A New Opening of the Valves of Immigration in France

Gérard Collomb is the interior minister in the current socialist French government under President Macron. The following commentary concerns a recent policy change on immigration announced by Mr. Collomb, which purported to toughen the rules on deportations etc., but actually expands family reunifications.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

01:05   We were told that there would be a hardening of access and deportation conditions would be
01:10   multiplied. We will be instead getting increased family reunification [chain migration],
01:14   and even more immigration: a return to smoke and mirrors in great pomp.
01:47   Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It’s a new opening of the valves:
01:51   this is how you can summarize the Law on Asylum and Immigration prepared by
01:55   Gérard Collomb. It was announced as tough or even authoritarian. The Interior Minister’s text
01:59   is in the end as permissive as the previous ones. The best example is
02:03   the part concerning family reunification.
02:08   It’s a law that is balanced, which especially parallels the European law.
02:12   Which is totally necessary, so that countries
02:16   like Germany, like France, Italy
02:20   the Netherlands or Sweden,
02:24   would have the same type of procedures. Because otherwise, if you
02:28   don’t have the same type of procedure, of course you look to where the procedure
02:32   is the easiest to be able to obtain asylum.
02:36   And therefore at that point everybody turns towards your country.
02:41   Reflect European law in order to not be more attractive than your neighbors.
02:46   The will of Gérard Collomb [Interior Minister, Socialist] during the announcement of the project
02:49   on the immigration law, already didn’t inspire a lot of hope, the details concerning
02:53   the future text, annihilating what was left of it. Always trying to
02:57   have his cake and eat it, the executive [politician] keeps his promises while permitting the creation
03:01   of a text without the interest of limiting the migratory wave. Worse: the
03:05   revision of family reunification allows for a vision of an upsurge arriving
03:09   in our territory. In fact, the minors who are beneficiaries of asylum will be able —
03:14   in addition to facilitating their parents’ joining them — to help the arrival of their brothers
03:18   and sisters. We therefore have to expect a massive arrival of young illegal
03:22   asylum seekers. They will this way serve as gate-openers for the rest of their families.
03:26   It’s precisely what the right is afraid of, who see in it a new opening
03:30   of valves of immigration. And all seems to indicate that they are right.
03:34   In fact, fourteen thousand unaccompanied minors arrived in France in 2017.
03:39   There are allegedly twenty-five thousand today who are beneficiaries of welfare for children,
03:43   financed by the departmental councils, sometimes to the detriment
03:47   of French minors in need. The same pattern as for the homeless.
03:51   And a part of the direct cost represented by help for those minors is
03:55   the total cost of the enlarged family reunification which is pointed out, especially
03:59   in that “minor” is a word used more often than necessary, because the goal is very obvious.
04:03   Many illegals owners of false papers declare themselves
04:07   now to be “ minors” for the simple reason that being a “minor” makes you un-deportable,
04:12   and gives you right to residency. As a result the “minors” are more and more numerous,
04:16   or to be precise, those who allege they are minors. In certain departments
04:20   only 25% of illegals declaring being younger than 18
04:24   prove to be minors after analysis. In fact, everybody is trying their luck, and the information
04:28   has rapidly reached the countries of origin. The increase in family reunifications
04:32   should logically incite those newcomers to present themselves as minors,
04:36   and allow their parents to join them, but also their siblings,
04:40   who are often much more numerous than in Western countries.

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