Video Reports on the Knife Attack in Lübeck

As reported earlier today, an Iranian went on a rampage on a bus in the German city of Lübeck, stabbing a number of people and leaving behind a backpack full of fire accelerants.

Egri Nök sends this update, including a revised casualty figure:

Ten wounded, three of them severely

Bodo Z. (74) a retired carpenter from Lübeck and a passenger, tells Bild:

“I was going to Travemünde to play outdoor chess. A colleague and I were sitting on the back left, behind the articulation. The man had caught my attention because he was dressed much too warmly. He wore a shirt, a pullover, a jacket with a fur collar. Suddenly there was smoke in the front of the bus, and a commotion.

“Then the man ran towards the back and stabbed a man in a wheelchair. Then he attacked my chess friend, who was sitting in the aisle. He was stabbed in the shoulder. After that, everyone left the bus and there was screaming. I left the bus, too, and thought to myself, I have to do something, and grabbed a branch. I saw how, by the bus, two men were wrangling with the attacker. I smacked him over the head with the branch. After that, he was quiet.”

Below are three videos about the incident. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

1. A TV news report on what happened in Lübeck, translated by Ava Lon:

2. An eyewitness interview, translated by Egri Nök:

3. An interview with the bus driver, translated by Egri Nök:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   In Lübeck several people were wounded in an attack on a service bus. This was
00:05   confirmed by the police. A man allegedly pulled out a knife and indiscriminately
00:10   stabbed the passengers. The driver reportedly stopped the bus right away and opened the doors.
00:15   That way the passengers were able to flee. The police were largely deployed
00:20   around the place of the crime in the Kücknitz district, which was closed off. The suspect
00:25   was arrested. There’s nothing known about his motives for now. Special operations forces
00:30   are allegedly still investigating a backpack on the bus, looking for explosives.

Video transcript #2:

00:06   So we were sitting in bus 30, and we had just departed from Sonnenstraße, and
00:12   we were just going through the traffic light, towards Travemünder Landstraße,
00:16   and suddenly there was yelling, and fire was burning in the middle.
00:20   And the perpetrator came towards the back, and he was wearing sunglasses,
00:24   and a winter coat, and he was yelling, and indiscriminately attacking people with a knife.
00:28   And then, yeah, we tried to defend ourselves.
00:32   And the bus driver was already stopping the bus because he saw the fire.
00:35   And we all ran outside, and the fire — um, the bus driver wanted to extinguish the fire,
00:38   and the perpetrator attacked the bus driver from behind.
00:42   And we all just ran this way in panic. Yeah.
00:47   And then the police already arrived. —And then the police arrived and they —?
00:50   I yelled at them, they had their window down.
00:53   It had caught their attention how the bus suddenly stopped, because of the fire.
00:59   And the perpetrator was arrested by the patrol officers? —Exactly.

Video transcript #3:

00:06   I departed from Sonnenstraße, and here on the street, before the turn,
00:12   there was screaming: “Fire, fire, there is a psycho!”
00:17   I looked into my rear mirror and saw it, indeed.
00:22   So I drove here and pulled over to the right and made sure my passengers got out
00:26   as safely as possible.
00:29   The articulation caught fire.
00:33   I used the fire extinguisher that I have on board.
00:36   I started spraying, giving three, four pumps — and was smacked in the face.
00:40   With whatever. By the perpetrator. I guess he wanted to prevent me from extinguishing it.
00:44   Well. Then I moved the bag outside.
00:48   And then police and ambulance were already there.
00:52   How did so many people get wounded? Did that occur outside the bus?
00:58   Well I — yes, I would think so.
01:02   But I can’t say for certain because the bus was quite crowded.
01:07   And inside the bus, there was quite a bit of uproar, a bit of panic. It was, indeed.
01:11   Maybe people were pushed, but I can’t say for certain.

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    • CrossWare: Soon France, GB, Sweden, Belgium and other invaded countries who are apathetic about invaders, the citizens will be executed and sold into slavery like history shows when countries are conquered by Muslims. No one will resist the take down. The smart ones will have migrated into E. Europe by then or already, where they care about nationalism.

  1. What can I say? These people don’t act out like this in Iran, except in public demonstrations against the US. They go to prison and are tortured in Iran. In a Western country like Germany, they follow all their impulses and expect extensive litigation and a suspended sentence of a few months.

    • Looks like passengers were real lucky that nothing exploded. Dumb terrorist. He had no job, no education, low IQ, could not finish high school. What sort of value he adds to Germany? All the immigration thingy is a hoax.

      • Rec from Iran: apparently these conquered Euro countries have enough money and need more welfare recipients. After all they have been conquered and the leaders like Merkel and Macron will dole out welfare ongoing and infidels are paying for it.

  2. I do not understand German at all, but I do not like the intonations of the voice of the announcer in the first story. I feel despondency and hopelessness in her voice.
    Information about the attack must be given differently.

    • » feel despondency and hopelessness in her voice«

      I guess I understand what you mean, but it’s not the case. She just is no good speaker (very young?). She reads the text w/o any hearable emotions. Greetings from Germany.

      • In your country, too, the speakers have degraded?
        When I go home in prime time, I can not listen to local news – the announcer does not pronounce half the letters of the alphabet.

  3. “Then the man ran towards the back and stabbed a man in a wheelchair… No further comment is needed.

  4. Years ago I was in Lubeck and it was a lovely lovely town, not spectacular or splashy, just pretty old brick gothic architecture which is has aged to a dark autumnal red, lots of trees, a beautiful beach, parks. Europe and Islam…sad, sad, sad.

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