“Youth” Charged With Attempted Murder for a Knife Attack on a Swedish Cop

A “Swedish” “youth” is facing a charge of attempted murder for an unprovoked stabbing attack against a policeman last summer. Like so many “youths” who have recently arrived in Europe, the alleged perp in this case turns out to be somewhat over the age of majority. What a surprise!

Many thanks to Anton for translating this article from Aftonbladet:

Prosecuted for attempted murder against police — video proves the knife attack

A young man has been charged with the attempted murder of the police officer Ted Eriksson in Björn’s Garden at the end of August.

The evidence consists, among other things, of surveillance videos.

“You see events unfolding where the person runs forward towards the policeman and stabs him in the throat and neck,” said the prosecuting attorney Daniel Suneson.

On August 31, the police officer Ted Eriksson was stabbed in the neck when he was patrolling in Björn’s Garden at Medborgarplatsen in central Stockholm.

Ted Eriksson was able to leave the hospital the same day, but said a week after the knife attack that he was in “extreme pain”.

The suspected offender has now been charged.

“We are prosecuting a man for attempting to kill officer Ted Eriksson at Björn’s Garden on August 31 last year. The charge is attempted murder,” said the chamber prosecutor Daniel Suneson.

The man denies the allegations of assassination, according to prosecutors, who demand that the man be deported.

The surveillance film apparently proves the murder attempt

The man was arrested on the spot and was booked on suspected attempted murder on the same day. The Stockholm police said that the attack seemed apparently completely unprovoked.

“The perpetrator approached from the rear and they did not know each other before that day. We do not know anything about any underlying motive,” said prosecutor Daniel Suneson.

Evidence includes witnesses and police officers’ observations, as well as surveillance videos that, according to prosecutors, show the entire course of events.

“You see the event develop, where the person runs forward to the policeman and stabs him the throat and neck. It’s uncertain as yet how this will be classified, whether it’s an attempted murder or something else,” said Daniel Suneson, chamber prosecutor.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the perpetrator’s age. He himself stated that he was 17 when the event took place. But information in the investigation has indicated that he is older than that, and after a medical examination using X-rays, it has been found that he was 18 years old as of the event, the Prosecutor’s office stated.

“At the hearing, I will provide evidence that he will be judged as a person over 18, an adult,” said Daniel Suneson.

Prosecuted for crimes in high school

The young man who is now being prosecuted was arrested on September 2, 2017, and was detained until October 18th. Since that time, he has been in a SiS [psychiatric] residence for young people in Uppsala.

“It is a secure treatment home for young people who have been convicted of various crimes, and which is an alternative option to detention. It’s a slightly easier place to be in custody I would say, but still locked,” said Daniel Suneson.

In addition to the assassination attempt, the man is charged with assault and unlawful threats on August 25, as well as assault on August 29. The events had taken place at Tyresö Gymnasium, against two different students at the school.

“He had begun school at Tyresö high school a few days before. I have no indication that he has been expelled from school; I do not know exactly what action was taken by the school,” said the police prosecutor Daniel Suneson.

Another person is also suspected of the assault on 29 August.

The translator adds:

It might be worth mentioning that the guy is being housed in a residential home, which looks like any picture postcard Scandinavian holiday home (photos here).

9 thoughts on ““Youth” Charged With Attempted Murder for a Knife Attack on a Swedish Cop

  1. “The Stockholm police said that the attack seemed apparently completely unprovoked.”
    “We do not know anything about any underlying motive”, said prosecutor.
    The Counterjihad can help.
    This attack obeys Islamic State’s instructions to muslims in the West, to attack police, or soldiers, namely representatives of man-made law that is not Sharia.
    There is a book that provokes this kind of attack: it is the Koran.
    “Kill them wherever you find them”, the Koran says at 2:191. The Koran is part of Islamic law, with Islam’s authorised vigilante-style killing for denying any verse.
    Now Norwegian police can begin to connect dots.

    • ‘ “We do not know anything about any underlying motive”, said prosecutor.’

      It’s maddening how people can be so paralyzed by political correctness that they cannot acknowledge what happens literally in front of their faces. The disingenuousness of corrupt officials notwithstanding, there’s something Pavlovian about it.

      • I believe that as a lawyer, the prosecutor cannot speak his mind but must abide by the clues and proofs he can use at the trial.

        So although we can all guess the underlining motive, the guy is innocent until proven guilty… Lawyer talk.

        • You’re right I’m sure, but one hears these same kinds of statements constantly from people without the constraints and professional discipline that apply to the prosecutor in this case. I take it as in insult to my intelligence, when I hear so much “not terrorism related,” or “nothing to do with Islam” stuff when it obviously is. To think there are people who can believe such brazen lying gives me goose flesh.

        • Due process and all of the legal systems of Western Civilization are inadequate to deal with Islam. The threat of Islam is not a Perry Mason episode. All of the “good intentions” in the Universe will not solve the problem Islam presents.

  2. Here in the US a conviction of attempted murder in many states can get you a stiff prison sentence. It has been alleged in Politically Correct (culturally Marxist) Western Europe the sentences are relitively light, a trip to a Minimum Security facility for counseling basically a ‘Petting Zoo’.

    • Western Europe and Canada are countries with weak justice laws.
      Their panishments almost inexistent.
      Plus there is no death panishment.
      Too bad.i would bring that back

  3. I understand why his face is blurred until he’s convinced, because of how the judicinal system works, but why can everyone see the officers’ faces? Shouldn’t they be blurred too to prevent sympatizants of the criminal of identifying and possibly harming them? I get scum like Antifa doesn’t care and attacks anyone in a uniform, but…

  4. ‘the guy is being housed in a residential home, which looks like any picture postcard Scandinavian holiday home’

    Meanwhile: ‘Homeless Swedes Out in the Cold’.
    Which contrasts with cases like that of a ‘Syrian polygamist and his family have been handed three seaside homes in Sweden, despite the Nordic country suffering from a severe housing crisis.’
    Because of course Sweden like many other EU countries, the UK included, puts immigrant needs above those of their own citizens, especially when it comes to housing.

    UK housing policy for example in Londonstan not only discriminated against British citizens but inadvertently or not, undermined British family units and “left older working-class East Enders feeling isolated from their family roots and strangers in their own land.”

    Europeans are being conned and bullied into funding their own cultural and demographic demise.
    They are being told unprecedented numbers of migrants are required to solve the so-called ‘pension problem’.

    In reality it looks far more likely to precipitate the collapse of welfare states in Europe, and when other people’s money runs out, things could get very ugly indeed.

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