Culture-Enrichers Terrorize the Car Parks of Flanders

Migrants who attempt to stow away in trucks so they can get to Britain have become more than just a nuisance in Flanders. Lately they have become bold enough to attack the Flemish highway police en masse.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article in Het Nieuwsblad:

Francken warns of “battle on highway car parks” after 40 migrants attack police

January 19, 2018

The federal police had to fire a shot on Friday morning to repel an attack by some forty armed migrants. During a check on the parking lot of Groot-Bijgaarden, along the E40, they attacked the police with sticks. “We’re seeing the aggression increase,” say the police. State Secretary Theo Francken (N-VA) even warns of a “battle for highway car parks.”

The parking lot of Groot-Bijgaarden, along the E40, has a bad reputation for migrants who try to crawl in trucks to get into Great Britain. In addition, violence is increasingly used against truckers. The police therefore regularly conduct checks.

That was also the case on Thursday night around 2 o’clock. “A team from the federal highway police, consisting of six agents, watched the neighborhood and caught in the act five traveling migrants who wanted to climb into trucks. The aliens fled into the bushes and returned shortly thereafter with reinforcement. They executed an actual charge, armed with sticks and rods. Yelling and ranting, they surrounded our people who defended themselves with their truncheons. There were blows. To get the situation under control, a shot was fired in the air,” says police spokesman Peter De Waele of the federal police.

“Agents, however, are not frivolous with their weapons and only use them in very exceptional cases,” stresses De Waele.

Two weeks ago the federal road police on the E34 in Lille, in the Kempen, also intercepted a van with thirty migrants on board. In that case they were from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. When the police opened the doors, there was uproar, and the crowd turned against the two agents. Even then, a warning shot — a shot in the air — had to be fired, confirms De Waele.

And also at the highway parking lot of Rotselaar on Thursday night a trucker was attacked by traveling migrants. The driver reached safety by locking himself in his truck.

“Last night’s incident in Groot-Bijgaarden is more than worrying. They used to run from the police; now they are attacking,” say the police. “It is clear that those people are very frustrated when their crossing to Great Britain fails or threatens to fail, especially if they have paid large sums of money to human smugglers.”

Nobody stopped

Of the sixteen people who were arrested after the attack on the agents, no one was made available to the public prosecutor. “The sixteen detainees have all been transferred to the Immigration Office,” reports the prosecution office of Halle-Vilvoorde. “The people who had fled were not among those who were arrested,” says the prosecution spokeswoman Carol Vercarre.

“Battle at highway car parks”

“We must continue to carry out actions and send back illegals, if we do not, a real battle will occur at our highway car parks,” says Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA), reacting to the attack. According to Francken, these are the illegal migrants who hang around during the day in the vicinity of Brussels North. “During the day in and around the North Station / Maximilian Park, at night in a motorway around our highway car parks looking for a truck to climb into,” he says.

The State Secretary emphasized that truck drivers should also be considered. “These are often ‘migrants’, but also hard-working, legal labor migrants. I never hear about the leftist opposition and trade unions. But argue for my dismissal; they can be the best,” he snorts.

The Francken solution? “Continue to carry out actions and send back illegal residents. Otherwise, a real battle will occur in our highway car parks.”

Minister of the Interior Jan Jambon (N-VA) also reacts strongly to the events. He posted on social network site Twitter that the security services will continue to strictly enforce illegal migration and smuggling.

Better security

Flemish Minister of Mobility Ben Weyts (N-VA) has instructed the concessionaire of the motorway parking lot in Groot-Bijgaarden to secure the parking more tightly. That a local resident opposes the security plans with legal proceedings, the N-VA minister disregards. “We have to make such choices once more and push them more decisively when the safety of people is at stake. We must not let ourselves be held hostage,” says Weyts to Belga.

Flemish minister Weyts points out the efforts that have already been made to secure the car parks along the E40. “In the first instance, we tackled the car parks in East and West Flanders. Some car parks are closed at night and others are secured so that truck drivers can safely stay there, including high fencing and good facilities. Because we realize that the mounting problems are constantly moving, we also tackle the car parks in Flemish Brabant.”

11 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Terrorize the Car Parks of Flanders

  1. What do they think is going to happen? That this situation will go away or resolve itself? It’s only going to get worse and worse, with the number of attacking migrants increasing over time. I don’t think it will be very long before those officers are firing shots directly at the attackers, as the only way to save themselves.

    • If “Great” Britain has any objection to these criminals entering their country and preying upon the British people all they need to do is stop incentivising the de facto hostile invasion. Put Theresa May in either jail for treason or in an insane asylum for life. Reverse the anti-British, pro-terrorist and pro-criminal policies. Cut off all aid to and reject refugees other than Christians. Then these freaks will not want to be there. What ever happened to the “blood, swear and tears” commitment to British sovereignty? A renaissance of that spirit could relieve the pressure on car park attendants and inept Belgian cops to say nothing of their own citizens.

  2. It’s getting clearer every day that Tolkien may have foreseen what’s happening to Europe when he wrote “The Lord of The Rings”.
    Good old Europe being the shire, the Hobbits being the native Europeans, the Orcs being the Third World invaders, Mordor being Soros & Co, Saruman being the EU bureaucracy and the treaterous leftist pseudo-intellectuals, Gandalph symbolizing all the intelligent people (f.ex. from Gates0fvienna) who are not corrupted by left-winged academia and warning for the dangers we face, and Arathorn those few who dare to stand up before it’s too late.
    The fact that in Tolkien’s tale, normal Humans, Wizzards, Elves, Hobbits and Gnomes work together shows that we need to make a world-wide coalition of every one who is threatened by and opposed to this ongoing onslaught, forgetting our internal minor differences of opinion about less urgent topics.

  3. Time to use lead for real. This is piracy and international law states that force may be used….This situaion is now serious and needs to be crushed. This situation will become a civil war if left unchecked and this is where we are headed. The Left are to blame or this anarchy and deaths. Several firms have gone bust and their drivers killed or injured by these thugs. This situation is crazy. Even the aid organisations have stated that 98% of these people are criminals and not genuine refugees, let alone “Economic migrants”. They pay $10,000 dollars a time. That is not a “refugee” but a crook.

    • why can’ t police just look away for a while and let the truckers do the work?They are not known to be a particularly tender bunch.

  4. Warning shots in the air…hmm. “I fired an arrow into the air, it came to earth I knew not where…” Innocent people or property could be harmed by warning shots. Just the known fact that police carry guns should be warning enough. Shoot to stop. If the miscreant dies, he was the author of his own misfortune.

    We need to seriously proselytize the Gospel of Jesus Christ to both these heathen and to the fallen-away from former Christendom. Any violence to be met with military counterforce, crowds of enemy rounded up and immediately deported.

    Like the old pop song, “You Have to Be Cruel to Be Kind”.

    • Exactly right. Shooting in the air endangers completely innocent civilians, but is an example of kicking the can down the road for others.

      If people attack police and endanger them such that the police need to fire their weapons, the weapons should be fired directly into the attackers.

  5. When clearly outnumbered, shooting their legs out from under violent “refugees” would be a less “frivolous” act than shooting in the air.

    Secondly all illegal “refugees” in Europe must be deported and dropped off somewhere to a safe place like the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

  6. “We’re seeing the aggression increase,” say the police. Wow, aren’t they observant, these police?

    A bit like work and time, aggression expands to fill the space available. Aggressive pushy violent entitled self righteous barbarians occupy the space left vacant by supine liberals.

    It’s obvious, really.

  7. According to a loudly applauded comment made recently by Hollywood scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black, on the BBC panel show, ‘Question-Time’, migrants attempting to enter the UK illegally, are only coming to “share their goodness” because Britain is a “giant, beautiful beacon of hope for them”.

    He didn’t mention the asylum seeker Munir Mohammed from Eritrea, who was stopped just before he and several accomplices carried out a mass casualty attack.
    Or Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali who left a bomb on the London Underground.

    It’s no exception, such is the paucity of truth and balance on the anti-British BBC, where propaganda by omission is something of a specialty.

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