Eyeless in Gaza (NOT)

This afternoon I visited the retinologist for my monthly examination and injection to treat the flare-up of wet macular degeneration in my left eye. This is the fourth such treatment since the symptoms recurred three months ago.

The doctor says the eye is doing very well, so I don’t have to go in again for another six weeks. If I continue to do well, the treatments will get further and further apart, and hopefully cease altogether for a while, like they did from July 2014 until this past April.

As eye-pokes (that’s what I call them) go, this one wasn’t too bad. No annoying dancing air bubbles this time, which makes the aftermath much easier to get through. I can’t say I’m back to normal functioning yet, but at least I can read the screen fairly well.

Every time I get an eye injection, I console myself by visiting a nearby retail outlet that has some of the best deals around on wine. They have an astonishing selection of French wines at very low prices. For example, their Mouton Cadet (a lowbrow Bordeaux) is $9.99, whereas you normally pay at least $12-$15 at other stores.

I spent a while cruising around with my shopping cart, squinting at the labels. I got a 2014 Corbières and a 2015 Bordeaux for under $10 apiece.

I love that place! It kind of eases the heartbreak off of having to get a needle in the eye.

Looking at all that wine reminded me of a project that Vlad and I undertook some years ago (his idea, my execution).

Click the image to the right to see the full-size bottle of Château Kafir White Infidel.

The wine in the original bottle that I based the image on is gag-provoking stuff (by my standards). I wouldn’t want to drink it. But the digital version looks quite tasty to me, especially with the piggy on the label to remind me to have some pulled pork barbecue to go with it.

That’s about it for this evening. There will be a news feed, but probably nothing else before tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Eyeless in Gaza (NOT)

  1. Baron, I trust you are doing well … and that Chateau wine bottle is very funny indeed. I would add “Western Reserve” to its label – just to make the bottle even more special and infidely.

    • That’s a good idea. I’ll look at the original materials and see how difficult it would be. The tough thing about this one was the curvature on the label — that makes it really tricky.

  2. Glad to see you endured the ordeal. I can’t imagine being injected in the eye. When I was boxing, several people put their thumb in my eye but it’s not the same. Keep up the good work.

  3. Sorry to hear of difficulties with your vision. Continue to engage in ” Retail Therapy “. I too have ” Floaters ” as well as deteriorating vision and scratchy eyes because the oil glands no longer function. The ” Offset ” is that my wife does the driving….and I don’t need a HI Def TV. It is remarkable how we adapt to negative changes in our bodies. Looking at others who have even bigger difficulties makes one feel Blessed.

  4. A few years ago in Australia the Q Society raised funds with 72 Virgins wines, from Hal & Al’s (fictitious) winery. The domain name for the ordering website was something like halalwines.com.au and of course I bought a couple of cartons, which came in useful for Christmas gifts.

  5. My beloved and I, and her son, were in a pub/restaurant in Settle, W Yorkshire (near your old stomping ground?) a few days ago. I had a glass of a Chilean Malbec which may be the best red wine I’ve ever had: Vistamar Sepia Reserva 2015. I’m trying to find a supplier here in London…

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