The Deep Blue Force Field

Who can resist it?

The latest Twitter trick is shadow banning accounts. Here is another exposé by Project Veritas:

Isn’t technology wonderful? This algorithm saves True Blue Believers so much trauma; now they can rest assured that no one will disturb their daydreams of a clean, bright new day when all the right-thinkers (i.e., you *wrong* thinkers) are silenced.

Now we just have to wait till they automate tongue-ectomies. No doubt this project is already on some Dreamer’s bucket list.

5 thoughts on “The Deep Blue Force Field

  1. A 15-minute video is too long to sit through for someone who has a 140-character attention span. To zero in on the topic of shadowbanning, go to 7:00.

    • I would describe it as too painful to watch, as it destroys any concept of freedom of speech amongst Progressives. There is no belief in searching for truth if you believe that you are the truth. Truly these people see themselves as God in order to justify their own immorality.

    • Yes, he would be a prime target. He’s so obviously not a socialist. Not that those well-paid social engineers actually live by socialist principles. Not hardly. But they think those they call “rednecks” should do so.

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