The Serendipity of a Newspaper Typo

Yesterday I read an article in The Express that referred to someone as a “Euro-septic” (I think they were talking about Matteo Salvini of the Lega Nord). It seemed to me that the unfortunate typo just cried out to be memed, so I made this pic:

That’s Nigel Farage on the left and Jean-Claude Juncker on the right. Since Mr. Farage is British, I used the Brit spelling of “skeptic”.

9 thoughts on “The Serendipity of a Newspaper Typo

  1. It is strange to understand how it works these days if you are a white anglo middle class male, living in a colonial outpost (Australia).

    It appears to work this way:

    – Immigrants from 3rd world [sumps], and others, can invade western countries and impose their 7th century belief systems on those countries, and if those countries do not accept that, they are intolerant racists;
    – Immigrants from 3rd world [sumps], and others, once they have invaded those western countries, require the occupants of the invaded countries to accept the invaders’ 3rd world [sump] belief systems, and if they do not they are intolerant racists;
    – Said invaders turn the invaded western countries into a 3rd world [sump];
    – Problem solved.

    Is that how it works in Lefty Land?

    I am not sure that my country is going to accept this.

    • I’ve never seen it spelled “sceptik” – and my spell checker doesn’t like it, either. The version I’m familiar with is skeptic, though I am used to your first version from our British readers.

  2. Would this be a good time to point out that, in the fast disappearing Cockney rhyming slang, sceptic tank = an American?

    Sceptic tank = Yank = an American.

    No, I thought not.

    • Yes, “seppo” for short. I’ve heard about that one, but it was Aussie slang, and not Limey.

      • Looks like I could get a job at The Express, I’ve got septic and sceptic mixed up too!

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