The “Yellow Vest” Protests in France: A German Perspective

The following report from looks at the recent Yellow Vest protests in France, and what they may portend for Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:19   Today in Paris more than 2,000 protesters from the so-called
00:23   Yellow Vest Movement gathered on the Champs-Élysées.
00:42   Terror Alarm in France. A shooting occurred at the Christmas Market.
00:49   On Saturday, as we expected, clashes occurred. We saw how the police
00:54   charged and we saw them attack journalists.
01:04   The Yellow Vests are essentially of French origin with European roots.
01:12   The French are taking to the streets against Macron and the establishment.
01:16   We traveled to Paris to find out more about the Gilets Jaunes, the Yellow Vests.
01:21   This is our story.
01:27   I. The Coming Revolt
01:30   Here at home, in Germany, we gaze spellbound at the images coming from France.
01:34   The French are known for demonstrating often, but this time it is different.
01:37   This revolt is unique.
01:41   We want to find out what is driving the Yellow Vests onto the street. What problems
01:44   are the French struggling with, and whether we might see yellow vests in Germany
01:49   taking to the street to protest against the government.
02:03   The capital is filthy. It is grubby. It stinks.
02:07   Parts of “The City of Love” that are not near famous sightseeing spots are a garbage dump.
02:23   Just 100 meters from the Arc de Triumph, people are sleeping on what others have thrown away.
02:30   We are here in the center of Paris. With single digit-temperatures, these people have to sleep
02:35   on the street while bankers and managers are having their breakfast.
02:44   13% of French live below the poverty level, including 3 million children.
02:49   In 2016 there were about 142,000 homeless people in France, and there are 2.5 million
02:56   unemployed. The unemployment rate for young adults is about 20%.
03:01   France has abandoned the weakest in society. The nation of France receives billions of euros
03:07   in taxes, but where has it all gone?
03:20   II. The President of Other People
03:31   Through our contacts we were able to meet with a spokesperson for a French patriot group.
03:36   We want to hear from him how things really are in France.
03:41   Julian and his group were a part of the Yellow Vest protest from the beginning.
03:45   They knew from the very beginning that it was about more than just diesel prices.
03:49   It started in response to the rise in diesel prices in France.
03:53   This meant a considerable increase in costs, above all for the rural population. That’s where
03:57   people use their cars very often. For them, it’s an extra burden that they cannot afford.
04:03   That brought a few thousand people to Paris the first few days, and then it was all over France.
04:09   So around 150,000 to 200,000 people across France were protesting.
04:13   Since then, the movement has become somewhat radicalized, in reaction to the government’s
04:17   repressive actions becoming stronger.
04:21   Jean-Yves Le Gallou — Publicist — The Yellow Vest movement is the result of a very simple
04:27   matter: Raising the price of diesel fuel for motorists. Why? Because the people most
04:35   affected by this tax measure are those French who work far from their place of residence.
04:45   They were driven out of the city centers by the rise in property prices, and were expelled from
04:53   the suburbs of the cities by the migrants who occupy them.
04:58   Macron is the symptom, so to speak. He’s the incarnation of a problem, but the
05:02   problems were there before Macron, and they’ll still exist when he’s gone.
05:07   The fact that the French nation is dysfunctional, and that we have had a chronic deficit for years,
05:12   and that we offset this deficit with additional taxes — that was already the case before him.
05:18   It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but he gets the blame.
05:22   I think Macron is the symbol of power, imposed by international finance,
05:31   imposed by the lobby of foreign countries, imposed by the immigrant lobby,
05:36   imposed by the homosexual lobby.
05:40   Macron is the symbol, Macron is, if you like, is the president of the others.
05:50   The former investment banker Macron was groomed by the establishment.
05:54   While working for Rothschild he earned millions. He won the election based on societal promises.
05:59   Until now, he has not fulfilled one.
06:10   III. Revolt. — It is Saturday. The government is expecting violent protests.
06:14   89,000 Police officers are deployed. In Paris alone the police contingent numbers 8,000.
06:20   It is still not clear if the military will show up.
06:24   There are vehicles with water cannons placed at the Arc de Triumph. The atmosphere is tense.
06:43   Macron’s resignation! Macron’s resignation!
06:52   We are here today because we want to gain more purchasing power.
06:56   France is the most highly-taxed country in Europe. We are being strangled.
07:01   We are being strangled by taxes and we cannot live anymore. We can not make ends meet
07:05   by the end of the month. —Taxes and levies are considered a punishment in France.
07:10   It is known that it serves the development of the system, but it is experienced as a punishment.
07:15   We have taxes on everything. Corporate tax, income tax, property tax, business tax.
07:22   They change the name of the tax, but you can find it everywhere.
07:47   It is now nighttime in Paris. During the day the Yellow Vests were protesting at the
07:52   Arc de Triumph. Now the migrants and criminals have emerged from the banlieues
07:59   of Paris to create a storm.
08:18   It is 8 PM. The bigger protests were beaten down by the police this afternoon.
08:25   They were able to suppress the protest by arresting as many protestors as possible.
08:31   It appears to be calm here at the moment, but we see police cars racing by every couple of minutes.
08:38   It is unlikely that the situation will settle down in Paris tonight. We’ve seen groups of migrants
08:46   roaming the streets looking for an opportunity to loot shops. The police
08:52   are trying to prevent it, which leads to short chase scenes being repeated every so often.
08:58   The main problem is a problem of identity, the population exchange.
09:04   It is also a security problem, because if you look at French prisons,
09:11   Two-thirds of prisoners are either foreigners or have foreign roots.
09:21   IV What Next?
09:33   Dresden. The capital of the German resistance. This is where it began.
09:38   Much of what is making the French take to the streets is the same in Germany.
09:44   Housing shortages, high taxes, rising prices, open borders and terror attacks.
09:52   A government that believes diesel-driving bans and having a migrant-welcoming culture is more
09:57   important than its own people.
10:01   In France the revolt against the establishment has begun.

5 thoughts on “The “Yellow Vest” Protests in France: A German Perspective

  1. All so predictable!

    The long breeze from 1968 has finally become a hurricane. That arrogant generation will soon reap the consequences of their arrogance. They have literally tried to erase populations and countries established for over 1500 years by importing the poor from the Third World to produce a dumber population under a “Coudenhove-Kalergi” ‘Plan’.

    This is yet another result of the poison of International Bolshevism. 130,000,000 dead resulted from the original 1917 Revolution and here we may yet be seeing another.

    I also suggest that Holocaust deniers read the true facts behind the Nazis and their rise to power and the deaths of more millions-Far more than 6,000,000 “Joos” but many others, including the Ukrainian mass starvation and even the Armenian genocide.

    It was big money and racism that caused all of this-International finance- the same people behind these latest events on Europe’s streets. International money combined with banking “elites” that plays both sides in this paradigm- the intended dissolution of ancient nations and cultures.

    For the anti-Semites that blame the “Joos” I would venture to mention that Israelis too are under the same thumb of International Finance. This new “Bolshevism” is most “inclusive” of all races and creeds. Yellow Jackets appeared in Israel too this week, complaining about much the same as the French and the rest of Europe.

    We as a whole can no longer indulge the “Save the world” tastes and greed of the supposed “elite”. Too expensive and now increasingly bloody as the parasites emerge from their holes in the Third World in pursuit of Western largess- largess we and our parents paid in taxes. With the disgusting “Global Migration Compact” now on the books and punishment visited on those that object to this international act of grand theft, we are entering a new period of war. People have had enough. The Yellow Jackets are a natural and only too human reaction.

    From the streets of Paris, to Berlin, Brussels to Washington working people are losing their homes, jobs and lives to fund hundreds of pet causes from mass migration to strange concoctions of “gender fluidity” and even demands for money and support for increasing weirdness and its acolytes. National populations cannot afford these indulgences any longer.

    Astronomer Fred Hoyle warned of this in his 1970’s book “Ten Faces of The Universe”…..In Panama where my wife is from they are simply concerned to eat every day and now we too are on the streets, simply to place food in our mouths. I noted the academic in the film mention the “Homosexual lobby” as being one of the causes too.

    If true it is indeed shocking. Have these “lobbies” or “pressure groups” caused so much loss of wealth and even our societies?

      • I’m not sure the expensive flats are the problem; it’s the selling off of social housing, originated under Thatcher but not halted by “New Labour” under Blair. Even if the authorities expand provision of new “affordable” housing, it’s like trying to top up the bath with the plug removed.

  2. Jan 2018 “The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have made predictions about the future growth in the number of households in England.
    Their latest statistics project that if net migration to England was to continue at 233,000 a year (it is currently 300,000 and has averaged 208,000 in the last ten years), then 240,000 new homes will be needed each year for the next 25 years to keep up with demand, 45% of which will be due to future migration.”
    Govt report. Others, like Migration Watch say that 90% of additional housing has been taken by migration growth in the last 10 years.
    Supply will have difficulty in meeting demand.

    Earlier this year the govt announced a plan to build on 267,000 sq miles of UK virgin green land. To help turn the small already overpopulated island into a national concrete housing estate. A housing developer’s Bonanza.

    Thatcher’s sell off was never compensated by building new local authority homes with those sales profits, and there was massive abuse – with even the son of a Peer holding a portfolio of council properties he’d accumulated for the private rental market. Developers also hold onto land, obviously pushing up demand and land values further. There are reports that local authorities impede smaller scale planning applications, while favouring larger developments.

    There is another, very current abuse – never discussed widely – and that is the rental of local authority/social housing – and just to whom are these properties allocated. The govt has a massive black hole of unaudited rental tenant abuse: separate husband & wife apartments from a certain religious persuasion being allocated within prime central London areas. Illegal subletting that goes ignored for years. Reports of entire generations of large families who accumulate separate sibling properties let them privately, and/or acquire ‘mortgages’ whilst on welfare to purchase those properties. To be used quite practically as equity for further borrowing. It’s a business. Family property ’empires’ are built by illegality and unethical exploitation of a porous system that robs tax payers and denies those legitimately and honestly in need. Many of these homes are allocated for loyalty ‘votes’ locally.

    Certainly the central London local authority property portfolios are an unchecked Achilles in the housing body. Probably similar in other urban, ‘anonymous’ areas too.

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