Allahu Akhbar at Schiphol Airport

The Dutch are ringing in the new year at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam with a bomb threat and cries of “Allahu Akhbar!”

Notice that suspected alleged perp is a “Canadian”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Bomb-threatener overpowered

Schiphol departure hall temporarily evacuated due to bomb threat

Monday evening a man made bomb threat in Departure Hall 3 at Schiphol [Airport].The Marechaussee [military police] temporarily evacuated the hall and its immediate environs as a precaution, according to the Marechaussee. The suspect was taken away, witnesses report.

The entire situation lasted about a half an hour. According to the Marechaussee, the situation is under control [and] the suspect overpowered. According to a Marechaussee spokesperson, no force was used in the arrest as far as is known. The departure hall has been re-opened. The arrested suspect is a 51-year-old Canadian. No explosives were found. He is being held for further investigation.

According to bystanders the man is alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akhbar!” and screamed that he had a bomb.

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5 thoughts on “Allahu Akhbar at Schiphol Airport

  1. Imagine that, the perp is a Canadian.

    Well, this is what happens when a Canadian doesn’t get his halal poutine.

    Considering how easily Baby Doc Socks Trudeau gives money and shelter to terrorists, a Canadian identity may become a new fad.

  2. If the press knows that this man is Canadian they must also know his name.
    The fact that they haven’t published his name is telling.

    • In the Netherlands private names of people related to offence or crime will never be published because of privacy reasons. So what’s your story now?

  3. True identities and statistics regarding European migrants are very hard to come by. Authorities deftly conceal the true impact of mass migration.

    The Netherlands is a good example of this.

    The most popular name in the Top-20 in Holland in 2017, was Noah garnering 635 names during that year. All the other given names in the Top-20 were traditional Dutch.

    How comforting.

    Note. Not one of the following made it into the Top-20 most popular names list:

    Mohamed 211
    Mohammad 51
    Mohammed 221
    Muhammad 43
    Muhammed 110

    Yet combined, generic Mohammed attained 636 namings, sufficient to have reached the Nr.-1, First Place in the country in 2017.

    You might point out that migrants arriving from different Arab countries assume differing spellings. Not true. Applicants registering their newborn boys are routinely assigned one of the above mentioned spelling aberrations, arbitrarily. Confounded parents protesting they do not want to call their junior say, “Muhammad” are not allowed to object.

    The policy of separately counting ‘unique’ spellings is upheld by the authorities, by design and for their own reason, apparently.

    In addition, names that come up less than 25 times a year are also not recorded by the offices for statistics. That way, rare exotic foreign names are conveniently left out.

    Check it out for yourself:

    • The most popular name in the Top-20 in Holland in 2017, was Noah garnering 635 names during that year

      Leaving aside those rose-by-any-other-Mohammed-names for the moment, the choice of “Noah” in the Netherlands is intriguing. A name likely to be used by Jews, Christians, and modern atheists. In fact, I know children named Noah from all three categories here in the U.S. All within five years of one another so I guess they’re in the same cohort.

      But Noah’s not at the top of the list. The leaders here are Liam and other Celtic or biblical names. Among African-Americans, invented names are still popular and they are often sibilant, especially for girls.

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