Warsaw Independence Day March Cancelled, Then Reinstated

We’ve posted a number of times in the past about the annual Independence Day March in Warsaw. The official purpose of the march was to commemorate anniversary of Poland’s independence on November 11, 1918, and specifically one of the two main leaders of the fight for independence, Roman Dmowski — a Polish nationalist during the interwar period. For many years the march took place on November 11, ending at Dmowski’s statue. It was routinely heckled and hassled by “anti-fascists”.

This year the mayor of Warsaw — who is a progressive, like most municipal leaders in major Polish cities — cancelled the independence march, which was to take place tomorrow in Warsaw. Supporters of the march took the issue to court, and on Thursday the judge handed down a ruling against the mayor, ordering the City of Warsaw to cover the court costs. I assume the march will take place tomorrow as scheduled.

The following TV panel discussion about the cancellation of the march features Krzysztof Karon, several of whose videos several of whose videos about Altiero Spinelli have been posted here recently.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

03:51   Krzysztof Karon, of course, is my guest [today]. Again, welcome.
03:55   So, perhaps, dear Krzysztof, we’ll start with this subject,
03:59   the Independence March.
04:03   Really?
04:07   That’s what we agreed upon. —All right. I mean,
04:11   I won’t say anything about the Independence March…
04:15   I understand there will be a court decision today [about the Warsaw mayor’s cancellation
04:19   and the organizers’ complaint], right? —We’re waiting, right, there’s a pause, the jury is out.
04:23   But I gather that if someone, for example, on Sunday [the day of the March]
04:27   after 2 pm [the time of March] would like
04:31   to walk a couple of kilometers towards, the station…
04:35   I mean the stadium [the route of March] of the
04:39   Ten Years Stadium. Many people don’t know any more what that the Ten Years Stadium is…
04:43   yes… —Well if they want to walk this itinerary
04:47   with family and friends , then probably they [the government] won’t…
04:51   They shouldn’t disturb them [the marchers] — That’s how it should be in a civilized state.
04:55   Ah. —That’s how it SHOULD be, but I don’t know how it will be, but that’s how it should be.
04:59   You know, concerning the March itself,
05:04   I won’t be talking about it, because
05:08   basically
05:12   I don’t have enough knowledge concerning what’s
05:16   going on. Because what all this fuss —
05:20   which we’re experiencing now — is about, it’s a result of some
05:24   nicely-put — “situation dynamic”.
05:28   In order to talk about it you need
05:32   be well-informed. However, what is, I think,
05:36   important, that there will be three points, if I’m not much mistaken,
05:40   First about the [Independence] March and then about
05:44   the Black Block [Antifa and other black-clad violent protesters],
05:48   and then I’ll criticize you: you and the television.
05:52   There has to be some dessert, haha.
05:56   Independent of the March, but
06:00   despite the pretenses, deeply related to the March.
06:04   But this… only… Today,
06:08   while working on my stuff, I have regularly
06:12   heard some news that there was some new information [on the banning of the March]
06:16   on the internet. And some things I partially understood.
07:00   …simply the description
07:04   of the situation, what it’s all about, and what it is.
07:09   Because there is no [doubt] — of course you can always say
07:13   that it’s debatable, yes, but let’s be reasonable —
07:17   there’s no doubt whatsoever that in this mixture of circumstances
07:21   it’s about — concerning the March itself —
07:25   NEUTRALIZING THE MARCH. Now and in the future.
07:29   Why?
07:33   Because the national movement,
07:37   and I’m using this name not in relation to the political party,
07:41   because there is a party called the National Movement, but to the
07:45   national movement as a social phenomenon —
07:49   is IRRECONCILABLE with the current ideology of
07:53   Europe. It is totally, absolutely, excluded!
07:57   It’s very important to realize it.
08:01   The concepts such as nation,
08:05   national identity and — related to it —
08:09   a body called a state, those are
08:13   totally CONTRADICTORY to the current ideology
08:17   of the Europe, because this ideology has been now officially announced.
08:21   Therefore those
08:25   currents, those phenomena, those positions, have to
08:29   be eliminated, destroyed.
08:33   And here it’s not about the march
08:37   coming from so called “traditional tolerance”.
08:41   Because in this case
08:45   it’s the “repressive tolerance” that is being used.
08:49   Tolerance applies only to the forces of progress;
08:53   and the reactionary, conservative forces —
08:57   and today I perhaps won’t
09:02   develop this subject too much — to “fascism”.
09:06   However, today “fascism” doesn’t…
09:10   the concept of “fascism” isn’t in line with the historical
09:14   political phenomenon. Today “fascism”
09:18   according to the criteria of the F-scale [F stands for ‘fascist’], about which I think
09:22   I told you once before here, this
09:26   “Fascist” is every person who isn’t an enthusiastic
09:30   supporter of “progress” and never-ending change.
09:34   This is the currently obligatory —
09:38   although not everywhere totally articulated — definition
09:42   of “Fascism”. So this type of phenomenon
09:46   Is absolutely…
09:50   they totally don’t fit in he image of Europe [EU], and because of
09:54   the problems I talked about here a couple of times already,
09:58   what doesn’t fit even more over
10:02   there are any references to Christianity, and
10:06   you can forget completely about Catholicism! So if in that March
10:10   there would appear these types of slogans [nationalism and Christianity], then it’s totally obvious
10:14   that it [the March] is destined
10:18   for DESTRUCTION! Not even to
10:22   marginalization, but to DESTRUCTION. To ABOLITION.
10:26   And people representing this — say — option,
10:30   in the best case scenario, they should be sent
10:34   for “re-education”, which could take very different forms.
10:38   Concerning this there should be
10:42   absolutely no illusions. And you shouldn’t have any illusions
10:46   that — mixed in this current conflict —
10:50   the government’s side
10:54   will be pushing in this direction [of abolishing the Independence March].
21:38   …the court, because they are ready
21:46   The court decision concerning the Independence March.
21:50   I’ll read you the decision of the court in the case.
21:54   The decision from November 8 2018,
21:58   the Regional Court in Warsaw, in the 25th civil department,
22:03   [the court] in the current composition, the plea for weighing in the case was filed
22:07   on November 8 2018 at 7:40 pm in Warsaw court.
22:11   Because of the cancellation of the Association of the Independence March,
22:15   by the decision of the mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw from November 7,
22:19   [court case number] 2018 #wv/
22:23   5310/ZG/
22:27   5/2018, with the participation of the mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw,
22:31   we decide: 1. to annul the challenged decision of the mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw from
22:39   [clapping and cheering]
22:43   — please remain calm — from November 7 2018.
22:47   #…
22:55   2. to adjudicate for the mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw
22:59   in favor of challenging [the decision of the mayor] Association of the Independence March in Warsaw
23:03   for a sum of 257.- zł in court expenses.

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  1. Warsaw “mayor” is not a “progressive”. Like all leftists she is a PARASITOFASCIST…

  2. The Poles saved Europe 335 years ago. I wonder if they are on th e verge of doing it again?

  3. Wow. Thanks, guys–Baron, Ava and Vlad. Even though it took Karon awhile to warm up, he was well worth listening to. I liked his new definition of Fascism, and his clear assessment of why such displays of patriotism have to go, according to the European zeitgeist.

    This is an interesting time. We are watching people all over the world forced to redefine and then justify the legitimacy of “patriotism”, “nationalism”, etc. resurrecting them from the sweeping condemnation of progressives.

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