The Mask Comes On

I’ve been watching videos all day long from the “Yellow Vest” demonstrations in France. As you all must know by now, those demos have turned violent: participants are throwing paving stones, turning over police vehicles and setting them on fire, setting up flaming barricades — all the usual behaviors of the antifas. And to cement the resemblance, these latest yellow vest guys have donned masks to conceal their faces, just like the thugs at the G20 riots and similar gigs.

They’re not quite as violent as the culture-enrichers are when they riot in Paris, but they’re close. And migrants don’t bother with masks, because they know they probably won’t get busted, even if they’re recognized. But it’s a similar modus operandi.

In notable contrast, I just watched a video of patriotic demonstrators who came face-to-face with French riot police. These protesters were just like the original yellow vests from a couple of weeks ago — they were orderly, non-violent, and did not confront the police. They were not masked — they weren’t trying to hide their identities from anyone who might see them. And, interestingly enough, the riot cops took off their helmets and stood respectfully while the demonstrators sang the Marseillaise.

Vlad Tepes has compiled a compare-and-contrast video to illustrate the difference between the masked and non-masked demonstrations:

As you all know, I tend towards paranoia. I think the violent escalation of these demos was due to the insertion of infiltrators among the original protesters. Someone (or some group) saw an opportune moment to take advantage of popular discontent, and ordered their minions into action.

The new agents provocateurs were seasoned operatives instructed to create mayhem — perhaps even the same “anti-fascist” personnel who are routinely sent to do violence on behalf of the globalist Left. I won’t speculate publicly about who might employ them or what the ultimate goal is, but I have my suspicions.

In any case, the major difference is between those who are masked, and those who remain unmasked.

Most French-speaking people don’t read this blog, so I can’t reach out to them. However, for anyone who reads English: If you join a “Yellow Vest” demonstration (in any country), and you notice that some of your fellow demonstrators are masked: They are agents of the enemy.

Those masked yellow vests are not working for your cause. They are working for someone else. Beware of them. If I were you, I’d abandon any street event that includes them — they are up to no good.

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  1. Yes, of course. I don’t tend to paranoia, I just trust my instincts based on logic and common sense. All these masked “demonstrators” are paid thugs. It has been proven time and time again. Soros’ tentacles reach everywhere.

    • I do not think that is necessarily true. Many yes but not all. One of the “casseurs” was interviewed on France 2 news tonight ( I am a bilingual person living in France for 17 years who visits this blog regularly )- he said he makes 700 euros a month and he cannot live on that and it makes him so angry that he wants to burn everything. I think that is not on but I can understand the anger of the gilets jaunes. Macron has massively reduced taxes for the rich while ordinary people are struggling. The people most hit by the increase in fuel taxes are not the urban elite who have good public transport systems but the people who live in small towns and villages who are absolutely dependant on their cars to get to work or buy food. This is where the gilet protest started. The first weekend of it ,it barely registered in Paris. The response from the government and media was one of disdain – “nothing people” ” rednecks who vote for Marine” ” people who smell of fags and diesel”. One minister complained about not being able to eat out in Paris for less than 100 euros a head .This has fuelled more anger- such talk hardly goes down well with people who have to choose between food and filling up their cars to get to work.

      • Allow me to clarify: I do not regard the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests) as thugs. Of course not. I’m in admiration of the French spirit, every time I see them demonstrate. Also, I’m sure most of us can identify with the “casseur” (thug, rioter) and his anger and subsequent wish to burn everything. Go ahead. Get if out of your system. Who am I to judge. I don’t care. (As long as it’s not my car…..) I’m only kidding. Or not.
        I should also revise my statement that “all these masked demonstrators are paid thugs”. There are always exceptions to everything. Evidently some demonstrators would feel the need to put on masks if they are afraid of repercussions, such as job loss, prosecution etc. etc.
        All in all, it seems obvious that Soros is financing and inserting masked thugs everywhere, including in the yellow vest demonstrations. Per a NY Times article published 10/17/2017 (maybe they finally published something that is true) Soros has “quietly” given $18 BILLION to his Open Society Foundations (note the plural) which promotes “democracy and human rights” in more than 120 countries. Of course he is. He’s a real prince…..

      • “This has fueled more anger”

        I think that misses the point. Demonstrators are angry and want a change making their country and culture stronger. Provocateurs wish to destroy the country and use the occasion to generate random street violence hopefully, for them, leading to revolution.

        Isa wasn’t saying demonstrators are thugs. He said “masked” demonstrators are generally thugs. If you go to a demonstration masked, you either intend to commit violence, or you intend to provide cover for someone who actually commits violence. What other reason is there to be masked? It’s highly irresponsible to participate in a demonstration including masked participants because there is literally no check on their actions, and you’re providing the shield.

  2. Even if these masks are Antifa –in all honesty if it helps bring down a Globalist Freak and mass-migrationist like Macron then the masked crew are harming their own side.

    I don’t advocate violence . It is worth noting that peaceful folk, even in large numbers, can stand about all day and be ignored but this crew have put Macron’s tinpot Napoleonic Empire into the hazard in less than a fortnight.

    How far does anyone think that the American Revolution would have got as a peaceful protest?

    • This is the philosophy of cultural Marxism: bring down the existing order because anything has to be better.

      The American Revolution was violent, but it was also lawful and civilized. Not for George Washington was the tactics of the British, who kept American prisoners in horrible conditions. Arbitrary hangings were not for the founding fathers, who defended British soldiers against false charges of murder.

      Violence may be necessary, but so is justice or what you reap is worse than what you fight.

  3. This is what I posted at Vlad Tepes Blog just a few hours ago:
    Is it just me or has anyone else noted that the early phase of Yellow Vest protests were not this violent? Now, there are reports of stores being looted and (non-police) vehicles being torched.

    Also, there have been rumors of the Yellow Vests being infiltrated by Antifa plus other Left-wing (and Right-wing) types. The carbeques and looting fit perfectly with Antifa’s model of “accepted business practices” so, as a consequence. This raises the specter of “counterrevolutionary” ( or “counter-counterrevolutionary”, you chose) subversion within Nationalist, Identitarian, elements currently—and quite legitimately—protesting Micron’s ongoing betrayal of La Belle France.

    While I understand that the Arc de Triomphe is a symbol of The State™, its vandalism still seemingly runs counter with respect to the Yellow Vest movement’s aims regarding preservation of France’s socioeconomic status quo. It is another matter entirely as to whether or not some do or don’t connect borderless immigration with intensely negative changes in that same sociocultural status quo—and Antifa would dearly love to know which it is, even if they have to make it up all by themselves.

    Due to lingering trepidations that the Yellow Vests have left themselves vulnerable—be it to accusations of patriotism or Micron’s own equation of Nationalism with treason—there remain serious concerns over infiltration by just about every entity imaginable, from The State™ all the way out to Big Oil®.

    • “….regarding preservation of France’s socioeconomic status quo….”
      There is no socioeconomic status quo left to be preserved in France.
      It’s all gone now.

    • As baron says, allowing masked demonstrators to infiltrate an organized street protest is totally irresponsible and calls into question the motivation of the organizers…or at least, their intelligence. A masked participant can do literally anything, up to and including cold-blooded murder, and has the cover of other demonstrators.

      Raw anger is not going to win anything. If you don’t act with intelligence and accountability, your goals will not be achieved…assuming your goals are actually what you claim they are.

  4. Baron- I do think that you and Vlad are spot on correct about all this. When I saw Vlad’s latest videos from the Arc I thought I was looking at Portland, Oregon!

    Here’s a question I am putting out there for anyone who might have an answer: what has happened to all the African and Third World invaders who were living all over the streets of Paris? Where have they gone to? How about all of the Other culture enrichers / Mohammedans that we are always hearing about, where are they?

    Maybe the Yellow Vests have solved at least one problem if they made the street migrants disappear.

  5. Baron,
    that is a pretty divisive and speculative article.
    Do you really want the anti-globalist movement to go the way of so many European efforts to consolidate a New Right? They all die a slow death because the participating factions accuse each other of a lack of purity and right-think. While the left has historically been able to band together under the banner of a “Popular Front”, the Right has always suffered from infighting and the ensuing loss of cohesion and efficiency. Your take on things seems to facilitate exactly that.
    So what, if there are a few rabble-rousers among the protesters? The French have a long history of expressing grief with the government in violent ways. The general population finds it amusing and inspiring when a tax inspector in Normandy gets tied up on the market square overnight, beaten and doused in pigs urine. You gotta think a little more Mediterranean, Baron, if you want to “get” the French.
    As for the “desecration” of the tomb of the unknown soldier that someone mentioned: the Arc de Triomphe is first and foremost a glorification of the French dictator Napoleon and secondly a memorial to the poor French sods who got themselves killed fighting a bankers’ war. It is a monument to the Gods of War. No graffiti allowed? Gimme a break!
    There have probably been a hundred demonstrations in France this year, of peaceful grievance groups expressing their opinions in the street. Have you heard of a single one of them?
    It takes some noise to rally the people!
    At this juncture, I hope for extensive general strike in France, like in 1968 and 1995. That might be the spark that ignites similar events in all European nations.
    At this point in the development of European politics, violence will be inevitable.

    • There are more than “a few rabble-rousers”. There are entire squadrons of masked instigators of violence that have been inserted among the true protesters.

      The goals of this infiltration seem to be:

      1. Escalate to the point where martial law must be declared.

      2. Overthrow President Macron, which should be fairly easy, given how hated and despised he is.

      3. Install “temporary” non-democratic extra-judicial governance that can remove all vestiges of any traditional opposition, and

      4. Hook the French Republic directly into a new EU superstate, and thence into the order of global rule.

      I can see similar processes at work in Canada, Germany, and France. Theresa May is also reviled, and should be just as easy to overthrow. The election of Donald Trump put a stick in the spokes of the plan, but that’s probably only a temporary impediment.

      My advice would be: Beware that you do not create the conditions that justify the imposition of martial law. The Powers That Be have assessed their capabilities, and have determined that that is just what they need.

      • “Beware that you do not create the conditions that justify the imposition of martial law.”


        Once martial law is established, nobody will be able to pretend they live in a democracy anymore. The wolf will finally have to shed the sheep’s clothing and reveal itself for what it really is. A dictatorship.

        No more unicorns …

        Just the naked face of corruption and oppression.

        • Very well, then. I assume you think that there is a way the general populace can get out from under the boot heel of martial law, once it has been imposed, without a general societal collapse. I am of a different opinion.

          Or perhaps you think a general societal collapse would be a good thing, even with its many millions of deaths. On that I’m afraid I must disagree.

          • There will be suffering either way. Dictatorships rose then they fall. It is the cycle of political life.

        • “War is the lifeblood of the state.”

          I can only agree with Baron’s logic. Prolonged violent street demonstrations will lead to martial law, which by definition bypasses all constraints of republican government. Once the French deep state controls the reins of power unconstrained by parliamentary processes, they will abolish French nationalism by giving legislative and administrative authority to the EU leadership and bureaucracy. These bindings will be legal and enforced through the EU court system, banking, and military components.

          Look at the problems Britain has in extricating itself from the EU, and there is a clear path, by treaty, to do so. In the case of a French military government, it would be far, far more difficult to leave.

  6. I’ve attended peaceful demonstrations here in London, eg in support of the NHS, and seen people with and without masks, some with banners calling for the overthrow of the elected authorities.

    Is it too much to expect said authorities, without denying anyone’s right to peaceful protest, to threaten to arrest anyone concealing themselves, on the grounds that unless they intend violence, they have nothing to hide?

    • In the US, many cities and states have statutes against adults being masked on the streets for the purpose of concealing their identity. Police consistently refuse to enforce the laws when antifa is gathering for a confrontation. In the few instances where the law was actually enforced, there was no violence.

      There is a major problem in the US where leftist municipal and state governments actually conspire with leftists to promote and permit violence against conservative or nationalist demonstrators.

  7. It’s a predictable dance. Protestors with a legitimate gripe go out and protest. Provocateurs working for the establishment are sent out to wreak havoc as members of the protest group. This allows the establishment to rally its armed enforcers to go out and slaughter the protestors in the name of “protecting the peace.”

    Ultimately, the end is the same. Protesting accomplishes nothing. Dominance is determined the old-fashioned, brutal way. Not through protest. So we’ll see what becomes of this. Probably not much, at least for now.

  8. I predict that some will blame Russia for aiding the anti-Macron protests. That claim is b.s., of course. Whenever something doesn’t go the globalist’s way, such as Brexit and the election of Trump, globalist lackeys blame Russia.

  9. The escalation of yellow vested protests through violence by masked thugs – to the point where “martial law must be declared” – seems all to conveniently timed to coincide with the citizen contested EU Migration Compact which is to be signed on December 10th -11th. Nations signing this Migration Compact will then legally silence criticism of the UN/EU goal of flooding the EU with 59 MILLION migrants by 2025.

    The #UN #MigrationPact will @theresa_may sign it

  10. France in a crisis. Riots.
    Broken tax system.
    Broken refugee system.

    @realDonaldTrump warned of this a year ago. #FakeNewsMedia mocked @POTUS

    Now the good people of France are now chanting “We want Trump”

    This will not be broadcasted or reported

  11. Where is Marine LePen? Why isn’t she calling for a replay election? Would Macron dare say no to another contest considering that his approval rating is hovering at 20%?

    And if he did say no this thing might ignite into full scale revolt. A good thing in my opinion.

  12. Of course they’re violent. You do what works, and the left has shown them violence works. It’s worked for Muslims and it’s worked for ANTIFA. We are now entering the violence phase. We didn’t get where we are right now by voting. Nobody, explicitly, voted for these policies, and we aren’t going to fix this by voting either. You might as well gird your loins because the head splitting is about to begin.

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