Police Used Disproportionate Force on the Fulda Bakery Mujahid

Such seems to be the opinion of the progressive TV reporter narrating the translated video below.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

See yesterday’s report on the culture-enriching attack at the bakery in Fulda.

Video transcript:

00:00   The rioter storms towards the bakery. He attacks several people, wounding some of them severely.
00:06   In the morning Thomas Bertz learns what happened to his colleagues at the Fulda bakery.
00:11   Of course we all are shocked. It is a tragic incident
00:15   that accidentally unfolded in front of our doorstep.
00:21   Armed with bricks and a baton, the man attacks a delivery man of the bakery, wounds him.
00:27   Then he destroys the shop’s windows. A saleswoman watches helplessly,
00:31   thinking that she is being attacked, too.
00:34   Of course we all are shocked, but they are well, considering the circumstances.
00:37   The employees are being taken care of very well by management;
00:44   it is very important to us to take good care of our people in such incidents.
00:49   When police arrive at the industrial park, the attacker allegedly charges at them, too,
00:56   while fleeing. Then, shots are fired — the rioter dies.
01:00   We are able to confirm that the perpetrator is a 19-year-old Afghan citizen;
01:06   who was residing in a nearby refugee accommodation.
01:11   We do not have any clues at all yet on the motive at this point;
01:15   at the same time, there aren’t any clues that it was being politically motivated.
01:20   In this refugee accommodation near the bakery, the 19-year-old
01:23   had been allegedly living for a year, and attending a German language class.
01:26   Bernd Moser is the neighbor. He says that the man seems to have yelled loudly in Arabic every day,
01:30   all over the place. —It’s pretty shocking, but I think this must be just an isolated incident;
01:36   someone went nuts, for whatever reasons.
01:40   The question to face today is: Did the police act proportionately?
01:43   Was the use of firearms against the 19-year-old justified?
01:47   The “Organization of Critical Police Officers” has serious doubts.
01:50   It all looks like the action was disproportionate.
01:54   The refugee was throwing stones and attacking with a baton.
01:57   There were many police officers present, who greatly outnumbered him,
02:02   so the officers would have had several different tactical opportunities,
02:06   of which using the firearms can only be the last.
02:09   According to the law, a police officer is only allowed to shoot
02:13   when the life of the officers, or passers-by, is in danger.
02:16   The land office for criminal investigations is investigating the case now.
02:19   Every male and female police officer is of course trained appropriately;
02:23   there are several stages of escalation in the use of the so-called “command and control equipment”.
02:28   From pepper spray, through the baton, up to, of course, firearms.
02:35   This always depends on the individual case,
02:39   and the assessment of the responding male or female police officer.
02:42   The wounded are being interviewed now, the traces at the crime scene analyzed.
02:46   It is unclear when the wounded will be able to attend work again.
02:50   Thomas Bertz says that his colleagues will receive professional help, if they wish.
02:54   He hopes that everything will be resolved quickly.
02:57   When police release the crime scene, we will continue with business as usual.
03:04   The state office for criminal investigations has not made any further comments so far
03:08   on the circumstances of the deed; the investigations are ongoing.

9 thoughts on “Police Used Disproportionate Force on the Fulda Bakery Mujahid

  1. “The “Organization of Critical Police Officers” has serious doubts.”
    So does The Ministry of Silly Walks but that does not make them right. The devout Muslim was utilizing deadly force. Rocks and batons are deadly weapons that have killed or seriously injured countless victims since the dawn of time. The police who responded came upon a scene with people injured by the attacker. Despite commands to STOP! The devout Muslim attempted to attack the police with a deadly weapon. My opinion?
    Righteous use of deadly force in self defense by the police. Well done!

    • I would like to add that this “Organization of Critical Police Officers” is tied to the Green Party, and that their spokesman, cited in that report, is not even a police officer anymore. He was dishonorably discharged for breaking the law multiple times, which in his version he did, of course, just to prove how rotten and corrupt German police are.

      • Sounds as plausible and trustworthy a body as the Institute of Disgraced Doctors.

    • The “Ministry of Silly Walks” reminds me of an item on BBC Radio a few days ago, regarding Brexit; apparently many Germans are well-disposed towards we Brits, and can quote chunks of dialogue from “Monty Python”. Not sure we deserve such affection…

  2. The Federal Working Party of Critical Male and Female Police – cited as some type of authority with its Picasso-type Dove of Peace letterhead logo by the local State TV in this clip – is a registered non-profit in Germany.

    It started in Hamburg for justifiable reasons to do with police behaviour in the mid-1980s.

    If I read their website
    I see that the last mass media appearance they list was in 2012.
    Conversely, reading their policy positions shows they have no comment at all on the state of Germany since the borders were removed on 4.9.2015.

    Whereas the head of the entirely separate German Police Union Rainer Wendt suggested building a fence around Germany already in October 2015 and a few days back proposed taking children away from their parents if they are bringing them up antisemitic. Wallah!

    NB: the TV station in this clip is HR. It is a channel with a decades-long history in Germany of being reviled by conservatives as Social Democrat/Communist/Leftist.

    And now it is stuck in the Left tribal mindset of international solidarity or third worldism even as ten thousand new asylum applications are received each month and the borders stay open for random bashings, assaults, internecine killings, welfare fraud and the apparent 3-month long suppression, Jan.-April, of the news of TB infections at a Munich school attended by “refugees”. (DIE WELT, current)

    So like German trade unions, churches, media and shrewd big retailers, HR refuses to consider why 400,000 previous voters of the Left party changed to the “Nazi, islamophobe” AfD at the last Federal election.

    And how it is that HR’s previous and current enemy Angela Merkel is now strongly allied with them on this one topic of immigration. What does this mean?

    Don’t ask any German (or US, or UK, etc.) purely nominal Leftist this question of why the same forces wanting war with Russia want open borders: after all, who wants to wake up the realisation that they are useful idiots.

  3. Seems to me that the police utilized the exact amount of force needed to neutralize the threat. Rest in maggots, jihadi.

  4. Soon enough most Europeans will come around and realize that this was not a case of “disproportionate force” but, instead, a happy ending.

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