That Omnipresent White Hegemony

Ever since mass advertising was first invented, the obvious way to sell stuff to men has been to use images or footage of attractive women in advertisements. Preferably women wearing the sort of clothing that makes their appurtenances visible.

It’s the same principle used by that Russian TV station that features naked young women reading the news — a guaranteed way to make the average male viewer well-informed on current affairs in Russia.

Back in the 1950s, during the heyday of mass advertising psychology (see the The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard for a period piece from the time), researchers discovered that the converse was not true — you couldn’t sell stuff to women by using handsome men in your advertising. Paradoxically, the way to sell stuff to women was to use the same strategy used on men: put sexy women in the ads. I don’t know if anyone ever figured out why this works, but it does.

I bring all this up because it seems a similar process is at work in Pakistan, except this time the marketing strategy involves race, and not sex.

The subset of the Powers That Be that controls the backbone of the Internet has managed to throttle most of the spam traffic in the last year or two. For some reason, most of the remaining email spam that gets through the filters — and especially the bandwidth-hogging emails with large images — originates in Pakistan. Fortunately for us, our spam filter manages to catch most of these messages so that our inbox remains uncluttered with trash. However, sometimes I amuse myself by opening the spam folder and browsing through the Pakistani spam.

I’ve noticed that in many instances Pakistani spammers use images of people who are distinctly not ethnic Pakistanis to sell stuff to people in Pakistan. The most blatant of such ads, which showed up in the spam filter this morning, contained this image:

The accompanying ad (in English, the common tongue of the Indian subcontinent) was trying to sell school management software. It was plainly targeting potential customers inside Pakistan, and not abroad — it listed an address in Karachi, a phone number in Pakistan, and an email address with a .pk domain. Yet they used cute little honky kids to pitch the product to their perceived customer base.

Pakistan is not the only “brown” country to use images of white people in domestic advertising. Whiteness is a big seller for Indians, too — and skin-whitening products are a major industry in India. For some reason white people are considered attractive and optimal to people in India. I suppose you could blame it on their history of oppression by the British, a legacy of colonialism. But the British have been gone for more than seventy years, and are widely disliked in India. So why is whiteness an ideal?

And non-whites in other parts of the world exhibit similar preferences, as expressed in advertising and popular culture. Given the well-known public hatred of whitey, why does this happen?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, and the topic is so hobbled by political correctness that reasonable, unbiased research into its causes is all but impossible. But the phenomenon is clearly visible: while Western universities are busy deconstructing whiteness and reviling “white privilege”, the Third World is voting for whiteness with its pop culture.

Go figure.

40 thoughts on “That Omnipresent White Hegemony

  1. Even in ‘multicultural’ societies stuff sells better if it is advertised by white adults or children. I think ethnic people have a higher trust in goods and services dispensed by white people.
    The preference in India for lighter skin has always been there. It’s a caste thing.

    • I agree about India. When I visited, 10 years ago, I was astonished by the matrimonial ads in the Times of India. So many of them stressed that they wanted, or offered, a very light complexion. Try that sort of thing in the UK and you’d be locked up for race hate.

      I take it that the origin of the caste thing is the invasion of India by warriors from the north, who as the ruling class set the standard to which others then aspired.

    • Something along those lines, white equals :


      I guess they haven’t visited whiteland yet :-/ …. seriously though, some are very dissapointed when they do (not sure if more so than the locals nowadays) , don’t remember if it was GOV or RL that posted on the Japanese first time visit… will look it up.

  2. last invading horde into india hundreds of years before brits were light skinned. they were the conquerors and the ruling class. the lighter you were the higher the class so darker skin became undesirable simply because of politics and economics.

  3. For the same reasons that “white” European and American fashions, government and technologies are used and copied all over the world.

    Our political lefties appear to hate our culture and civilization. Most of them are just stupid and/or naive useful idiots; some of them are evil (or they might as well be) proponents of revolution with the aim of establishing their idealized, utopian state.

  4. In Asia, east and south, light coloured skin has been associated for centuries with an easy life of the upper classes or castes. Labourers and peasants spend their days in the fields darkening under the suns unceasing glare.

  5. Curiously, ads in white countries, especially about Christmas, feature lots of blacks and asians. In our case, it is probably to get us to thinking mixing with other races is normal and everyone does it. At least the white ads in Pakistan show whites as whites, in our ads, non-whites are “white presenting” as the message is that we all the same, no difference whatsoever.

  6. Just as for whitey a tanned complexion gives the aura of ease and relaxation in the sun, for dark-skinned people in tropical areas, a lighter complexion means ease and time not spent working in the sun. And we humans do always tend to like what we don’t have, too…curling our straight hair, straightening our curly hair, tanning our white skin, whitening our dark skin, etc.

  7. And of course the Islamic child rape gangs operating the length and breadth of Britain prefer to rape and traffic little white indigenous British girls.

    But there is another motive operating here and that is rape jihad .

    Rape in Britain is being used by Muslims as a tool of war.

    Rape of the host population’s little children demoralizes the host population.

    And by demoralizing the host population the jihadis can prevent an effective resistance forming ,making an eventual takeover much easier

  8. A large percentage of Pakistanis are etnically Caucasian ( punjabis, mostly I think) Apparently in parts of Northern Pakistan there are many blue -eyed blondes. And the Indian subcontinent is the origin of the Aryans and of course our languages too. Maybe they’re doing a reverse “back to our roots” thing??? As for women’s magazines they do tend to have many images of other, sexy women; most of us women, when we look at other women we’re not interested in what they look like , we’re interested in what they’re wearing – so, same in magazines. Women also have more leeway in certain situations as in two women sitting together having an intimate conversation, touching hugging etc, will not be thought to be gay. But I guess things along those lines have changed too.

    • How did the English language get from India all the way to the UK?

      The Indian subcontinent is NOT the origin of our English language.
      All that is psyops by the Elite/gov. What was taken as granted or taught or a rule, by the educational system, is not being researched and found false.

      The evidence is, try to go to India, and connect the dots of English to any of the languages or writing, there.

  9. “why does this happen?”
    I think the answer is rather simple.
    It’s one of the most basal human emotion, envy.

    Lets face it Whitey is the most successful group within mankind.
    Before the Middle Ages we were just a bunch of mud hut dwellers like the rest but through those Middle Ages and Enlightenment we’ve grown exponentially while the Third World remained behind.

    The average Third Worldler sitting in his mud hut looks at what Mr. Whitey has accomplished, the affluence, the enormous buildings and constructions he is putting up, he even went to the moon [and came back] and he is asking himself “why can’t I have all that?”.

    There is a group of people who believe the cultural distance between Mr. Whitey and the Third World has become to large and will result in an unstable world.
    For donkey’s years they’ve tried to raise the Third World to Mr. Whitey’s level but for some reason it did’t work out too well.
    So now they say “lets instead dumb down Mr. Whitey and level the playing field this way”
    Resulting in the importation of large numbers of Third Worldlers and not realizing they create the very chaos they were trying to avoid in the first place.

  10. It is well known in all of Asia that a white skin is seen as most desirable especially in a woman. This includes almost every state there that I have visited: Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines. If you bother to check to see who are the most famous film stars there you will see the same effect and when it comes to the wives of the elite, it is the same. Why Asian races who sneer at Gweilos have this desire is beyond me but when I travelled in Japan and China with an African photographer they were not afraid to show him what they felt about his colour and from what the locals told me it has always been like this even before they knew whites and blacks existed so it cannot be in imitation of whites as, in addition, their dislike towards us is often all too obvious so it has to be seen as some desire to gain or exhibit what has to be natural genetic rarity in those races. All rich collectors desire the rara avis and for a southern Indians or a western Chinese it is a fairer skin: )

    • That’s correct. Big market for skin whitening products in Thailand, and they never had White colonial rulers. However the descendants of Chinese immigrants of a century ago (lighter skin colour) are the new Bangkok ruling class and brown skin is associated with poor rural workers. When they visit a beach, they cover up and sit in the shade of a tree, never sunbathing. Go figure.

  11. I have travelled all over the world, and have learnt not to make generalisations. But I would make this one: ALL brown and black peoples secretly wish they were white, or seem to be, judging by their TV ads. Even the wealthy and smug Japanese suffer from the white-worship complex. Nearly ALL third worlders would live in a white country if it could be easily done.
    The only people who hate whites are white idiots and some members of thankless minorities lucky enough to be living in white countries.

  12. I am very interested in this naked Russian news TV. Could you please post a link?

    • No, it’s been too long — five years or more since I read the story. But if Elena shows up, maybe she can give you more information.

  13. We have the same occurrences here in Thailand with many skin whitening products on sale in our supermarkets. The whole concept is bizarre. When I was in India, I had Indians coming up to me on the beach asking if they could use my sun tan lotion so they could end up as white as I am, even though, I was there to get as brown as they were.

    Guess you are right Baron. It is envy.

    • envy towards white women after all: in our countries ,you can find gorgeous looking women in their forties and even fifties.Try that in Africa or South Asia.
      The whitey ads struck me 40 years ago in North Africa: blond blue-eyed women to promote local products like orange juice, and in those days, I saw fine beautiful young woman of their own kind. Maybe a woman on a public billboard , photographed by a man not her brother or cousin would have been brandmarked a whore.
      No surprise for us.

      • n our countries, you can find gorgeous looking women in their forties and even fifties.Try that in Africa or South Asia.

        I don’t know if it’s due to bone structure or pigment, but most black women’s faces don’t suffer the same effects from gravity as white women do. Their skin is firm and supple well into old age. In fact, it’s hard to tell the age of black women past thirty or so. This is a conversation I’ve had with both white and black women, and with a few Asians. That’s why the big business in plastic surgery is due to white women. Lots of before and after images on the internet when white women’s botox begins to fail…

        The best of both worlds (for women as they age) is to have a medium-toned skin color. Mocha, perhaps. Both black and white men (with some exceptions) find this attractive in older women.

        For an example of the Asian effect, search on images of, say, Michelle Malkin. She doesn’t look 48.

        • The colloquial saying is, “Black don’t crack!” (with age)

          I don’t know the similar saying for Asians.

          My theory with regard to Asian women is that most are so petite there is almost no mass for gravity to affect.

          Diet is also huge. There are dietary reasons there is a book titled, “Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat or Old: Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen”!

  14. Nobody mentioned the word FAIR so…

    India (the subcontinent) has the full colour palette (skin / hair / eyes) except north european (blue, blonde, red, alabaster). But have to agree about it being mostly brown.

    Fair skin is easily associated with beauty (mostly PHOTOGENIC beauty). Hence the pursuit of fair skin. White is too strident a word. Also fair skin is better predisposed to make up (colours). Imagine a canvas if you will.

    Speaking of canvas, you and some commentators have used too wide a brush to jump to some very wild conclusions. But it’s OK. You have the right to your opinions.

    Indians (non muslims) don’t look at the spouse as a score board for their ideology. Hence you will find Indians unwilling to break traditions like arranged marriage but even if they do break the tradition they don’t break marriages. Indian women are more likely than men to have a White (fair) spouse from another ethnic group. Indians (non muslims) also by default become the most successful group in any situation where there is a level playing filed. Check out Indian Americans in USA.

    Lastly, the ad mentioned has white people because its costly to have a photo shoot of good looking people of the target group. Using google to download images is much easier and cheaper.


    • The peoples who populated India were/are Indo-EUROPEAN. That’s why so many have “European” features.

      You’re right about Indian Americans; for the most part quite successful – they have that ambition gene. But do they leave behind the all-too-common practice of female infanticide? The Indian government outlawed the unregistered sale of ultrasound equipment, but sonographers still buy them from American manufacturers.

      China and India both kill off female fetuses where they can. As a result, there are huge unbalanced male cohorts…and that, I fear, may lead to a cannon fodder war. How else to “use” all those men who can never marry?? It’s a ticking demographic time bomb, especially since Pakistan is playing footsie with China.

      Those old Unintended Consequences will show up again. Not now, but perhaps by mid-century.

      • My point was that it is reductionist to attribute white skin to everything good. Even Merkel has white skin. The photo was ripped off because it’s easy and cheap to do so. That’s it.

        Europe’s (and the world’s) problems are ISLAM, COMMUNISM and CHRISTIANITY in that order not the colour of skin. I know that last word may not be easy for you to digest but it’s a fact.

        The civilization which shared culture with Europe, Central Asia and Greeks was Indic, from the land of the Indus, way before the dark ages of Christianity set in. This thing about peoples populating India is easily discarded.

        Google – Mitochondrial Eve, Early Human Migrations and click the wiki links. Long read.

        India has friendly relations WITH ALL countries of the world including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. Recently Saudis allowed India flights to Israel over their airspace. We also have the capacity to stare down China.

        Take the population of Europe, add Russia, Turkey, US and Canada. You will get near to the population of India. One country, one nation and one civilization.

        Europe is what – 55 countries and still counting?


        • India is a polyglot of small states. Which is why it was easy for Britain to colonize.

          You’re right: I don’t agree with you about your assertions re Christianity. It has proved itself to be endlessly reformative…so Happy Easter to you.

          Furthermore, since Indians aren’t stupid, the took over the English forms of governance. Too bad the African states didn’t follow suit.

          India has endless trouble brewing in Pakistan and an imperial China on the move. Watch your flank, they’re both gaining on you and becoming more aggressive. I read a headline yesterday that 300 Buddhists were killed in Pakistan…so much for the vaunted “Partition”. Give them enough time and they’ll sic China on you, bringing the whole edifice down once more.

          • India is a bastardized version of it’s ancient, pre-islamc self. Before the islamic invasions, it was one of the most spritually advanced civilizations, home to Vedic traditions and Buddhism. The islamic slaughter of it’s ancient culture is the biggest unmentioned genocide in history. We can barely begin to imagine what had been lost. It is a credit to the surviving hindu culture that India could resist islamisation, but the current state if India shows you that they did not come out completely unscathed.

            India’s loss should be a stark warning to Europeans. Will Christianity in Europe be as strong as Hinduism? I doubt it

  15. Don’t forget that skin lightening and whitening products are a multi-billion dollar, world-wide industry. I have seen ads for them on TV channels broadcast in many African and Middle Eastern countries.

    Actual white people may be on the decline due to low fertility rates, but global desire to be more like white people seems as strong as ever.

  16. I spent a long time there long while ago . In South India where I spent most of my time, The British were remembered with some fondness. It was the 1970s after all.

  17. This is belated (sorry) and not entirely relevant, but I recall Peter O’Toole, in “Lawrence of Arabia”, explaining his fair skin and blue eyes to his Turkish captor (who actually raped him, but that couldn’t be shown in 1962, so it became a beating) by saying he was Circassian.
    The Ottomans imported people from Circassia and Algeria in the late c19th, and Muslims from Bosnia after they lost a war with the Austro-Hungarians in 1905; of course their descandants now claim to be “Palestinians”.

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