“I Delight in Watching Her Die”

Alaa (right): her brother stabbed the pregnant girl in the chest and slit open both sides of her mouth.

The following report by Egri Nök was published last night at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

“I Delight in Watching Her Die”

by Egri Nök

A 17-year-old Libyan refugee girl in Germany named Alaa was stabbed down and critically injured by her “husband” and her brothers, who filmed the deed.

The brother who did the stabbing is currently standing trial for preparing an Islamic act of terror, and had just been released from custody on February 26.

Alaa’s family then sent the video to her alleged lover. In this version below, that was published by Bild newspaper, the scenes that actually show the critically wounded girl have been blackened out. She can only be heard begging for an ambulance, as she is pregnant — again. She had her first child when she was 16.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

An original translation from Die Welt, Germany:

“I Delight in Watching Her Die”

A 17-year-old is stabbed down by her husband and her brother in an Islamic rite. Was it an attempted honor killing? It appears the family sent a disturbing mobile video to the victim’s boyfriend after the crime.

This act of violence is blood-curdling: Tuesday evening, a young woman is brutally stabbed down by her husband and her brother. She is critically injured. The two flee. Shortly thereafter, they are arrested on a train in Schweinfurt, 250 kilometers away.

Investigators assume a “relationship incident”, but for tactical reasons they initially did not disclose more. The 17-year-old girl from Libya is married to a 34-year-old Syrian by Islamic law, but not by German law. Both of them came to Germany as refugees.

Disturbing new details have now been disclosed. On Friday afternoon, police announced that it appears that before the deed the 17-year-old wanted to separate from her husband. Was it an attempted honor killing? The cultural and religious background is an important part of the investigations.

According to Bild newspaper, the young woman fell in love with an asylum seeker from neighboring Biberach. On the evening of the crime, the family was assembled in the parental home in Laupheim. After an argument escalated, the 20-year-old brother drove a knife into his sister’s chest and critically injured her.

Alleged phone video to the lover

In its Saturday edition the paper printed stills from a mobile video. In it, threatening male voices, and a whimpering woman can be heard.

Another brother — not the stabber — allegedly said, “Can you see where I’m standing? I delight in watching her die, and smoke a cigarette whilst doing so.” The video was allegedly recorded in the nursery of the 17-year-old, and sent to the man from Biberach.

The victim was not fit for questioning on Friday. But she isn’t in critical condition any longer, the police spokesman replies to our inquiry. She is in stable condition. The criminal police are still investigating friends and family of those involved. The 34-year-old man and the 20-year-old brother of the badly injured woman are still in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.

The 20-year-old brother is an Islamist, apparently. He is currently standing trial for assisting in the preparation of a grave and subversive act of terror, and for perjury. According to the investigators, he was released from custody only on February 26 — shortly before the deed. The Stuttgarter Nachrichten report that the Libyan [husband — translator] had been “on the radar” of the special task force of Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), who is responsible for the deportation of particularly criminal foreigners and terror risks.

Honor killings in Germany

Crimes with a background of alleged violations of honor make the headlines times and again. In February 2005, the German-Turk Hatun Sürücü was shot dead at a bus stop in Berlin. The murder — allegedly committed in the name of honor — created ripples across Germany. Her youngest brother was sentenced to nine and a half years in youth detention.

In the case of the murder of the mother-of-six Hanaa S. from Solingen in 2015, the court established this January that it was a deed “to restore the family honor”.

Translator’s note:

This last paragraph by Die Welt, mentioning only two cases, is quite an underestimation. Ehrenmord.de, who track known cases of Sharia killings in Germany, list 12 attempted honor killings, two of them lethal, just for January 2018, and 77 cases in 2017, 45 of them deadly, others “only” leaving the survivor disfigured.

Video transcript:

00:00   Let me live, please, for our son. — Tell him he is next!
00:04   You son of a bitch, you are next!
00:07   Can you see where I stand? —I delight in watching her die —
00:10   I am even smoking whilst doing so! —Please please please call an ambulance!

24 thoughts on ““I Delight in Watching Her Die”

  1. They released someone awaiting trial for terrorism – is this crass stupidity or collusion?

  2. These people are evil and I believe it’s because they are in thrall to satan. The muslim cult is completely satanic and it doesn’t take much investigation to arrive at that conclusion. The sad part is that this poor girl probably died without knowing and accepting Jesus Christ as her saviour.

    • The girl survived, fortunately, and is now in stable condition.

      My heart breaks for her. Maybe she heard that women are free in Germany, maybe she thought that Germany would protect her.

    • [Expostulation], john in cheshire, why do you (apparently) have to condemn this poor girl to an eternity in Hell after her current sufferings? I’m no Christian, but if I’m wrong, I believe Jesus will have more compassion for her (and even me) than you appear to.

      • @Mark H you use the word Expostulation and then go on to
        show complete ignorance of Christianity. John in Cheshire was showing complete compassion with every word he wrote and he
        is not the judge, Jesus is. If you studied a bit more about Christianity
        you’d have known that.

        • It’s you who are ignorant of Christianity. The position of the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican churches is that Christ’s salvivic sacrifice can save good people regardless of whether they ‘know’ him or not.

  3. Merkel has brought this into europe, we are facing such a violent future from now on,
    Its clear, god i cant believe merkel is still in power, starting a 4th rein of terror against germany and europe.

    Its a horror show.

    • The germans recently voted her back in. So somehow they nust be ok with all this.

      • Not “the Germans”, 26.8% voted for her party.

        If you count in the CSU’s 6.2%, then 33%. But the CSU are conservatives, and opposed to Merkel in questions of migration, culture, etc.

        Anyway, enough for her to form a coalition.

    • Banshee, I have to agree with the other respondent. The Germans VOTED MERKEL BACK IN!! What I don’t understand is why any of your elites in Europe thought there could be any other result. We all know enough about the Muslim world to know that these are not uncommon occurrences. No one leaves their upbringing behind them. What else but barbarism would they bring with them?

      • What else but barbarism would they bring with them?

        • Corruption, Bribery, and Graft
        • Institutionalized Misogyny
        • Female Genital Mutilation
        • Intolerance and Genocide
        • Child Marriage
        • So-Called “Honor Killings”
        • Grooming Gangs
        • Halal Slaughter
        • Curtailment of Free Speech
        • Sharia Courts
        • No-Go Zones
        • Female Confinement
        • Mental Retardation

        That’s just a quick baker’s dozen. While some of them could be readily construed as barbaric, they also stand on their own.

        • Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Intolerance has a role to play in a healthy society. There’s a whole lot of tolerating going on today that needs to stop.

  4. Islam honours women—that’s what we’re told repeatedly. So, the attackers here, the husband and the two brothers, can’t be true Muslims apparently, for the violence perpetrated on this young woman surely can’t be honourable treatment. Yet, the article states that the young woman is Libyan, her husband Syrian, and they were married under Islamic law (Sharia); the one brother is on police radar for alleged Islamic terrorism. Chances are they are all Muslim. How are we to reconcile the seemingly contradictory “facts” here: Islam honours women, but these male Muslims attacked one of their own women—a wife and sister—with sickening cruelty?

    Muslim apologists would have us believe that these brothers and the husband are aberrations among the followers of the Religion of Peace. Somehow though, their thinking followed the same pattern: pain, disfigurement, and murder for the woman who dared to break out from their imposed socio-religious straightjacket (sorry, I meant to say Islamic mores). From the report it appears that all three thought alike: not one of them sought to protect their female relative; not one thought that the woman (and the child she is carrying) had a right to live; not one showed any qualms at the stabbing, the infliction of severe fear and suffering, and attempted murder. Instead it appears that they took glory in it. Now, it seems this attempted murder is being classified as a crime of honour, similar to others recently in Germany.

    Islamic purported honour for women and Islamic honour killings: cognitive dissonance, par excellence.

  5. Germans – or others with similar mores – do not want such people living among them. There is a very ancient and very sound concept called “community”, the essential nature of which is that people with similar mores choose to live together, to lead their lives with others who share, broadly speaking, certain beliefs and customs. Sometimes people from very different cultures can “move in”, so to speak, and it works. This happens because though they are indeed very different, those newcomers share certain traits and characteristics with the original inhabitants that enable them to fit in reasonably well and to add something to the community – local and national – that they move into. Koreans (many of whom are in fact Christian) and Japanese; Hindu, Sikh, Christian and other Indians are examples of this. These are people who frequently enhance a community. Many Muslims do not fit (those who are “”far or quite far from Islam” can do so) but still they are brought in/allowed to come in (and allowed to stay even when they prove themselves to be one hundred percent unsuitable!!!).

  6. A sick cult, sick ideology, sick culture, sick community such as Islam that wish to
    gain an upper hand, socially, politically and economically via a violent totalitarian ideology should have been totally removed from the West ages ago. Perhaps, those Muslims would be completely neutralized and totally ejected from the West once they are stripped off of their citizenship, their economic and political “power” in the West.

  7. I know with a horrific certainty if I lived in a country like Sweden or Germany I would follow the law for a while, trying to square the circle, trying to accept that despite irrational laws I was still morally bound to obey and honor the rule of law. But beyond a point it becomes a “deathwish” scenario. I would find like-minded fellow Germans to quietly take reprisals on Muslim rapists and attackers. We would act in the background fulfilling what the authorities refuse to do. We would act in accordance with real law, natural law, a Western civil law the authorities have abandoned. Isnt this inevitable. I live in Thailand and I seriously have made a conscious decision not to move to any nation in the grip of Islamic violence which is ignored or appeased or rewarded by the national authorities, b/c I would eventually begin taking a deathwish response. I believe at some point a big enough minority of whites will begin acting in this manner against those who have raped and murdered and gotten off scot-free.

    • You should be living in Europe. What use to the struggle are you in Thailand?

    • Southeast East Asian countries can be even worse in their known excessive pandering to Islam such as their extremely inconsiderate excessive labeling of halal in almost every processed edible food products that are being sold there. There are indeed many hypocrisy in South east Asia.
      And many of them do harbour anti-western sentiments regardless they are Muslims or not, though Muslims tend to be openly more extreme, more hateful and more irrational in their hatred of the West.

    • Actually, it doesn’t sound as if you would arrive at a death-wish, but rather a life-wish. Fighting back is affirmation of life. And I think you’re right. Soon people are going to take justice into their own hands and strike back.

  8. These men have been invited into Western societies with open arms. Sharia dictates that they are not only allowed but expected to treat women as even less than an animal. Honor killings, female genital mutilation, burkahs are the rule not the exception for their Islamic ideology. #MeToo is going to take on a whole new meaning as these barbaric acts remove freedom, safety and equality for all women.

    • Their Islamic culture is not equal to our Western culture.
      But why are they forcing us to accept that they are somehow equal to us in the West, though we know that culturally, they are not equal to us in anyway. Furthermore, their Islamic culture also failed to accept us nonbelievers as equal.
      Therefore, I don’t agree with compromising our freedom and our safety just because the elites are forcing us to accept them as our equals!

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