Vicious Political Violence on the Streets of Bremen

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier tonight at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. The photo of the badly wounded member of the Bundestag was too graphic to repost here — interested readers may see it at Vlad’s place.

Germany: AfD MP Brutally Attacked By Masked Assailants — Vlad Tepes

by Egri Nök

Leftist political violence seems to be escalating in Germany. Member of Bundestag, and AfD Bremen chairman Frank Magnitz was attacked by three masked assailants earlier tonight when he was leaving a New Year’s event at a theater.

This comes just a few days after an arson attack on the Federal Court of Leipzig for which Antifa have claimed responsibility, and after an explosion rocked an AfD office in Döbeln. The perpetrators of this attack are still on the run.

The original police press release:

Polizei Bremen
POL-HB: Nr. 0019 — Attack on member of Bundestag and AfD Bremen chairman
07.01.2019 — 19:55

Location: Goetheplatz, 28203 Bremen
Time: 07.01.2019, around 17:20 h

On 07.01.2019, around 17:20h, at the theater at Goetheplatz Square, the member of Bundestag and AfD chairman was attacked and wounded by several persons. Due to the victim’s office, the attack is probably politically motivated. The state police and the Federal Prosecutor Bremen opened investigations.

Police are urgently looking for witnesses: Who witnessed the incident near Goetheplatz Square? Who can give clues? Witnesses are asked to contact criminal police at phone no 0421 362-3888.

13 thoughts on “Vicious Political Violence on the Streets of Bremen

  1. Antifa is the most likely suspects, and Police should immediately move to question their known leadership. But what we may be seeing here is with the failure of this criminal organisation to stop the “populus” freight train, they are evolving into a full blown terrorist organisation, such as was seen in Germany in the 1970’s with the various leftist groups. They will fail and alienate themselves further from society.

  2. What makes me think that the German investigators won’t find much because they don’t want to find much. Antifa is Merkel’s and the Left’s private Army both in Germany and in all over the Western World

    We know this because Antifa can do whatever they want in Berkeley, CA and Portland, OR and nothing happens to them.

    This will get far worse in the US under the next Democrat president in 2021.

      • They will be forced to run Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she will likely win. She is as bat-guano crazy as Bernie S, but much cuter, and she most certainly isn’t dumb where it matters. The political right as well as the Democrat leadership ignore her charisma, social media savvy, and appeal to millennials at their peril.

    • » that the German investigators won’t find much because they don’t want to find much.«

      Not sure, they still have to loose their face to a broad public. AfD-frindly newspaper JF wrote in

      »Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeiner wünschte Magnitz in einem Brief eine gute und schnelle Genesung. „Ich verurteile diesen Angriff in aller Deutlichkeit“, zitierte die Nachrichtenagentur dpa aus dem Schreiben des Staatsoberhauptes.«

      which I translate to: President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeiner whishes in a letter to Magnitz a quick recovery of his health. “I very clearly condemn this attack” cites news agency dpa from the letter by the president.

      The linked article also cites a condemnation of the attack by our most-beloved former minister of inner affairs Heiko Maas, among others.

  3. That would certainly qualify as attempted murder in this country.

    In fact would have been more humane to finish him off than leaving him in that state. No one deserves that kind of beating.

    I think this is going to be an important date in the run up to true civil unrest in Germany.

  4. Antifa at work, Merkel people doing everything to destroy patriots, how sickening is that , democracy is over dead , very sad ..

  5. I keep waiting for a tipping point. Ruin your Christmas markets and New Years celebrations, that didn’t seem to have an impact. Bomb a political office, not good enough. Bash someone’s head in? It still doesn’t seem to make a difference.
    I guess something truly catastrophic will have to occur, something that will cripple a significant part of society or the economy before German citizens awake.

  6. They were sending the AfD a message. They are playing for keeps. This is no longer nerf world politics.

    It’s time the AfD leaders start considering hiring some local members of a boxing club or Martial arts group as bodyguards when they attend public events or go out in the evening.

    If they don’t one of them will end up dead the next time this happens.

  7. Well, I suppose we knew this was coming. This will not be the last, I’m fairly sure. At some point AfD members are going to have to be prepared to sacrifice themselves in some numbers, I think. This kind of approach is obviously gut-wrenching in the near term, but I view it as similar to Martin Luther King and the marches in the American South in the (early) 1960s. I consider that, though those marchers had to suffer a great deal, they ended up the victors over the long term, certainly when compared to the Malcolm X wing. Whether that can happen in today’s Germany or Western Europe I don’t know, but it’s a possible way.

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