Barratry on Foreign Affairs

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on the latest political skullduggery in The Netherlands.

(Desi Bouterse: “We’re 100% multicultural and arrest you if you think different!”)

Barratry on Foreign Affairs

by H. Numan

You may have heard about it. Or not; this scandal is not really international front page news. The new Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs had to apologize profusely for stating the earth was round. It actually isn’t. The earth really is flat. Sorry to put you on the wrong foot. Rest assured, he will have to do better than that; the idea is to have him removed for his harsh words. What actually happened?

After the ignominious demise of minister Halbe Zijlstra, a new minister for Foreign Affairs was appointed. His name is Stef Blok, from the conservative VVD party. A career politician, and somewhat of a gray mouse. He is a conservative member of his party. Not an outspoken person. You rarely hear anything about him. Until he made his infamous speech last week.

In that speech he said the multicultural society is a failure. There isn’t a single example of a successful multicultural state, and gave Suriname as an example, among others. According to him Suriname is a failed state, very much linked to its ethnic composition. He said even the USA and Australia weren’t really multicultural states, as the indigenous population was largely exterminated. And: if you live in a prosperous area you won’t see any problem with multiculturalism. If you happen to live in the middle of it, you most certainly do. I can’t see the difference between a Hutu and a Tutsi, or a Sunni and a Shiite. But unfortunately, they themselves can.

What he actually said is what we here on the Gates know and talk about. Plain common sense. He didn’t say anything untoward. He didn’t judge, he just stated obvious facts. In other words: an inconvenient truth. For which he could have collected a Nobel prize if his remarks were factually incorrect, but political correct. It’s the other way around, so Blok’s head very likely goes on the block. Progressiveness is anything but tolerant, as we all know too well.

What you don’t know is that he was set up. It was a trap. The deep sh*t state does not exist only in the USA; it also rules in Holland, among other places. Especially at the ministry for Foreign Affairs. If you happen to be a white straight male, don’t apply for a job there. You won’t get it. The very top of the ministry is firmly in the hands of diversity and political correctness. So much so that this top doesn’t want to take orders from anyone else.

The last minister Sigrid Kaag was their ideal minister. She was part of the previous Rutte cabinet, a member of D66 party and as multicultural as mohammed was muslim. The top of the ministry adored her. They want her back, and fast! So what do you do when you get two undesirables in a row? You get rid of them. The first one was easy enough. Halbe Zijlstra boasted stupidly — quite normal for a politician — but his boasts were blatant lies, so he had to go. I reported about his demise here.

The ministry was looking forward to Kaag II, but got stuck with Stef Blok. Oh, the horror. He’s a neo-nazi (= not one of us)! We have to do something about that, and real quick. So they did. They set a trap for the minister, and he fell for it.

Now I have to do a bit of nitpicking. First of all, the top of the ministry should know better than anyone else that ministers and staatssecretarissen (junior ministers) are political appointees. The parties negotiate which party gets to head which ministry. The idea that you can embarrass an undesirable minister into oblivion and replace him with your choice from a different party is ludicrous. At best you can get rid of someone and hope he will be replaced by a better one or at least a lesser evil, from that same party. The very idea that the ministry heads appoints their preferred minister over the parties is too silly for words. But still… they try. It does tell you how much the deep state cares about the trias politica, separation of powers and democracy.

Another nitpick: this scandal is described in the Dutch media as ‘the mutiny on BuZa (=short for Foreign Affairs)’, but that is incorrect. It should be ‘the barratry on BuZa’. A mutiny more often than not comes from the ranks. Barratry is exactly the same, but committed by the officers themselves. This is a revolt from the top, so no mutiny here. I doubt if the lower ranks even knew what was going on. All they were told was to prepare the rooms, and serve the coffee.

Okay, I’ll leave the nits alone for now. So how did they entrap the minister? Easy. He was invited to clarify his ideas and position for the top, in a video conference. The room was unfortunately not big enough to contain all invited witnesses — oopsie — ‘guests’. Did I say witnesses? Silly me! We can use the rooms next door with video screens, so everybody can see what you want to say.

By ‘everybody’ Mr. Blok thought about those present at the private conference. The organizers meant by ‘the entire world’. I’m surprised that a political heavyweight as Stef Blok (he has held several top cabinet positions before) fell for it. The ministry top let Blok say whatever he wanted to say, and probably goaded some juicy quotes out of him, just to be sure.

It was a piece of cake to make sure this private video conference leaked out to the press. Someone gave the video to the VARA public broadcasting organization, who aired it in Dutch and English. Kees Verhoeven (D66) spread it on Twitter, the NRC Handelsblad asks for his resignation and so on. The left-wing circus in full swing. You know the drill by now.

The people who adore ‘an inconvenient truth’ have a tendency for inconvenient timing. Setting up a climate conference in Denmark in the middle of winter is not a good idea when you want to warn about global warming. Especially if a snowstorm blocks that conference. This act of barratry was equally inconveniently timed: in the middle of the summer holidays. All politicians are recuperating from their hard work right now. Nobody is home. Lillian Ploumen (PvdA) tried to get a motion passed to recall parliament, to no avail. Suriname, where convicted drugs criminal Desi Bouterse rules with his cronies, raised bloody hell to embarrass the minister, also without success. As if to prove Blok’s point, they appeared as an all black band in military uniforms.

Stef Blok showed his spine by immediately apologizing. He has the same spine as Mark Rutte — none whatsoever. Even a jellyfish has a bigger backbone. Sure, he kept his job. For the moment. For how long, that is a very different matter. The Left are jealous gods. Thou shalt not worship anything else. If you do, they’ll get you. Sooner or later. There was absolutely no need for his strong conservative words, as there are no elections in sight. That would be the only excuse the left might accept. I have no idea when he will retire from politics, but he will. Probably somewhere after September. Right now our hardworking selfless politicians are enjoying a well-earned break from June until September. That’s enough time to distance the top of the ministry from this attempted coup. Blok already wanted to resign before accepting this post. He’ll be retired quietly, and just as quietly an acceptable replacement (Kaag?) will take over. A win-win for everybody (that matters).

To finish this article: how many people were actually involved? Not a lot. Probably fewer than twenty. If that many. A few to entice the minister to state his opinions, one to arrange for a small enough room for the meeting with video screens outside, a few to leak the stuff to the press and blow the whistle. The others, the audience, where there to enjoy the lynching. You don’t need a lot of hangmen at a lynching, but you do need a crowd. Otherwise it’s murder, not a lynching.

How many people actually govern the whole country? Again, not a lot. If you add everybody together, perhaps 150,000 out of a population of 17 million. That’s really everybody. From the king/prime minister down to a lowly head of a small civil administration unit, plus the business elite, plus the press. In America you have more democracy, so the numbers are a bit higher there, but roughly the same. That is less than one percent who decide and make policy.

In Holland, as anywhere else in the Western world, that less than one percent has decided that white males are the cause of everything bad, windmills will solve all our energy problems, African mass migration will solve our labor problems, and islam has to become our new religion. The other 99% simply have to accept that.

The problem is that the other 99% won’t. Of course the only party that supported Blok in this was the PVV. Not even his own VVD, although they did shield him. No surprise there, what? In America the 99% have a defender in Trump, and he’s very successful. In Holland — or in Europe — we’re not that lucky. Geert Wilders is effectively muzzled, Marine Le Pen has to face the dock. Both parties have very little funds to do anything worthwhile with. The 1% still have many tricks up their sleeves.

Politically killing Blok was just one of them.

— H. Numan

20 thoughts on “Barratry on Foreign Affairs

  1. There will be many who fall on their sword to save White Western Civilization.

    WE MUST SUPPORT THESE MARTYRS — we are at war. If we don’t support Whites with courage… we are doomed… no, our grandchildren will be murdered in their beds ala South Africa.

    • I would have described Ireland as fully flattened…no more dimensions there. Of course, they can be bent, I suppose.

  2. It’s this constant apologizing that gets up my nose. Every time some long heritage patriot speaks truth to power or contradicts the Leftard Socialist, Islamofascist and infantile snowflake’s endless disinformative mantras and they come screeching out of the woodwork the spineless speaker wimps out and starts apologizing. It has happened time and time again.

    The only way to deal with the […] globalist and New World Order Cabal from Popes on down to the lowest inconsequential scumbag bottom feeders in Washington, Westminster or wherever else they exist is to man-up, double down, give them a metaphorical boot in the sensitive nether regions and keep sticking it to them until they depart fornicating.

    If any of these well-meaning fools don’t mean what they say, then they shouldn’t say it in the first place.

    If they do mean it then they should stick by every word, never explain, never apologize and keep ramming it home until the ideological blood of the enemy (and perhaps even the real stuff) runs free in gutters throughout the West.

    • I agree. Remember when Saul Bellow cravenly apologized for a remark to the extent of “Show me the African Proust” or some such?
      At the end of the day, after all of the apologies have been offered, there’s still no African Proust. Why can’t people just tell it like it is?

    • Notice “they” gave the left society “issues” to keep us all busy, and the left in collective power with something to do, sort of liberal for the left.

      As nationalism rocks that boat (no multiculti party for example) , and nationalism rocks this boat

      …well if you are a nationalist you end up being the only straight guy in town. You don’t want the attention of the rest of the town, that is why people shut up, or end up talking to themselves once they are taken off podium and placed alone in the street.

    • The problem is, aside from Trump and a few others in time of crisis, politicians have to be elected. Someone too far out in front of the crowd might be popular, but not necessarily by a majority. In other words, it’s not too surprising that a politician caves. In the case of the US, the Republicans cave to the wealthy donors who sponsor the lavish conventions and the easy re-election campaigns.

      The groundwork really has to be done before the politicians will become reliable.

  3. Did I miss it or, did you actually not say what he said that was found offensive?
    You might, for slow readers like me, tell us what it is that he actually said.

    • Yes, I had the same reaction as Babs. I read to the end and still wondered what the fuss was about, and even what the fuss was. I know this is an opinion piece, but let’s have a little straightforward reporting too.

    • Third paragraph states what he said in a speech but not actual words used in speech

    • The third paragraph describes what he said in his speech. However, it does not provide the actual words.

      • Here a video of that meeting plus a transcript in English.

        Give me an example of a multi etnic or multi cultural society still inhabited by the indigenous population.
        We can scrap Australia and The United States because the indigenous population there has been wiped out.
        A multi etnic or multi cultural society where the indigenous population is still around and where there is a peacefull cohabitation.
        I don’t know one.

        Suriname peacefull? [chuckle]
        Bold statement!
        Ehm yeah I admire your optimism.
        Suriname is a failed state. And it’s root cause is the etnic devision.
        You quickly run into the limits what a society can take.

        That’s why I’m saying; I understand the people in Amsterdam-West and the Schilderswijk [prominent muslim districts]
        Because if you live in Benoordenhout [white elite district] it’s fun to go to a Turkish bakery on a sunday morning.
        The side effects won’t bother you but if you live in the middle of it you have a huge problem.

        I don’t think it can be done on a central European level to force all countries to accept the same amount of refugees.
        Eastern Europeans will never agree to that.
        Suppose we would twist their arms and they say “yes” even then. Walk the streets of Warsaw or Prague you don’t see any colored people.
        Those people are gone within a week.
        They are probably being beaten up.
        Their lives will be miserable.

    • You’re quite right. I didn’t put in a transcript, because I couldn’t find a decent one. So I paraphrased on what I could find.

  4. The 1%, otherwise known in Western Europe, as the Political Traitor Class; aided and abetted by their apologist stenographers within the media, academia and the judiciary.

    This numerically tiny but powerful group of people, who, over the last fifty years have sent a consistent message out to the Afro-Muslim world, that Europe is permanently open for resettlement, will eventually bury European civilisation if we do not physically remove them from our governmental institutions and positions of power.

    Over millennia, together, we have faced and come through countless wars, civil wars, famine, plague and pestilence, but we have always come back from the brink, with our continent over the generations evolving into something recognisably European, and with our Judeo-Christian values more or less intact.

    But today in Europe, unprecedented in our long history, we have traitors in government and positions of power, who, left unchecked, will kill European civilisation stone dead with the epic treachery they have committed against us. This is where we are now headed, unimaginable and as absurd as that sounds. Never before have we had a group of nihilist political leaders who could finally end our civilisation once and for all. Non of Europe’s despotic mass murdering politicians throughout our history ever managed, or intended to consign Europeans to oblivion. But this generation do and will.

    If the powers at be imagine that native Europeans facing demographic eclipse later this century, with endless civil strife seen in our towns and cities well before that, as is already beginning to happen, will simply disappear into the night without a fight, and watch as our lands are handed over to Islamic barbarism, they are clearly delusional and do not know us, or our history. Whatever happens now, this will not end well. We are past the point of no return, the Europe’s Political Traitor Class have seen to that.

  5. People actually take flat earthers seriously? Didn’t think they had any political clout.

  6. Look at the people we marry. There is a well known statistical similarity between our spouses and us: similar IQs; similar education; similar family backgrounds; similar interests; similar languages and mostly similar races. This has been studied forever. Of course, these are people we love, but…

    Could diversity be good at a population level and not so good at a spousal level? Why?
    Maybe it is.

    But we must think about 200,000 years of evolution and on-brink-of starvation-food-supply for most of that time. Our sutvival must have depended on our fighting off constant raiders of this food and its territory who at the least probably wore different skins or wore different beads or smelt differently.

    In fact, ANY differences must have alarmed us and sparked combat.

    So whether diversity is good or bad, it is surely not evolutionarily natural for us.

    • There’s the added confounding by the welfare state. With no welfare, there would be nothing to attract unemployable people, and once there, they would either starve or go back. But instead, the governments have invested their prestige, such as it is, to the fiction that the migrations they allowed and encouraged were successful.

      I think their own governments, NATO, the fledgling EU army, and the UN are as great a danger to the indigenous European peoples as the Muslims. In any conflict, it will be a huge heads-I-win-tails-you-lose situation. If the Muslims are winning, the government and globalist militaries will stand pat; if the Europeans are winning, the governments will call it genocide and intervene.

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