A Culture-Enriching Arsonist in Leipzig

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany: Syrian Sets Fire to House, 17 Wounded, 1 Dead

by Egri Nök

A Syrian set fire to an apartment house in Leipzig in the early morning hours of Good Friday, killing one person and wounding 17. A local fire engine enthusiast, Einsatzfahrten Leipzig, filmed the following footage:

This next video by Bild shows the two who are trapped on the roof jump down into the firefighters’ cushion:

Bild report 16 wounded, two of them critically, and one dead. 34 people lost their home.

When police searched the house on Friday afternoon with a thermographic camera, they found what they initially thought was a male body. But the autopsy later revealed that it was a female body. Police also found several dead pets in the house.

Police confirm that the arsonist is a 32-year-old Syrian, a resident of that very house, and that he will be charged with arson and murder.

Visit Vlad’s place to see the photos to go with these captions:

#1:   Residents locked on the roof flash a torch to catch the firefighters’ attention.
#2:   A woman hands a toddler to firefighters.
#3:   The wounded are taken to hospitals.
#4:   Deceased pets lie in the street after the fire.

8 thoughts on “A Culture-Enriching Arsonist in Leipzig

  1. I won’t comment on the Syrian arsonist being safer and more comfortable in prison than out of prison, or about the idiocy of importing low-skill, low-IQ immigrants so you can house them in the most expensive quarters available: a high-security prison.

    But, the German government is fully aware of that. The death, destruction and dislocation that accompanies the migrants is a fully-understood phenomenon by the leadership. It fits much more closely to the facts to assume the leaders actually see this type of criminality as desirable.

    • Alternatively: they see it as an unpleasant but acceptable side effect of importing the migrants for some other reason, which is so crucial for their plans that they’re willing to bear the high costs of the side effects.

      • That ‘other reason’ is that migrants are likely supporters of the state.

  2. ..”they’re willing to bear the high costs of the side effects”…
    The only cost and “side effect” for CDU-CSU -SPD coalition will be AFD in driving seat in German Parliament after next election in Germany..

    • Not all of the GroKos are morons, which means that some of them are doing this purposefully, and that they have a plan they think will work. Are they wrong? I don’t know, but not all of them are stupid.

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