Forget Border Security — We Have Bus Security!

The following video is an example of how mass immigration enriches German culture and boosts the economy. Just think of all the employment opportunities for security guards on municipal buses!

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Stephan Broihan has been a bus driver for 27 years in Recklinghausen.
00:05   Physical attacks have been occurring against him and his colleagues with increasing frequency.
00:09   Broihan had been spit on in the past by passengers, but that was nothing compared to this.
00:13   They came from the right and left, punching me in the head. I turned to see what was happening,
00:20   then I was punched in the face. Not a nice situation. I fell, and since I was wearing glasses,
00:27   I was bleeding and had scratches around my eyebrows.
00:31   Bus drivers have to contend with aggressive passengers with increasing regularity.
00:35   Situations like this one in Essen aren’t unusual, nor is the unpleasant atmosphere that accompanies them.
00:40   So now a new security concept has started in Recklinghausen. On weekends, after 7PM,
00:45   an on-call security team will come to the aide of bus drivers in threatening situations.
00:50   In 2017 alone, there were 15 attacks on bus drivers in Recklinghausen which required medical attention.
00:57   As soon as we get to the break room, which has become kind of like our safe space.
01:01   We meet there and talk, it helps. Each one tells his experience, there’s always a new story to tell.
01:09   Even though the security team isn’t armed, just their presence increases safety. They patrol the
01:16   buses and when threatening situation arise — the bus drivers request assistance.
01:20   I personally think this is really great. The security team have a real presence,
01:24   with their uniforms and the security logo. Yes, I think it’s good.
01:28   The bus driver Stephan Broihan hopes with the security team,
01:32   the attacks on him and his colleagues will be reduced.

4 thoughts on “Forget Border Security — We Have Bus Security!

  1. This reminds me of the tale my father-in-law told me of his recent trip to the pyramids of Egypt.

    There was a guard on the tourist bus headed to the pyramids.
    His job, they were told was to keep the passengers safe in the event of an attack.

    He had a machine gun slung around his chest.

    Unfortunately, he slept the entire trip.

  2. Are you kidding me? Does he really expect unarmed security people to protect him? Anytime one of those muzzie thugs feels like it, they will cut him from his throat to his belly button. Even if the animal is caught, there will be no justice. After all, killing a white person is just natural in his culture. Who would want to quell his nature? There is a special place in hell for merkel and her minions.

  3. and another one rides the bus, and another one gone and a driver gone yet another one rides the bus…..

  4. Hey people – don’t you think the time has come for some self help?? Get some unemployed muscle types to ride on the bus with you who can kick the living daylights out of these perpetrators and then exit the bus and disappear. I’m tired of these exhibitions of helplessness.

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