central Casting Injun and faux Vietnam Vet named Nathan Phillips, a.k.a. Tom-Tom McCoot.

The incident would have faded into the mists of history if the mainstream media had not glommed onto it and used a carefully edited piece of video to promote the fake news story that Nick Sandmann had disrespected the Injun. The fact that full videos of the entire event were widely available meant that the fake story was quickly and thoroughly debunked by the alternative media. That didn’t matter to the MSM, of course — they had their story about the white-privileged WAYCIST Catholic boy, and they were sticking to it. The only thing that might have an effect on these snoids would be a major lawsuit — which is still a distinct possibility.

Now, a week later, a meme poster has surfaced using the iconic image of Nick Sandmann wearing his stoic smile. A post on VOAT (dated January 25) says:

Stand Your Ground posters go up TONIGHT while the news cycle is still hot. WHO’S IN?

The people putting up the posters have been referred to as “sandmen”, which seems apt. The ones taping them to the wall in the photo at WRSA are wearing face-coverings and gloves. That takes care of the facial recognition scanners and the fingerprints, but what about gait recognition? If the rumors are to be believed, the intelligence services can now identify a person simply by his manner of walking. If you’re planning on putting up these posters, I recommend devising an extension for one of your boots, making you walk with an oddball limp.

Keep smiling, boys!

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  1. As far as needing masks, I should note that one of the most disturbing trends of the present is the absolute left politicization of the police. In many cities, Antifa thugs committed violent acts against peaceful people. Anyone who defended themselves were charged with assault or worse.

    Is there any FBI action against tweeters or other issuers of death threats? The FBI is thoroughly politicized, totally ineffective against crimes not involving non-PC ideology. The FBI were actually warned against the Boston Marathon bombers and the Parkland killer, but did nothing.

  2. Nathan Phillips, a.k.a. Tom-Tom McCoot

    Is that you, Baron?

    What a perfect allusion to the Tonton Macoutes of Papa Doc infamy. And it works on so many levels:

    • Phillips indeed beat upon a tom-tom like some Haitian jungle drum

    • Many there wished Sandmann would be carried off and eaten for breakfast

    • The entire scene, “Black Israelites” and all, was pure Leftist cannibalism

    • If fingernail clippings and hair had been available voodoo would’ve been too

    • Phillips’ impoverished look fits the bill for an “Uncle Gunnysack”

    • As a self-appointed media certified Politically Correct enforcer he, too, (however unsuccessfully) attempts to inspire fear

    • Finally, there can be no doubt that, when it comes to old coots, Phillips looks like a mud hen that’s been ridden hard and put away wet one too many times

    Good shew.

    • Thank you. Yes, it’s my own invention. But only geezers like you and me get the reference! Papa Doc and Baby Doc have faded into the past and no longer have widespread cultural currency.

      • Papa Doc and Baby Doc have faded into the past and no longer have widespread cultural currency.

        Au contraire, dear Baron. Haiti continues to steadfastly carry forward the Duvalier legacy. Their’s was the proverbial “gift that keeps on giving”. Even today, Papa and Baby remain au courant as their shades hover over a maimed homeland like crows circling some grounded fledgling.

        True to their Doctoral form, today’s Haiti remains one of the most destitute and corrupt nations on the entire planet. (Just ask Bill and 0’Hillary.)

        NOTE: — For an inspiring glimpse of someone who’s making a real change in Haiti, please consider the book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Tracy Kidder (“Soul of a New Machine” – by itself a superb bit of nonfiction computer lore) called, “Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World”.

        As someone who is not a big fan of “inspirational books” [gives Oprah a parade dress one-finger salute], Kidder’s account of Farmer’s battle against MDR-TB (Multi-Drug Resistance Tuberculosis)—including traveling with Dr. Farmer on his rounds in back-country Haiti—is a gripping tale of someone gradually overcoming Big Pharma inertia and general global indifference to this Caribbean mass of human suffering. Not to be missed. —

        • I didn’t say the Duvaliers don’t loom large in modern Haiti. I said they no longer have currency in the common culture. Our culture, that is — my culture, your culture. The Millenials know nothing of them, nor possibly Generation X. They’re a Boomer thing.

          • I said they no longer have currency in the common culture. Our culture, that is — my culture, your culture. The Millenials know nothing of them, nor possibly Generation X. They’re a Boomer thing.

            Look, (as Mr. Vibrating would say) if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position. However else am I to get in a good sideswipe at the Clintons?

        • As a country (half of an island) with an extremely low IQ population, the best thing that could happen to Haiti would be to be recolonized by European-stock settlers in effective control of the government. Like, a mild (or not so mild) form of apartheid.

          In South Africa, police measures against violent blacks could be brutal, but the net result was a far safer and more prosperous country, for both blacks and whites.

          The more rigid, purely-racist apartheid practices were instituted through a law pushed by the government strongly influenced by the British conquerors of the Dutch settlement countries.

          Stefan Molyneux points out many times (though not in this video) that 85 IQ is the “sweet” spot for criminality; not smart enough to develop an alternative plan, but not stupid enough to always get caught immediately. The average IQ in Haiti is 67

          so you would expect a high proportion of criminals.

          It may be that the Ton-Ton Macoute were a more functional solution to the problem of running a country like Haiti than is at first obvious. Of course, the ruler, Papa Doc Duvalier, was as stupid as his countrymen, and wasted oceans of money on vanity projects and personal enrichment.

          Better to have a colonialist administration, with pith helmets and strange accents, although not British.

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