Matteo Salvini: Criminal Migrants Will Have to Return Home

The following video contains excerpts from a press conference given by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, in which he talks about the success of his anti-migration policies and related issues.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   As of today, he who saw immigration as a feeding trough is on a diet.
00:05   And I am convinced that many fake volunteers will no longer participate,
00:10   if instead of 35 euros a day in the mega-centers, they take home 19;
00:16   you don’t eat anymore. The Mafia doesn’t eat, the Camorra doesn’t eat, the Ndrangheta doesn’t eat.
00:22   And therefore the real volunteers will remain, who carry out in the spirit of Christian charity
00:29   in solidarity, the job of reception, and I am convinced
00:33   that some people in the cooperative will [unintelligible].
00:37   We are not here to make compromises. The decree on security and immigration
00:41   will pass the Chamber, as it did the Senate.
00:44   And we will give life to an historic judicial reform.
00:47   For me the residence permit for humanitarian motives is for those who escape from war,
00:51   who escape from torture, who escape from persecution.
00:55   This one (me) who has been working like a madman running around half the world
00:58   to make repatriation pacts that those before me did not make.
01:01   This is a message that in the era of global communication arrives today
01:05   in Nigeria, in the Ivory Coast, in Senegal, in Tunisia, in Pakistan, in Bangladesh.
01:13   If they understand the music has changed, the traffickers, will change their occupations.
01:16   Whoever escapes from war is my brother.
01:20   Who comes here to deal drugs or cause problems will go back to his country.
01:23   And this will take a little while, but I think the approval of the decree — and this new rule
01:28   lets criminals, smugglers and mafiosos know
01:33   that in Italy it’s over. And therefore I hope they don’t start from somewhere else.
01:37   I have seen the flows… I am not happy, obviously,
01:41   if the flow goes to Spain, but each reaps what he sows.
01:46   My objective is that these guys don’t leave because they risk death.
01:50   I’m only saying that a firm policy reduces the disembarkations.
01:55   A weaker policy increases the disembarkations.
01:59   But I’m not lecturing the Spanish government, which I still thank today for accepting the Aquarius.

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  1. I love this guy. I just love him. The divide between those who are full of sense and those who are not is a chasm as great as the Grand Canyon.

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