The Killer Kenyan of St. Augustin

This is yet another case of a foolish German teenager who falls for a swaggering culture-enricher and then arranges an assignation with her lover that results in her death.

MissPiggy, who translated the news clip for subtitles, sends this additional background:

A 19-year-old has confessed to killing a 17-year-old from Rhineland-Palatinate. Investigators had found the body on Sunday evening in an urban shelter for refugees and homeless people in Sankt Augustin in North Rhine-Westphalia. “The accused admits to exercising violence against her,” said the Bonn Attorney General Robin Faßbender on Monday. Because of manslaughter, a judge issued arrest warrant against the 19-year-old, who has the German and Kenyan citizenship.

There is a ZDF clip that says that he is German only.

AND they neglect to mention she was in a refugee facility. They just call it a “public housing facility”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The corpse of the 17-year-old girl is being transported after being found by the police.
00:05   They found her body around 8pm at a refugee housing facility in St. Augustin, Germany.
00:11   Most likely she was murdered. The investigators have one man in custody under suspicion —
00:15   according to research by WDR, a 19-year-old man from Kenya.
00:20   It appears that the victim and her murderer knew each other. The police were led
00:24   to the perpetrator through messages over social media.
00:28   Apparently the victim misled her parents by telling them she was meeting a girlfriend.
00:34   Investigators were collecting evidence throughout the night at the refugee housing facility.
00:38   The teenage girl was registered by the police as missing person on Friday afternoon.
00:42   The police and fire department were searching for the 17-year-old with more than 150
00:46   emergency personnel, divers, a helicopter, thermal cameras and rescue dogs.
00:52   The girl left her hometown of Unkel on Friday and was expected to meet
00:58   a girlfriend in St. Augustin. She never arrived. On Sunday afternoon, around 5pm, pedestrians
01:04   discovered the clothing and handbag of the girl near the Sieglarer lake.
01:09   Three hours later, the tragic news. The lifeless body of the 17-year-old
01:12   was found about two miles away from lake.

5 thoughts on “The Killer Kenyan of St. Augustin

  1. At least the Germans have the sense to only make their Kenyan invaders into welfare sponges who then proceeded to rape foolish German girls. We made ours into a president twice, who then proceeded to rape an entire country of foolish Americans.

  2. Given the lack of children in that country the chances are high that she’s an only child meaning another German family has just died out. Fortunately there are some innovative Kenyans to replace them.

    • that sounds bitter, but could be true with high probability. Is it darwinian theory in action?

      • Credit modern medical and manufacturing technology, and the welfare state in particular.

        Medical technology and welfare make it possible to rescue the most damaged and unfit fetuses/babies, and permit them to reproduce. The genetic fitness of the population declines rapidly, and one of the markers of a high percentage of damaged genes is a low birth and survival rate. Darwinian theory assumes a stressful environment which requires only the fittest to survive. Once the unfit can survive, you get away from Darwinism.

        By the way, note I never even implied the elimination of unsuitable individuals. The trick is to keep them from reproducing.

      • That’s a huge can of worms, herb. Darwinian theory might explain why some human cultures (mainly those who left the relatively benign conditions of Africa) have succeeded and become prosperous (ignoring colonialism and slavery, since they haven’t made Islamic states rich unless they have oil, nor made non-colonial or slave-owning states such as Finland or Switzerland poor), all of which is likely due to adverse conditions favouring the intelligent rather than merely the strong.

        However I wouldn’t suggest that this justifies letting the weak die in societies which can afford to support them. As I said, a huge can of worms.

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