The Social Justice Halfwits Who Are Ruining YouTube

The following YouTube video by Pat Condell is a brief introduction to another video, “Human Rights for Rapists”, which is available on BitChute but not on YouTube. The reason why Mr. Condell didn’t bother to upload it to YouTube is that he knows the Google apparatchiks will take it down as soon as it goes up, or at the very least consign it to YouTube Jail.

CAVEAT: Mr. Condell uses some naughty words in his descriptions of the SJWs at YouTube and Twitter:

Hat tip: Steen.

5 thoughts on “The Social Justice Halfwits Who Are Ruining YouTube

  1. It is a shame such snowflakes cannot be hit in their wallets; I suspect the management at youtube is either too obtuse or blinded by ideology to care that they might lose money by a potential boycott of their business. The politicization of everything continues unabated…

    • The problem is that YouTube is an enormous money loser, and Google has very deep pockets and a rigid Leftist agenda.

      I had hoped the recent revelations about the uselessness of digital advertising would have affected Google’s cash flow, but there has been little effect so far.

  2. I did not know about Gab and LiveLeak before. Happy to use them. What was that third one?

    • BitChute is what Vlad uses as his primary alternative to YouTube. So far it has not taken any videos down. Pat Condell is using BitChute now, as are some other people.

  3. Definitely go to and watch his 10 minute video. He really lays it on them in this one.

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