Possible Election Fraud in Gothenburg

Swedish voters went to the polls today to cast their ballots in the parliamentary election. The vote is a crucial one for the country, effectively a referendum on the issue of mass immigration into Sweden. At the moment it looks like the Sweden Democrats didn’t get the massive breakthrough vote that they had hoped for — early results show them at 19.2%-19.5% (live reports here and here).

The following article reports on an incident that may be an instance of electoral fraud, or may be a simple mistake on the part of local election workers. Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Swedish state television:

SD’s ballot papers missing at polling station

September 9, 2018

When the polling station at the Annedals School in Gothenburg opened, the Sweden Democrats’ party papers were nowhere to be found. It was only when SVT News called more than two hours later that SD ballot papers were added to the others.

“This is extremely serious and we will get to the bottom of this,” says Jörgen Fogelklou, the chairman of SD in Gothenburg.

Election workers working in the polling rooms are responsible for ensuring that there are ballot papers available for all parties that have received more than one percent of the votes throughout the country during any of the two most recent parliamentary elections. With regard to the actual ballots, it is up to the parties themselves to make sure they are distributed to the various polling stations (throughout the country). However, in the polling station at the Annedals school in Gothenburg, the Swedish Democrats’ ballots were not put out along with the other parties’.

Bill Werngren, electoral manager of the city of Gothenburg:

“This is extremely disturbing. The election authority is required to ensure that everything is done to the letter. Whether it is deliberate tampering or a mistake, we do not know. But it IS strange,” says Jörgen Fogelklou.

It was only when SVT News contacted the election manager in Gothenburg, just over two hours, after the doors were opened at the polling station, that the irregularity was discovered.

“I think it is regrettable that they have left out the Swedish Democrats at this polling station,” said Bill Werngren, electoral manager for the city of Gothenburg.

After a little over two hours

“It has been a bit over two hours since the polling station opened, and you didn’t notice that the ballots were missing before SVT pointed it out. How can that be?”

“We have trained 2,500 people to work at the polling stations, and they have received exactly the same training, but the understanding of the task by these people clearly varied,” said Bill Werngren.

According to him, those working at the polling stations receive training in, among other things, how the ballot papers should stand and exactly what ballot papers they are required to provide, yet the missing Swedish Democrats ballots was not discovered.

“They cannot stand there all the time and check, but it’s unfortunate that they missed this. Then, of course, mistakes can be made.”

Bill Werngren is responsible for 350 polling stations in the city of Gothenburg and, according to him, he has not heard of any other places where ballot papers for a particular party were absent. It is unclear what happened in the case of Annedalsskolan.

“Either there has been a mistake or they were stolen, and it was not discovered until now,” said Bill Werngren.

The chairman of the Swedish Democrats in Gothenburg is very upset about what happened, and has informed the election authorities that the party intends to investigate the issue.

“We will now keep an extra sharp eye out, because this is extremely serious and very remarkable,” says Jörgen Fogelklou.

11 thoughts on “Possible Election Fraud in Gothenburg

  1. “At the moment it looks like the Sweden Democrats didn’t get the massive breakthrough vote that they had hoped for”

    I really didn’t expect them to this time. Sweden unfortunately has to endure a few more horrors before matters turn.

    They are a rather deeply indoctrinated population still.

  2. By the time a majority of Swedes realize the danger they are in and the solution to their problem (close borders , place Muslims in internment camps and deport them) they will be a minority in their own country and powerless.It will be too late to do anything about it.

    They will go abut their daily lives oblivious to the fact that Sweden is becoming Saudi Arabia ,but with colder weather .

    They will be forced to:

    wear clothes that mark them out as second class citizens ,

    obey sharia law as the law of the land ,

    watch the public stoning of women who are raped ,

    the hurling of gays off high buildings,

    the FGM of their own infant children

    ,forced child marriage

    and the decapitation of anyone who attempts to either leave Islam or criticize Islam

    They will wait in vain for some other country (most likely the U.S.A) to ride to their rescue like the U.S cavalry of old.

    But no-one will come to their rescue.

    They will wait passively and in vain.

      • Because the Swedes don’t want to know how they stand.
        They prefer to live in their makebelieve lala land, as before.

      • A commenter several days ago showed how difficult it is to vote your conscience in Sweden. Part of it is the way the polling places are set up. You have to publicly choose your ballot before you go in to mark your choice. Each party’s ballot is a different color, so you brand yourself immediately. Then again, some polling places suddenly “run out” of SD ballots. Imagine that.

        The commenter left a link to a Finnish website where commenters left their own stories about the corrupt vote in Sweden. It was a real lesson in Civics.

        Add to that the physical attacks against SD politicians and then you know why SD won only 17% of the vote.

        We had the beginning of that here in urban areas during Obama’s reign. The New Black Panthers “guarded” some polling places and were armed with billy clubs. Whites stayed away. Strange how Obama’s new head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder, refused to prosecute them.

        • What a terrible way to vote. We have one voting form with a special coloured marker pen provided to mark our choice on the ballot.

  3. The elections are fixed. The leftist political establishment believes they have the right to govern, that they should govern, so why wouldn’t they fix elections? That’s one of the major reasons for the migrant invasion, the leftists need voting fodder before the masses twig that the whole system is corrupt from top to bottom.

  4. 2018: Swedish government gets around to suspecting moslems are not all on the up-and-up. In fact they may be liars, cheaters, murderers, rapists, torturers, and demons. WHO KNEW? The right-wingers and other thinking people, that’s who knew.

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