4 thoughts on “The “Ignoramuses” Who Voted for Brexit

  1. So nice to hear from you Pat. I voted for Brexit with great joy and hope for deliverance from the soft fascists at the EU.
    I hope that Brexit will soon be realised and give the UK the opportunity to return to the country it was before joining the EU.

  2. Pat believes that a bigger majority of British now realize not only the disaster of the EU membership, but the treachery of the elitist classes.

    Good luck. Wonderful if true.

  3. Well said. I’m not British and I don’t have an opinion about Brexit one way or another, it’s too complicated for an outsider.
    However I’ve noticed the patronising attitude of the Remainers towards the pro-Brexit voters, the plebs obviously didn’t vote correctly. (They do that occasionally). Another vote seems absurd, if it’s in favor of staying in the EU, can the Brexiters call for another ‘referendum’? I’m sure they would be expected to shut up.

    The UK’s political elites will campaign for the country to stay in the EU.

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