A Sharia Punishment Administered by Isham the Pimp

I don’t know anything about the video below except for what you can see happen in it, and the fact that it’s in France.

Due to his actions, my assumption is that Isham is a culture-enriching pimp, and the girl is one of the hookers in his stable. But there may be some other explanation why Isham chooses to administer a sharia punishment to the young lady.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [unintelligible] Record!
00:04   The brushes. —With men?
00:08   …Your first name isn’t there…[unintelligible]
00:12   but it’s my right… —You shut up! [unintelligible]
00:16   You shouldn’t think that I’m stupid. What did you do?
00:20   What did you do two days ago?
00:24   I went to your place, unfortunately. — Without [my] permission?
00:28   Because there were your filthy [friends] … —Oh! Without permission?
00:32   Because the filthy ones invited themselves in your place. Without your permission.
00:36   I recognize my fault… —Bend over, bend over, bend over!
00:40   Bend over, bend over. You bend over!
00:44   Stop it, Isham, in the name of Quran!
00:48   Stop it, it hurts, stop it.
01:00   Sorry, sorry, sorry!…
01:04   Sorry, sorry! —You whore! You came to my place? —Sorry!
01:08   Sorry, sorry, it’s my apology. —Are you my wife? —No, but, I’m sorry.
01:12   If you are my woman… —No, sorry, Isham, I beg you… —stay in your proper place!
01:16   If I’m not there… —Isham. I beg you!
01:20   Are you going to go to my place again? —No, no, never! Never again! —Do we agree?
01:24   Stop it, stop it, stop it!
01:28   Stop it, stop it! [unintelligible]
01:32   Samir, Samir, I beg you! Samir, Samir! —Let him go!
01:36   Wait! —She’s strong! —[If] you want, I give the belt to you! [to the filming friend].
01:40   Come, I won’t hit you! —No, never again! —Now, I won’t hit you. Come right away!
01:44   Come. Come towards me! — No! —Come!
01:48   Go towards him. He won’t hit you any more! —Or I’ll hit you with the buckle!
01:52   Approach him: he’ll stop. —Come right now! —No! I stay here! —You have 1 second to come here! —No!
01:56   No! —Go! He’ll stop! —Are you going to do it again?! —No! No!
02:00   No never again! Never again!
02:04   Isham! Please, please!
02:08   All right, it’s OK.

11 thoughts on “A Sharia Punishment Administered by Isham the Pimp

  1. With the clear image of Isham and the identity revealed of Samir, are either of them being investigated for sexual trafficking, battery, etc? If not, why not?

    • The usual reasons: to do so would be islamophobic, racist, blah, blah, blah. Is it not obvious who the empowered and untouchables in Western societies are nowadays?

  2. Isham has done this before. This is calculated and planned. He will beat this woman who has somehow gone against his wishes. His brutality achieves the desired effect – note his self-satisfied smirk at one point.

    But why does the victim call on the Qur’an for help, to make him stop beating her? It’s not likely a Muslima would do that for she knows there’s no help to be found there for women. We are told repeatedly that Islam “honours” women; time and again real life actions of Muslims towards females shows this to be untrue.

    Let’s hope that the witness who filmed this sadistic episode will report this to the police. The victim is likely too traumatized to do anything. And let’s hope the French police will act quickly and forcefully to stop bully-boy Isham from doing this again, as he so obviously wants to.

    Why did Isham allow the filming of this episode? To gloat over it later, to use it to intimidate other potential victims, to bolster his version of machismo? All of those are pathological reasons.

    A few words to this paragon of honourable behaviour: Isham, I don’t know where you learned that wielding a belt against a helpless person is a good way to achieve your self-proclaimed entitlements (although it’s not hard to deduce that it came from the teachings of Muslim and male superiority, and from the encouraging of violence against women, that is taught in the mosques), but it’s time that you noted that France is starting to awaken. Sharia beating might be accepted in Algeria, Morocco, or Iraq, but the spirit of liberty and equality is still alive in many French. Your days of terrorizing women are numbered.

  3. That little video would be evidence enough to have Isham jailed in many countries, though probably not France. It would be interesting to know why Isham was angry the woman went to his house. Perhaps he has a wife there, or something he is hiding.

  4. Does this woman have brothers? Male freinds? This creep needs tonbe hunted down and dealt same as he dishes out, only worse.

    Cant u publish his address on here?

    Well pick him up, and deal with this arab scum,loser.

  5. Does anyone know how to directly link to embedded bitchute videos? It doesnt seem to give the option like with youtube, and a friend who might be interested has GoV blocked by his UK ISP.

    • This is the template I use:

      <div class=”videoWrapper”><iframe src=”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/79mYZNGjgyY3/” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></div>

      Just replace the ID with the one you want to use.

      • I guess maybe I didn’t phrase myself clearly. I was looking for direct link to the video on bibtchute.com website. (I know people who can’t access GoV). Do you possibly know how it can be found? (For youtube videos it gave the option in my Chrome mobile browser)

        • I think you’d have to use “view source” in your browser and look through the HTML to find the embed, which would show the ID. I don’t know of any other way to get it, but Vlad might.

  6. 1) why isn’t this going viral and gaining widespread attention – especially in the age of #MeToo?

    2) Someone must know Isham, Samir and the lady in question, and be able to doxx them… so why can’t Generation Identitaire, or some other self-respecting Frenchmen give this [epithet] a taste of some real sweet justice?

  7. This is all very indecent. Some kind of plebeians. It’s amazing that this has become part of our discourse.
    I am particularly surprised by these British articles on the Muslim gangs of rape. People savor the details, instead of putting things in order. Or the places of terrorist attacks and murders are filled with candles and flowers. Instead of hanging culprits on street lamps. Infantilism of society.

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