Nice Work If You Can Get It

A family of “New Germans” — unemployed husband, wife (wives?) and eleven children — occupy a swanky historic building in downtown Leipzig at the expense of the German taxpayer. They live better, and have more disposable income, than a native German who has worked and paid taxes for decades. But such is life in the new Borderless Multicultural Germany!

Many thanks to Anton and Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   220 square meter [2,500 square foot] historic building in downtown Leipzig.
00:04   The Mohammed family pays €1,220 [$1,500], utilities included,
00:08   to the landlord — the Protestant church — for this apartment.
00:11   After that, the parents and their 11 children will have about €4,000 [$5,000] per month to live on.
00:16   The father Idris worked as an agricultural helper in Syria.
00:20   Four years ago he fled to Germany. He later brought the family over.
00:24   For nine months he worked here as a newspaper delivery man and postman.
00:29   He lost both jobs because of his lack of knowledge of German, he claims.
00:33   Now, the couple and their 11 biological children live exclusively
00:36   on child allowance and social benefits. A total of €5,239.
00:43   The Mohammeds have now received a residency permit until 2020.
00:46   Until then, the state will continue to support them with, currently, €5,239 per month [$6,500].
00:52   That’s about €500 more than they got before the 15-month decision deadline.
00:57   There are about 15,000 asylum applications in which the state has far exceeded this deadline.
01:03   Feedback from Leipzig city center:
01:06   I’m speechless. That’s incredible, when I think of German families.
01:12   We have so many poor families in Germany — why do not they get that?
01:16   We have many homeless people who should also be helped.
01:19   Kindergartens — it will be wanting somewhere.
01:22   When I hear €5,000 — this is crossing the line.
01:25   I think it’s a disgrace. Never paid for anything or worked.
01:30   But it costs a lot of money, and society needs to know
01:35   whether it wants that and whether it can bear it.

16 thoughts on “Nice Work If You Can Get It

  1. Czechoslovakia has a century-old problem with the Gypsies, but we would never have imagined that they might have been good for us: Because now that we see how the Germans or the Swedes deal with these modern day Gypsies – I mean how lost they are when they encounter a true middle eastern mentality…

    Dear Germans, these guys must be dealt with through force and intimidation! Because that is the language they understand. On the other hand, these immigrants will never understand why they should work when they can live and eat for free! It simply doesn’t compute in their brains! So – It is your fault, dear Germans, that you give them money for free, and thus teach them to avoid work!

    • Moreover they see Allah’s grace in action. The Kafirs’ are willingly handing over free cash.

  2. Nice work indeed. Speaking of work, I wonder why, if this man’s German was less than adequate, he was given a job as a postman in the first place. Again speaking of work, this is like dying and going to super-heaven while actually remaining on earth. From an “agricultural helper” in Syria to an all-expenses-paid downtown pad in Leipzig. Yes, very nice work. And you can get it if you try.

  3. Not only should this family NOT receive a penny, they should all be safely and humanely deported to their HOME which is SYRIA. Germany is a far bigger threat to European stability than Russia could hope to be, short of starting a world war that would destroy them too. At best you could say that Russia (then the Soviet Union) was responsible for the leftist indoctrination of Merkel and her ilk starting in childhood, which mutated into this suicidal political correctness. Who needs to invade Europe with tanks and troops when it is laying waste to itself?

  4. “The father Idris worked as an agricultural helper in Syria.”

    Probably earning the equivalent of 100 euros per month. Germany is heaven on earth for these people. There’s another million or so “Idris” waiting to get there, and who could blame them for trying. The mugs of course are the German people, who must foot the bill. More fools still for not tossing her out at the last election.

  5. Apparently, during his yearlong absence from Syria, local delivery-and-postman have been industrious replacements “laboring his field”, or was it first degree relatives? The looks are telltale.

    Combined with the rent, the total support for this genetic experiment sums up to the monthly income of a high ranked government employee. Or do we have a misconception about Syrian agricultural helpers here? According to the Koran, he has already worked over his duty when insemination technology is concerned, and the wife could be a real challenge, at that.(sarc off).

  6. I think is very nice. A very happy multi-wife-family. They deserve more, actually.
    Germans must work harder and provide for all these millions poor victims.

    • yes,they have. About 35 workers’ fiscal contributions are needed to raise the amount to feed these people.

      • Actually, I was referring to how long the entire COUNTRY can sustain this largesse, for ALL of its recipients. I should have been clearer.

        • allright, got it.
          As long as the interest rates are below zero.
          Once they rise by one or two points to pay for the state debts, the party will be over next day…. unless the governement will raise taxes, which will not work.

        • There are many billionaires in Germany…if they support this, they can pay also…Is it ?

    • Sometimes they do, sometimes not. I’ve seen many an oak tree bearing up well under its burden of mistletoe.

      And some parasites help their hosts…like whatever that is on the backs of whales.

  7. Hey, the Germans! Since you do not regret that the Arabs as much as 5000 dollars a month! Then help me at least $ 100 a month as a man of culture in a country with a military situation! We also survive, but we rely on our own strength. No one breeds when he can not manage financially. At least so many children! After the second child, the Arabs must be sterilized, because they can not independently control the birth rate. When instincts, like animals and humans have a passive consumer attitude. So they become, as it were, domestic pets. The owner of his pet usually does sterilization. Only a working and independent person can earn a lot and give birth to so many children if he is allowed a financial position! Most Germans, as far as I know, can not afford the luxury of having more than two children, so sterilization after two children from the Arabs is not just fair – it’s an excellent service. Let it sound cruel. But it’s true! I agree! Truth and common sense are not always pleasant at first sight.

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