The Party-Line Infighting Over Kavanaugh Begins

Ted Cruz outlines the dastardly Dems’ plans to eviscerate the Consitution, which is one reason they’re playing kabuki theatre in the Senate. Evidently the mud was being flung all over the place by these jokers, before Cruz (who lost to Trump) reminded everyone why they are there:

Note the bumptiously obscene numbers of documents the judge handed over. And note, too, why their call for confidential papers that passed over Kavanaugh’s desk during his tenure as Bush ’43’s staff secretary. They make these juvenile demands knowing full well that no one in Kavanaugh’s position would ever do such a thing.

I chose not to watch the ugly chaos on display as an introduction to these hearings. However, it’s sad that Kavanaugh’s daughters felt the need to flee the scene. No child should have to watch the attempted smear of his or her father’s life, career, and character.

[But meanwhile notice the cutie in the back and to your right, behind Senator Cruz. The cool dude in the white shirt and forest green tie? Yes, he smirked a bit, but that’s okay: eye candy has its privileges, no?]

4 thoughts on “The Party-Line Infighting Over Kavanaugh Begins

      • Cruz supported Trump in the general election, in spite of the fact that Trump made some accusations about Cruz father being involved in the Kennedy assassination. Cruz thus showed character, more than the liars Kaisich and Bush, who plainly stated publicly they would support the Republican nominee and then welshed.

        Incidentally, I’ve been calling the Dallas Republican Party to get Trump yard signs, and they saying “next week”. So Ted, if you’re listening, don’t neglect the small details of a campaign. I see Beto yard signs everywhere: rich neighborhoods, poor, working class. Cruz is supposedly much better funded and leading in the poles, but if he gets overconfident and neglects the campaign, I think the outcome will be much closer than he thinks.

  1. You’re right Dymphna: That aide over Sen. Cruz’s shoulder is very pleasing to the eye. He resembles the young Christopher Guest.

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