Sunday Contemplation While Sweden Votes

I came across this music for the first time at Belmont Club:

[The lyrics begin half-way through but the combination of music and visuals prior to that should be heard/contemplated.]*

The video served as a coda for an essay from July, one in which Wretchard described “localism”:

What links the cosmological and localist human models is the way they handle information. Linbeck notes in his paper Localism in America that its advantages, much like our quantum entanglement example, are due largely to the greater information efficiency of managing complexity through components. First, it allows society to limit the amount of information that must be moved between levels instead of repeating it, as a centralized system trying to manage everything would.

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Among other things, the oboe is a grand instrument. The “other things” lie in the long thread of comments following Wretchard’s essay. Contemplations abound.

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*[I’ve since listened to this music a number of times. I happened to find it not long after my friend, Chris, died of lung cancer all of a sudden. So suddenly there was no chance to say goodbye.

Chris’ was a death he predicted many times as he’d light up another cigarette.

The hole left by his abrupt exit still haunts me and is forever entangled in the last time I saw him. He’d come over to help me bury our cat as I couldn’t dig in the thick clay soil and the Baron was away when Lulu shuffled off this mortal coil.

I miss them both deeply, but Chris’ death is the essential loss. Sometimes I have to stop myself from calling him to ask a question. His death closed a door of knowledge he always opened for me.]

4 thoughts on “Sunday Contemplation While Sweden Votes

  1. If Angela Merkel were humanitarian at heart, she would save South African Whites from genocide first and foremost. Ukrainian war refugees are not accepted in Germany. So, it is not a demographical problem, it is plain open White genocide. Most obviously Whites can’t get justice in court either. Hundreds of thousands of White children were raped in UK, nobody received a slap in the wrist. The Afghan “child” that killed the German girl got 8 years jail. I bet he will not do those 8 years “because he regrets it.” Nobody cared for the other crimes that he did, like being an adult and lying about his age. On and on and on. Reverse roles, and Whites get thrown out of work for as much as pointing out what is being done to us.

  2. I have said my prayer that the Swedes may show that they are wiser today than they have been in the past. It could happen.

  3. I read Wretchard’s article before you mentioned it and suffered a similar loss just a week ago. I cannot now call and ask those questions I need answers to. Sort of a synchronicity thing.

    Now we will teeter on that knife-edge and wonder how long we can keep our balance.

  4. Sorry to hear of uor loss, Dymphna (and Gort’s above).

    The oboe is a fine instrument, but supposedly the hardest to play well; Danny Kaye called it “The ill wind that nobody blows good”!

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