Bremen: AfD Leader Kicked in the Head and Left for Dead

As Egri Nök reported last night, Frank Magnitz, the chairman of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Bremen, was viciously attacked by masked men on the street in Bremen. He sustained severe head injuries, and is in intensive care.

Below are three videos about the incident. Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video 1 is a brief news report:

Video 2, a longer news report:

Video 3 is a statement by Alice Weidel, the party leader for AfD in the Bundestag (WARNING: a graphic photo of Mr. Magnitz’s injuries is included in this footage):

Video transcript #1:

00:00   German State Security Investigation — The AfD Regional Chairman of Bremen Assaulted
00:03   The German parliament member and AfD regional chairman of Bremen, Frank Magnitz, was
00:07   assaulted and injured by unknown assailants.
00:10   He was attacked yesterday in the Hanseatic city by several people.
00:14   According to his party, Mr. Magnitz was admitted to the hospital in critical condition.
00:18   According to the police, it appears to be a politically motivated act.
00:23   The German State Security and Federal Prosecutor are investigating.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Another attack on the AfD. This time a party member has been critically injured.
00:05   The AfD regional chairman of Bremen and German parliament member, Frank Magnitz,
00:10   was assaulted by multiple assailants. The politician was brutally attacked by
00:15   several men near the theatre on Goetheplatz Square, downtown Bremen.
00:20   The AfD in Bremen wrote on their website: “With a squared timber, they knocked him
00:24   unconscious and continued to kick his head,” and posted a picture.
00:28   AfD Chairman Jörg Meuthen in an appalled reaction wrote: “At the moment, I’m so
00:33   shaken that I am unable to comment further.”
00:37   Reactions of bewilderment also came from AfD’s political opponents.
00:41   Cem Özdemir, appalled by the attack, tweeted the following: “I hope the perpetrators will soon
00:46   be discovered & sentenced. Even against the AfD there is no justification for violence. Those
00:50   who fight hatred with hatred allow hate to win in the end. #Nazis Out, but with the methods of our
00:55   constitutional state!” —Just last week in the Saxon town of Döbeln there was an attack on an
01:01   office from the AfD. In that incident sizeable quantities of fireworks were used.
01:06   The owner of the snack bar across the street was an eyewitness.
01:10   I have never seen anything like it, and I’ve seen a lot. Bombs going off and all, but yesterday
01:15   there was such a fire, I thought the entire house would collapse. It was so loud! Really loud!
01:20   The neighboring building was also damaged as a result of the explosion. No one was injured.
01:25   The intent of injuring many people through the considerable explosive force was deliberate.
01:30   The police consider both cases to be politically motivated.
01:35   There are elections coming up this year, both in Bremen and in Saxony.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   Our parliamentary party member Frank Magnitz has become a target of an assassination attempt.
00:08   Several unknown assailants attacked him with a squared timber until
00:15   he fell to the ground unconscious. On the ground they continued to kick him in the head.
00:20   We have only the courageous help of a construction worker to thank
00:27   for Frank Magnitz’s still being alive, in my opinion. I am absolutely shocked by this disgusting act.
00:34   I can only state that the manhunt of the AfD and the incitement through the media
00:43   against a democratically elected party have produced fruit. This despicable act must be
00:49   absolutely condemned. This kind of violence has achieved a new level and quality.
00:55   Yesterday it was an explosion at our offices in Döbeln. Today our parliamentary party member
01:04   is brutally assaulted. The first reactions came from The Green Party. Cem Özdemir actually…
01:17   actually I am absolutely stunned what some people come up with. He writes that Nazis
01:26   have to be fought democratically, but not this way. It is so stunning, the amount of
01:34   stupidity and depravity that is rampant within our parties.
01:38   I can only hope that all of this incitement will be brought to a halt.

21 thoughts on “Bremen: AfD Leader Kicked in the Head and Left for Dead

  1. Nazis. I guess Hitler’s greatest crime was he wanted to limit immigration. These lefties are out of their minds.

  2. Anyone who has studied the cultural damage of communism and nearly any sort of dictatorship or Leftism certainly has noticed the great capacity for the publics’ ability to witness such brutality against innocent people and casually say:

    ‘He simply should have kept his mouth shut’.

    Does the average German view this as a brutal attack against all of them as a democracy or are most of the people simply bothered that a man would unnecessarily risk his life.?

    • I think the average western german doesn’t think of it at all. They are too busy chasing hedonism or virtue signaling, and the german capacity for ignoring the obvious puts even americans to shame.

        • I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. For the “average Western German” it starts with consuming only mainstram media – who tell us that the man was “beaten up” instead of nearly beaten to death. So, to know the truth about these events you need to want to know it and read alternative media. Doing that you are no longer an average German. Personally, I am still shocked and ask myself what is happening in our country. Until a few years ago, we were – in some ways still are – a peaceful society with relatively little violence and had a democratic system that actually deserved the name. And now this violence, this coldness with leftist (is that the right word?) journalists who write that someone like Magnitz, and indeed everyone else in the AfD, deserves nothing better. I simply don’t understand these people.

          • Yes, it is discouraging to see a one peaceful country become violent.

            I am surprised that the average German is able to ignore such violence.

            Unfortunately, attacks on unpopular people will not cause citizens to revolt.

      • I have to agree, most youngsters are either not interested in politics at all or are involved with the left so they will ignore or even celebrate the attack, the rest of the population will say “what a horrible thing to do”, but won’t think as far as to wonder what it means in the bigger picture of politics and just merrily continue with their lives.

        • ‘pre-Beatles’ Germany seemed to have young people with a greater sense of identity and focus.

          ‘post-Beatles’ Germany appears to be built upon pop culture with metro-sexuals.

          I make this distinction of time based on the arrival of the Beatles since many German observers of German culture and society place emphasis on this. Of course it was a cultural revolution across much of Europe also but seems to have been more prominent in Germany than in other places.

          • This reminds me of a quote I once read somewhere (loose citation): “what do you expect to happen to Germany when most of their good gene-pool died on the front.”
            And it really is true, Germany lost its backbone in WWII. The “beta males” left fathered the children who lived that cultural revolution.

            In the East they had to man up eventually, because we see a clear difference in their behaviour towards migrants, compared to the West, but you get the idea.


    The German presstitutes (non-copyrighted word, Paul Craig Roberts) report that the Bremen police are now charging not suspected homicide (Totschlag) but dangerous bodily harm (gefährliche Körperverletzung) and that this contradicts the AfD statement that he was hit with a piece of squared timber.

    The report above says that a police spokeswoman (gender diversity!!!) cannot see any object with which Magnitz was hit when viewing the CCTV videos. He just “fell over”.

    Is there a link between these two things? e.g. length of prison sentence if convicted of one crime but not the other? Intensity of police work (= number of seconded staff) on a case of attempted homicide compared to bodily harm?

    Now I have seen the photo of Magnitz in intensive care. Is this wound supposed to have come from falling over?
    That is, if hit from behind with a fist or flat hand, is this wound logical as a result of falling over ?
    Why are no medical personnel being interviewed?
    Somebody must have cleaned the wound: any wood splinters?
    Or is the hospital director like the doctors at the JFK autopsy?

    (NB: the British fake Left “Guardian” has printed online a heavily-cropped photo that leaves out his skull injury)

    Note that the presstitutes as at ca. 0400h on 9 Jan in Europe have not printed any response from the AfD to the police allegation.

    • You have to be kidding me!
      Our news showed the photo of the victim uncensored and there’s a deep (looked really deep, I would estimate between 1-2cm), square/block shaped dent in his forehead/front part of the crown. There’s literally no other way to get this kind of injury than being struck with some kind of stick. It’s too narrow and elongated to be the result of a kick and it’s too deep to come from a fall on the curb. Again, too narrow to come from hitting a pole. I can’t think of any other way a person can fall in the street, there generally aren’t that many things on your common sidewalk…
      Guess Mama Merkel quickly pulled some strings, just like she did when experts disputed her claims about manhunts in Chemnitz?
      Would be amazing if this helped the AFD to win the next elections, but realistically I worry it will cause some of them to leave the party and politics altogether.

    • Our local paper stuck the first police report, as a minor 20-line notice under the smallest bold head – not in the Bremen news section, but where it was likely overlooked: at the bottom left of the reader letters page, beneath a column of what folks up north call “the cucumber news”. Most of the reader letters that filled the following columns were longer than the notice.

      They embedded a follow up this morning, repeating words of condemnation by the many federal politicians, as a secondary, somewhat longer story, in the middle of the front page.

      I am having trouble shaking the idea that they had been waiting for an o.k. from Mutti.

  4. This means a new escalation in Germany and now Macron has ordered the French Police to use live ammunition on the Yellow Jackets. At last, as I have long predicted the Communists are resorting to type and violence.

    Far from encouraging the “Deplorables” to be quiet, this will take the crisis over into the Abyss. Maybe that is the idea? If this whole business erupts, as I suspect it most certainly will, I would advise all “Antifa” to avoid the streets and public gatherings.

    With May and her Cabal scrambling to avoid defeat threatening to delay or even cancel “Brexit”, as angry Brexiteers take to the street even in England, the whole tinder box will explode. The “Progressives” can gesture and shout “Nazis” all they like. It will not protect them. I have seen angry mobs and its is terrifying.

    Far from ending the “Narzis”, the behaviour above will simply drive the public into the arms of the extremists they claim to attack and loath. Maybe that is the idea. Mind you the Left lack even the most basic common-sense.

    • I wonder what the reaction among the French public and the French police would be if the Yellow Vests were to form up in front of the police and allow the cops to start firing live rounds at them.

      I wonder if a few deaths (murders actually) resulting from this would trigger a mass uprising and if many of the police would also revolt against the government?

      I don’t want to appear flippant with this and speak of such deaths as mere political events – I guess I am wondering just how many or how few deaths of protesters must occur before the governments’ position on using live ammunition will be revoked or cause a mass revolt?

      I wonder how many Yellow Vest people are willing to face what would essentially be a firing squad? I hope the number of French willing to die for their country is far greater than the number of police willing to shoot.

      • I don’t think the french police would follow orders to use live ammunition on their own countrymen. If such orders were given I expect most police chiefs would refuse to follow them. If the Yellow Vests were shooting at the police it would be a different story, but shooting at unarmed fellow citizens would be the end of Macron, and I imagine there would be enough rage on the part of the populace that he would be lucky to flee the country in one piece.

        If I had to guess, I would imagine that this order is either meant to protect Macron from being overrun in one of his palaces by protesters, or is meant to encourage protesters to show up armed in an attempt to discredit the movement as violent “thugs” as he has been unsuccessfully asserting.

      • Quite honestly I think most of the officers would oppose the order to shoot live. There have already been plenty who refused to attack the protesters at all, because they understand what the protests are about and symphatize with them. I mean really, everyone at the police has to have a much better understanding of who’s ruining France than the public does. Even those who follow the events like us here.
        IF Macron then manages to get together a force that would be willing to kill, I think it would be the final fuse to mobilize everyone who hasn’t joined the protests yet, because people are sensitive to that kind of thing.
        And then it would be a full-blown civil war. Why? Because Macron’s faction will try to stay in power, against them will be the French public, and immigrant gangs will try to use the situation. At least we know the army will side with the public (they will probably stay neutral for a while and then join the public once things really escalate), as the general staff has already said they basically consider Macron a traitor.

    • “Macron has ordered the French Police to use live ammunition on the Yellow Jackets”

      Bishop, could we kindly have a verified source for this please?

        • Yes and thankyou for pointing this out.

          My mistake but firing rubber bullets like they did in Northern Ireland killed folk. The “Education Minister” is deploying an old Marxist trick testing the public climate. Two steps forward one step back. This shows that Macron himself, or his cabinet want to see where this leads.

          They’ll do it anyway as experience shows with time. Besides in the heat of battle a Policeman may decide to protect himself.

          Unfortunately for commenters like “Anon” -they continue to seek “verified sources”. As we used to say in British Army, “the Bomb would drop but the doubters would be asking for “verified sources”. Very old Leftist trick that reveals we perhaps have a “bot” on G.o.V. Best to ignore.


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