OSCE Warsaw: Jailing Journalists in Britain

2018 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Freedom of the Media, Session 5:
“Worst Practice” against independent media in Britain

Intervention read by Henrik Clausen, representing Wiener Akademikerbund

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Below is the prepared text for Mr. Clausen’s intervention:

Working Session 5: “Worst Practice” against independent media in Britain

Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen. I am Henrik Clausen, Danish, representing Wiener Akademikerbund in Austria.

When we consider the Rule of Law, we are living in challenging times, not least West of Vienna. And while we prefer to focus on Best Practices, I need to point out an example of the opposite, in order to prevent such events in the future.

On May 25th of this year, a journalist was arrested outside of Leeds Crown Court for reporting on a high-profile court case about forced prostitution of minors. In the course of just five hours, and without access to legal support, he was sentenced to 13 months in prison and jailed immediately. Independent legal experts have called this an “Assault on Freedom of Expression”.

The conditions of imprisonment were unlike anything one would expect in a modern society: Exposed to hostile inmates, the journalist lived in fear of beating, poisoning, and at times under grossly unhygienic circumstances. I shall not go into the unpleasant details here, of course.

One should think that prison officers observing such situations would speak up against them. Indeed, that was the case. Mr. McAlpine spoke up — unfortunately, this led only to the dismissal of the officer. Whistleblowers everywhere deserve immunity, not pink slips.

We have an old Danish saying: “Freedom for Loki as well as for Thor”. This means that also those whom we may suspect of less-than-noble intentions are free, until they commit actual crimes. And critical voices are needed; they are to be heeded, not to be silenced in jail under torturous conditions.

Fortunately, in this specific case, public outrage caught on, and the torturous prison conditions were brought to an end. We have confidence that the final verdict will favour freedom of the media, and that such events will not be repeated in the future.

To help prevent this, Wiener Akademikerbund recommends:

  • That OSCE pS reduce or abolish restrictions on reporting, to minimize abuse.
  • That jailed journalists be held in safe conditions, protected from dangerous inmates.
  • And that prison personnel be granted immunity when reporting on unjust treatment.

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4 thoughts on “OSCE Warsaw: Jailing Journalists in Britain

  1. Not one MP has spoken out against this torture by the Sharia May government of Tommy Robinson. A Parliamentary question absolutely must be put to the government when Parliament reconvenes asking who ordered Tommy’s removal to the very dangerous Muslim dominated prison from the relatively safe first prison. Also inquiring into the dismissal of the whistleblower, who ordered denial of funds for Tommy to purchase food Muslim prisoners could not get their hands on, and more, including what sanctions will be placed, including removal from the bench, of the judge who presided over the five hour kangaroo “proceeding.” Was this coordinated by the Home Office? I think this whole outrage lies at the traitorous cowardly feet of Sharia May. I wish Trump had denounced it at the time and offered asylum to Tommy and his family. Who wants a “special relationship ” with that degenerate pc tyranny of a country?

  2. Spencer, well said. Our swamp dwellers are holding another trial of Tommy Robinson on the 27th. September, for the same supposed crime of reporting on the conviction of a huge gang of muslims for the sexual abuse of our young white English girls.

    That his retrial is being held in the Old Bailey is also quite unusual; as Tommy said, that court is usually reserved for the most serious crimes such as terrorism cases. It’s just another trick these disgusting people are using to completely destroy Tommy.

    And we should never forget that Kevin Crehan died in prison under suspicious circumstances, possibly murdered by muslims.

  3. I understand Contempt of Court is a Civil not a Criminal offence. Usually punished by a fine and guidlines state no more than two weeks prison – if at all. TR was moved from safe HMP Hull (small muslim population) to HMP Onley (30% muslim population)’ Everybody from the judge to HMP Onley governor broke rules. When asked by TR why Onley, Onley governor replie : “Decision above my pay grade”.

    See fuul Ezra Levant interview (already on GAB) :


  4. And yet, a previous article shows that the OSCE is itself considering restrictions on the expressions within its meetings. In fact, reviewing the text itself, I noted that “Muslim” or “Islam” was not mentioned at all. So, it is simply stated that Robinson was placed among “hostile inmates”. Why were they hostile? Who knows, if you go by the intervention text.

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