Little Boxes for the Migrants

Actually, they’re not all that little, and they don’t seem to be made of ticky-tacky.

The following video is a brief tour of a new housing development for migrants that is under construction in Germany. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:10   So, my friends, we are here in the city of Willich. I’m having a look here
00:14   after seeing something on the internet. So I wanted to drive by and see for myself.
00:18   New single-family homes are being constructed here. [Sign] “Nine single-family
00:22   homes for Refugees / Asylum seekers
00:28   So, I just wanted to see this, and look how nice it is here! Let’s have a look…
00:50   So, here’s the neighbourhood; there are already houses here.
00:56   Now I have seen it and it is all so nice! You are cordially welcome in Germany!

14 thoughts on “Little Boxes for the Migrants

  1. That’s nicer home than I could afford to rent for my family. I should just stop working and apply for asylum.

    • Sorry, but you need not apply….. unless you look like the guys on the second photo of two threads above!

  2. And once they kick holes in the walls, slaughter some sheep or goats in the backyard, and defecate at random locations in the front yard it will feel just like home…

  3. Where are the nice little government provided houses for persecuted Christians and indigenous Germans who are homeless? Citizens of Deutschland- Do housing waiting lists currently exist for native Deutsch? Non-Muslims?

    In communist controlled California there are no longer affordable housing wait lists for indigenous citizens! A brand new government subsidized apartment complex near Sacramento is full of Afghani families!

    This is a coordinated effort by Western governments to provide free housing resources for third world inhabitants. It’s part of the United Nations Agenda 21 strategic plan & implementation.

    Bring in a diverse, alien culture to upsurp the indigenous, majority Caucasian ones!
    To my knowledge, it’s not happening in China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and other wealthy, non-majority Caucasian countries! Let that sink in, percolate, and resonate…population replacement.

    • Don’t worry, they are trying to force it on Japan too. Use Philipinos instead of Arabs though. The Japanese government stands behind its people though and because they aren’t white it’s hard to play the racism card. But I’m sure they’ll get there, seeing how Asians are becomming more and more “privileged” according to the SJW lot. I’m sure countries like Japan (and perhaps even China) will eventually be our allies as they do not care about race, they care about good business partners and that’s not something non-white countries can provide.

  4. I live in a rather nice house. The ones shown are similar. I’ve lived in worse without complaint.

    I wonder how the neighbours will like it?

    • The neighbours are going to love it.
      On moving day they will all line the streets with placards and flowers and they will be singing;
      “♫♪ velcome velcome tzu mine land ♫♪”
      And they will all dance around the maypole and sing Kumbaya.
      And at nighttime amids the campfires they will take their daughters to the altar of their new god Multiculti to be sacrificed.
      As a result the next morning the streets are filled with rainbows and unicorns and they will be soo happy in their brave new world.

      Well they better be because it will be all they have left from now on.

      • I know places like these in the very area: the landlords are teacher couples, doctors, civil ingeneers and such. Very soon, their daughters will come home from their piano lessons after dark. The barbecue fumes of porc sausage and ribs will certainly not please the new neighbors, as won’t the view of beer drinkers and sunbathing women. Enjoy the cultural enrichment, citizens of Willich. One good point to it all: the community has one of the largest slammers of the State 3 miles away.

  5. My sense is that the German government has lost all control over the situation, and is in the mode of simply keeping the lid on until the current gaggle of bureaucrats take their retirement pensions. The segment of current residents most likely to blow is the alien refugee population, who are not acculturated and have nothing to lose in a riot or insurrection. So, they will get the lion’s share of discretionary government funds. The current government has no intention of assisting native Germans, and is not susceptible to charges of corruption or ineffectiveness, as they don’t care about that. What they do care about is stringing the population along as long as possible.

    There may or may not be a struggle to realign the political structure of Germany. What really concerns me is the possibility of intervention by NATO or multi-national European troops under the flag of the EU or even the UN. The UN has shown an amazingly consistent propensity to intervene in conflicts before a conclusive resolution is achieved, requiring then, of course, the permanent presence of UN “peacekeeping” troops.

    • RonaldB…I think it’s more insidious & deliberate than keeping ones government pension and a lid on things…

      European migrant centers are now holding pens until new housing is built. You can bet Soros and the UN are singing praises that their Agenda 21 plans & funding are coming to fruition. Mad Merkel’s government is conducting a social experiment of forced integration! Build new tiny houses inside homogeneous, predominantly white villages. Fill them with third world migrants and force them to integrate and not flee or retreat to large city, no go zones. The tiny houses video seems to support this theory because of the apparent surroundings. No indigenous female citizen would set foot in a Muslim No Go zone to film new housing construction. Unless Miss Piggy is a braveheart warrior! Europeans, Canadians, Aussies – please submit your own videos of new migrant housing and/or forced integration!

      Muslim ex-President Obama passed legislation in 2015 to give housing money to Somalis, low income Americans, and other economic migrants in the United States. Several Somali families sprouted up in my sister’s blue collar (mostly white) neighborhood in Columbus Ohio. They received government funding to rent single family homes! Obama wanted them to experience better schools and nearby community centers and libraries not found in inner cities (i.e. ghettos & No Go zones). Several Caucasian neighbors sold their homes when Somali renters invaded their neighborhoods! Their actions seem justified because the Somali rental homes have unkept lawns and sheets in the windows in lieu of curtains. Different cultures different standards!

  6. “…and there’s doctors, and there’s lawyers, and business executives,
    And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky, and they all look just the same.”

    Wouldn’t want you to think your reference had fallen on stony ground, Baron; I still have the original live EP by Pete Seeger (Carnegie Hall, June 8, 1963). It also includes “If you miss me at the back of the Bus”, “I ain’t scared of your Jail”, and “We shall Overcome”. I hope at least no-one here would dissent from the sentiments of the first song.

  7. “There may or may not be a struggle to realign the political structure of Germany. What really concerns me is the possibility of intervention by NATO or multi-national European troops under the flag of the EU or even the UN. The UN has shown an amazingly consistent propensity to intervene in conflicts before a conclusive resolution is achieved, requiring then, of course, the permanent presence of UN “peacekeeping” troops.”

    Unfortunately most UN Peace keepers are from third world countries. So it will be an interesting exercise when it happens in the EU

    • I don’t think we’re at a point of anything like that to happen in Europe: there’s NATO, there’s the EU and there are other contracts between various countries. And those aren’t the same for every European country, there are those who are a part of NATO but not the EU and vice versa. It’s hard to imagine anyone would be willing to do the first step in such an environment. What I do worry about in Europe, though, is the order to the “refugees” and that would quickly become very, very ugly. Just imagine it happens in Sweden again or in France, it could take at least a week before the military intervenes (because people like Macron would stall it). Even if they do it immediately, with forces as organized as they were during the recent car torching, there would be thousands of victims within a few hours. Most of the public would be so shocked by this turn of events they wouldn’t be able to do anything and just surrender. There might be the one or other guerilla troop, but God knows how long those could hold positions. After all most of Western Europe is by no means ready for this kind of thing and that’s why it’s possible it happens over there. It would be unthinkable in Russia, for example, because not only would the police force deal with it much more efficiently than the Swedish police is capable of, all Russian men still have military training and many, if not most, own some kind of gun or weapon, so the public would be capable of fighting back, the military would probably go into action much faster as well. It’s similar to America, minus the SJW bastards.

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