Together for a Multicultural Future

Our Italian correspondent Giusy sends the photo below and the accompanying explanation:

I thought you might be interested in this photo of a temporary school classroom in a small town in Tuscany. A friend passing through sent it to me along with this description:

‘Here is a glimpse, conscious or unconscious, of Italy’s future. Four Italian girls gaze out at the viewer. A Chinese girl has joined them. Separate from them are a black African girl and a girl in a hijab. The black girl is twice the size of the Italian girls and looks at them with an enigmatic expression while the Muslim girl looks resolutely away. Meanwhile the only male is half size and his haircut says “No need to take me seriously”.’

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In this instance the phrase “Uniti per una scuola nuova” can best be translated as “Together for a new school” because it was part of a campaign to get a new school. Those who were “together” referred to children of all ages, skin colours and places of origin.

12 thoughts on “Together for a Multicultural Future

  1. It is lucky that I don’t have children for I would never agree to the many devious states multicultural agenda that is irresponsibly inflicting and forcing the many horror and insanity of multiculturalism onto a vulnerable young child or a vulnerable young adult that may be more likely to be harmed by another more aggressive and uncivilized nonwhite culture, e.g from the East.

    • With respect, I think you are unlucky to not have children. It is possible for a parent to immunise their children from PC poison – I’ve done it and my children now do it with their children. Fight!

      • But, if you are unlucky to be the only disagreeable one living in their predominantly Asian Islamic cesspit in south east Asia, you would see how futile it is to even oppose them in any way due to their extremist obsession to impose their poisonous Islam(with their endless numerous imposing mosques almost everywhere)and profit from their deceptive Islam in every aspect of our nonbeliever life. At least, there are still some hope in the West and many in the West can still do something to oppose those exploitive and manipulative Moslems.
        But, sadly, nothing can be done to oppose their islamic poison in many parts of south east Asia which are often supported by even by nonmuslim elites in their quest to profit from Islam which I think would end with even more ugly Islamization.
        It is lucky that I am financially independent and don’t have children to support in their hostile, greedy, oppressive, abusive Asian Islamic cesspits. Imagine, life would be even more hellish if one has to depend on those uncharitable Islamic savages for any sort of welfare!

        • One way to stop the spread of Islamic poison is to stop giving welfare to Islamic migrant communities in Europe.
          Perhaps, a limited amount of welfare can be given to those Islamic migrants who return to Africa and Middle East.

  2. The use of Keith Haring-style figures (especially the image of two sexless blobs of different hue embracing each other) ought to be an easy tip-off as to what segment of society is driving the destruction of traditional culture.

  3. The sad thing is that most people look at it and just see “harmony.” They won’t listen to any words that indicate it is part of an insidious propaganda to make us accept the coming multicultural state…eventually a Muslim state. To try to get this point across labels one, at the least, as a slightly whacko, or at the most a paranoid. I’ve tried an no longer do so. There is nothing worse than a person that refuses to listen to any ideas that upset their view of reality. Yet one can see it all around, especially in Coke commercials and in big international events like the Olympics.

    • Only the unthinking and, in the long run, irrelevant see harmony in such trite nonsense.

    • If one pays attention to Universities websites in the UK there’s always an hijabed woman in the advertisement photos (often more than one).

      The UK has about 5% muslim population. That’s one in twenty people (scary). If women are half, then muslim women are 1 in 40 UK inhabitants.

      How come they are so over represented in advertisement? Even more than muslim men.

      I believe that there is an effort to portrait those ridiculous costumes as normal and acceptable.

      • They are unfortunately infiltrating everywhere and that include higher education of learning which is becoming more of a place to spread their oppressive pro-Islamic propaganda and all the multicultural nonsense.
        I don’t see the point of learning anything from them with all the pandering to their Islamic filth.

  4. Hard to know how to take this artwork. It shows a multicultural student population, but the main students depicted don’t appear to be happy. The cartoon characters seem happy enough, active, moving, hearts afloat. But those individuals with facial features stare out from the mural with somber, fixed expressions—no smiling here. The positioning of the black girl and the hijabbed girl is peculiar—removed and separate from the main group, not included, whether by choice or excluded by group pressure. Is there a mixed message here?

  5. I have particularly noticed this ethnic cleansing in corporate advertising in Australia. It afflicts all major company TV commercials where they seek to show a series of individuals as representative of their customers. This covers everything from department and spectacles store chains to banks and insurance companies. One of the worst is the department store chain Target (only partly related to the US company) which produces weekly letterbox catalogues that paint a picture of Australia completely at odds with its actual ethnic makeup, showing hijab wearing mums in ‘Back To School’ catalogues full of Asians and Middle Eastern ethnicities in which white boys are outnumbered 20 to one and depicted as small and weak, and the only white girl is a buck-toothed child in a leg brace wearing thick lensed glasses to fill the disabled portion of the diversity checklist. Literally! Their latest catalogue, headlined ‘Effortless Cool’ is fronted by a sullen African male paired with a blonde Nordic-looking girl, and the inside pages are full of African males in hoodies, Afro sporting black girls and overweight white women (Target Australia has worked hard to normalise obesity in recent years). One gets to the back of the catalogue before encountering any white males, depicted as pale faced, dark eyed junkies with equally ill-looking young white women. Meanwhile, one of the country’s major insurers appear incapable of depicting anything other than mixed race couples in their TV ads.

    I realise this makes me sound like I’m the one obsessed with race but, really, once you see how things have changed all of a sudden, how your country is being depicted so utterly at odds with reality, you realise it’s everywhere and you can’t unsee it.

  6. @Mick Ronson: thanks for that Target comment, and multiculti ads are a global phenomenon.

    But do we not have to keep PC attempts to push multiculti, eg the German TV ad funded by UNICEF portraying blonde women in hijabs, from normal marketing strategy of capitalist firms?

    So I looked online at

    There are only 2 small Asian children in it and a black woman who is actually very Caucasian in facial appearance. The white males are as they would have been in 1970, the blonde females also.

    So I wonder if the Target catalogue you get in your letterbox is geared to high-turnover Melbourne or Sydney Target stores that, unlike country towns, have a large multiculti customer base? Are you a city dweller?

    I admit that given the One World ideology prevalent in ad agencies, it may well be that Target management is scared of appearing”racist” if it does not shell out money to such agencies for multiculti catalogue ads, even though some of the management may be sceptical.

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