An Anti-Verhofstadt Billboard Van Comes to Brussels

Guy Verhofstadt is a former prime minister of Belgium, and currently a member of the European Parliament. He serves as the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, a parliamentary group that advocates for Turkish membership in the EU and more concentration of power in Brussels. He also represented the EP in the Brexit negotiations.

Mr. Verhofstadt is notorious for his harsh criticism of Hungary, which he has identified as a threat to the international order. Last month he hired an advertising billboard van to drive around Brussels, and eventually to Hungary, bearing the message “Stop Orbán”.

The Hungarian government has countered with its own billboard van. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends the following summary of the latest news:

The Rebel posted the full story; I found it at Origo.

Origo’s title reads: “Billboard that shows the truth to Verhofstadt hits the streets of Brussels”

Translated from the Facebook page of the Government of Hungary:

The (Hungarian) government’s van is on the streets of Brussels to draw attention to the consequences of Brussels’ policy that supports immigration. While Guy Verhofstadt believes immigration is needed, hundreds of people have been killed in terrorist attacks.

Though seemingly childish, I think these campaigns are effective because they do hurt the narcissistic genocidal villains of Soros’s army and their fragile propaganda, and spread well on social media. On the other hand, it was Verhofstadt who started taking it to such personal levels. This is of course a leftist tactic. Now they get a taste of their own medicine.

The non-PC language unveiling the naked truth displayed on the billboard truck is standard in the Hungarian right-wing mainstream media, which openly speak about Islamization and jihad, regularly interviewing leading figures of the Counterjihad such as Bill Warner, Geert Wilders, etc. So I can imagine that in Brussels this kind of language is like a cold shower for the Marxist left.

Update: Billboard van stopped and banned by authorities in Brussels

Csaba Dömötör, a spokesman for the Hungarian government, announced in a Facebook video that the van was stopped by policemen and the driver was forced to remove the billboard.


9 thoughts on “An Anti-Verhofstadt Billboard Van Comes to Brussels

  1. Why, in our wildest dreams, would we think the EU fascists would allow public criticism of themselves in a venue in which they have police control?

  2. Thank God for countries such as Hungary.

    If I was Mr Verhofstadt, getting on in years, if start to make amends with Jesus Christ because otherwise the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. For him, that is.

    • I’d remember the phrase “God helps those who help themselves.”

      When you stagger up to those pearly gates, hope you’re NOT asked “where were you when all this was going down in good ‘ol Cheshire, Johnny boy?”

      • Flintlock, do you really expect anyone to publicize what they’re doing for The Cause? Only Tommy Robinson does that and he’s paid dearly in blood and treasure and teeth for daring to speak the truth.

        Now when YOU get to those same pearly gates, they’ll no doubt ask you if you’re armed, right?

  3. What if they had been driving billboard van with diplomatic license plate (protected by diplomatic immunity)?
    That would have been interesting to see. 😀

  4. I am British living in hungary fascist are in hungary not eu/Brussels.
    My property is systematically damaged for the ast 2yrs lby hungaruan fascist and mafia to drive british out of own home. No authority does anything to punish, prosecute infact it’s a victims fault yet 1milion.of hungarian live in my country uk.

  5. “And that is the real problem, colleagues, why there is such a problem in this crisis because member states are reluctant to transfer new sovereignty and powers to the European Union, and we all know that the ONLY way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the European Union and to the European institutions.”

    Guy Verhofstadt in belligerent mode in European Parliament
    video: “The week BREXIT all went to sh*t”: youtube at 1.16

  6. Nice billboard. Well done the Hungary government for sticking it up the EU noses. I’m sure those EU commissioners were spluttering into their breakfast Gin when they looked out the window.

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