Denmark Creates Its Own Gitmo

This post is really just an excuse to celebrate the Danes. It’s one country Shakespeare got wrong:

This isn’t breaking news, but it’s a welcome account nonetheless.

For many years Denmark has been voted the happiest country. It’s probably true and this direct approach to problems is a good example of their in-born cheerfulness. [No, Søren Kierkegaard doesn’t count.]

Besides being a handsome bunch, the Danish have a delightful sense of humor. Not to mention their cigarettes, beer, 1,000 kinds of real licorice, and countless candles in the cold shivering dark of winter. Danes exemplify the maxim about lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness, though they probably do both.

Remember that video clip collection made of Obama’s clichéd encomia about small countries? BHO said of each nation in turn, as they appeared at state visits to the White House, that they all “punched above their weight”. The Danish creator of that video kept a straight face, making Obama look even more vacuous than usual.

Now that Denmark is sending its law-breaking “refugees” to an island off Copenhagen, they can join us in having their very own Gitmo. So congratulations, Denmark! But admit it: if you didn’t have that handy escape valve of the bridge leading to Sweden, the island would become over-crowded right quick.

Nonetheless, three cheers for the Danes! When I die, I’m coming back as a Dane.

7 thoughts on “Denmark Creates Its Own Gitmo

  1. I admit I could find true happiness in a country with 1,000 kinds of licorice, but it would have to have better weather than Denmark.

    Somehow Denmark will get away with setting up their own Gitmo but the USA, not going to happen.

  2. As someone who got to experience a few too many dark sides of Denmark before he got to really enjoy the good and happy bits, all I can say, is be careful what you wish for. I had the opportunity to move there twenty odd years ago, but decided Germany, as it was then, was still a better fit for me. Had I more carefully considered how the two countries were tending, I likely would have moved. My mistake.

    You, however, are planning to being reincarnated as a Dane in Denmark, for which I must greatly temper my scepticism. By an odd stroke of fate, I have a pretty good idea how I would have likely turned out had I grown up there.

    Yes, I could see being reincarnated as a Dane.

  3. Not so fast there to celebrate – there will be a boat which the lawbreaking “refugees” or orcs can use on a daily basis to visit the mainland. Have a stroll around: in the spring when Danish females put on skirts and summer clothing – the orcs can enjoy the the sight of exposed flesh and beauty and the sun.

    The orcs do have to come back to the island of free will – at a certain time. Last boat for the day.

    And ones again – endless stories of ones again: Danish politicians gives the impression of doing something with the orc problem. But ones again – a play to the gallery.

    • If what you’re saying is true, the island is more an apartment complex than a real prison.

      I just looked it up. You’re right:

      Finance Minister Kristian Jensen of the Venstre party told CNN that the facility is not a prison and residents will be free to catch the ferry to the mainland, though some will have to return to sleep on the island every night.
      “Many of them are restricted by regular compulsory attendance that they need to abide by, because we need to know where they are located,” he said, adding that some have committed crimes that require the government to keep track of them.

      A country cannot be serious about getting rid of non-citizen intruders until there is a place to dump them. Israel had a very nice policy of assuming every undocumented African was a citizen of a particular country, which was willing to have these people dumped in their territory for a certain amount of money per head. I don’t think the Israelis were too concerned about the fate of the people once they were dumped.

      It’s getting past the point where a country has the responsibility for the well-being of every refugee who sneaks on its shore or border. If you’re going to isolate non-documented intruders, it needs to be set up on the model of Alcatraz.

          • Exactly so. They should also be used, IMHO, on convicted paedophiles, who could be chemically castrated (though I’m tempted to say physically), released on licence, but tracked down and permanently incarcerated if they missed an appointment to “top up” their treatment.

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