Chemnitz: News Reporters as Provocateurs

In my previous post I talked about the German government’s infiltration of provocateurs among the “extreme right” protestors at marches in Chemnitz. The following video is a case in point: it shows a journalist who has been inserted into the demo crowd for to make trouble and hold up the event.

MissPiggy, who translated the video for subtitles, explains the context for what you see in this clip:

Just as the government plants provocateurs who do Hitler salutes, they also employ undercover journalists. Apparently the latter were the reason the march in Chemnitz got off to a late start. Specifically, the woman in this video with the yellow jacket purposefully disobeyed the orders of the ushers, who were trying to clear the route for the march to start. She was also aggressive, acted like a jerk, and started to become physical.

She left shortly afterwards, using a press pass to get through the police gates.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So why did you not listen to security, and stand by the others?
00:05   You did not go away. In fact, you pushed your way toward the front.
00:09   You disobeyed security. —Do not argue, do not argue.
00:13   You were standing up front the entire time. —Do not argue, do not argue.
00:17   What channel are they from? —You saw it, she grabbed my phone.
00:21   What channel are they from? —My last video got 4,400 views.
00:25   Do you want to lose your job then? —But you filmed our faces, you must know.
00:29   Of course, it is a public event. We can gladly take the matter to court.
00:33   At a public event. —We aren’t participants in the public event, you know that.
00:37   You know that. What channel are you from? So now, you aren’t saying anything?
00:40   Agitators. Look, the two of them.
00:43   They twist the truth. Mmmmmmm. Very good.

3 thoughts on “Chemnitz: News Reporters as Provocateurs

  1. A radio earpiece like the one the older guy is wearing (00:30), who gives the women in the yellow jacket cover, usually aren`t part of a journalists equipment.

  2. I would say there is no evidence the woman is a government provocateur. She could be from Antifa or other left organizations. I’m afraid what is in the video does not give a basis for an assertion the government is sending undercover disrupters. Someone is, but to solidly accuse the government would require actual evidence.

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