You Just Wait, Salvini — You’ll Get What’s Coming to You

Here’s what the spokesman for a group of migrant protesters in Italy has to say to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Salvini doesn’t have a project for the Italians.
0:03   He wants to create a false illusion that he is here to resolve problems.
0:06   In reality, he is producing social problems, because a mistaken law only creates social problems.
0:12   That’s the problem. And we are here in the square to say to Salvini:
0:15   Either cancel this decree or we will cancel Salvini, for sure.
0:18   And it’s clear… [chant] Enough of the racism, Enough of the racism…

18 thoughts on “You Just Wait, Salvini — You’ll Get What’s Coming to You

      • The leftists/pro Islamic/pro Macron, Merkel, other leftist Euro leaders will unleash a civil war crackdown against any patriot/ right wing opposition, because the pro Islamic leftists are so close to the complete take down and installing sharia law full force. They will not risk losing ground or the position they have now. EU leaders may push Salvini out of office via a coup.

  1. “Either cancel this decree or we will cancel Salvini, for sure.”

    The above threat is not meant only to the hero Salvini who loves his country and his people, but it is meant for France, Britain, Sweden, Aussie, indeed for the whole Cowardly Continent. This cowardice produced the memes like: the religion of peace, islam was high-jacked by some groups, islam and islamists, radicalized and moderate, muslims have always been part of the west and without their contributed we would have been extinct.

    Western countries are virtually dictated to and run by muslims, Salvini is trying to stretch his neck out and extricate Italy from the claws of the deadly invited enemy.

    Where are you Garibaldi?

  2. What are they on? “Joy juice”? This is an great example of just how arrogant and over-confident these parasites are. They have total disrespect for the Italians and feel they are able to threaten the elected Government. This is the level of idiocy we have reached thanks to Leftist Government. Like the “10,000 Moslems will storm Parliament” that was promised by a Moslem Member of Parliament a few years ago if Gert Wilders was allowed into UK, we see the same thing in Italy. This is typical of the Islamic religion. Bombast.

    My father was pilot in WW2 and they used to threaten to “destroy the Raj” if they made the locals pay taxes. A “local bombing run” soon convinced them of their foolishness and the money duly appeared. My still living father said “These Moslem tribes understand only one thing- strength. It is all about face.” Our stupid Progressive Globalists fail to understand the reality, as my father and his dying generation did.

    Now we have a real problem in Europe due to numbers but I still feel we can solve this growing chaos by a show of strength and Commonsense. It does not need to end in bloodshed if we act now but if left to grow,God help us all. We need to start copying Italy and deporting these creatures.

    To me the very idea that an individual or group should travel all the way to Europe for a life at the expense of me and mine is scandalous. My father simply cannot deal with it and wants to be gone-He is 96 years old and I will voice his own words.

    “I lost 50% of my aircrew across the globe and fought in all theatres of war from Bomber Command over Germany, to the Atlantic Ocean hunting U boats, then the Japs in the Far East. We fought for freedom and look what we have now? Why did my chums have to die? For what? a ruined European civilisation!?”

    As he spoke tears were in his eyes. I would like every politician responsible to look into the eyes of every war veteran they have betrayed- English, German, Australian, Canadian, Scots and Welsh. My father is still feted as a hero at RAF Cranwell to this day.

    His sun will set soon. the last of his kind unfortunately.

    • Your father was a man of his time – much respect to him. We need a man of our time – one will appear, one who will lead the European peoples to salvation, that’s what’s needed.

      • Thankyou! Much appreciated! We all adore him in my family right down to his Great Grandchildren. It is for them and my father that I will continue to fight. This is our war now and the freedom and survival of European Humanity. There can be no surrender. I hope I can be as brave as his generation.

        • Bishop, Reminds me of my Grandfather when we were walking the streets of Vienna when I was a boy in the mid 70’s, and he told me, We had our war and lost, you will have your war with these muslims walking about, and he said, You had better win or all this is gone.

          Much respect to you and your Father.

    • Sadly for your father and for British people, PC ideology is happy to distort history at will, or just plain ignore it, for the purpose of underming current power structures. If whire British people are ‘fascists’ it doesn’t make sense that they actively fought against the German Nazis and Italian fascists, therefore let’s completely bypass WW2 and focus on black (never brown or yellow) or queer history instead!

  3. Hope this “gentleman” is the first to get a ticket home, under the full
    Glare of the main stream media.

    There he can exercise his undoubted communication abilities,
    Reinvent the wheel, cure cancer, initiate a space programme etc
    Rather than wasting his time in Italy which has failed to spot
    This gem of an individual in its midst.

    Yes I am being sarcastic.

    Good on Salvini, honouring his pledge to the Italian people.

  4. When, in the entire history of the world, have masses of destitute foreigners been allowed to invade your country in violation of your laws, and make political demands in your streets?
    While you support and pay them to do this.
    When? Where?
    I would like to know.
    To my knowledge, before the 1970s, nowhere on Earth.
    It is unique to this generation, in Western countries only.
    Something has gone horribly wrong with our societies that this is even possible.
    Someone educate me on this if I am wrong.

    • You are right – we’re taking a lot of pushing, when push-back comes things will escalate exponentially.

    • It is called “Communism”- Spending other people’s money in other words.

      • Even the communists wouldn’t have allowed these savages access to their daughters to rape and miscegenate. That is a sickness and cultural self loathing peculiar to our day and age.

    • It is all happening because the the elites, the best and the brightest, the sophisticates, love neither their country nor their culture. In fact they love nothing. The ruling class loves nothing. That is the most terrible fact of all. What it does harbor is contempt bordering on hatred for its country and its culture. How it came to be that the essential glue is gone, that I do not know.

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