The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany: Syrian “Youths” Attack Couple When Wife Refuses To “Show Respect”

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Lausitzer Rundschau:

Mayor Shocked After Knife Attack

January 14, 2018

Cottbus. Without any apparent reason, in front of a shopping centre, three youths attacked a married couple with a knife. Mayor Holger Kelch (CDU) is shocked.

by Rüdiger Hofmann

As police announced, on Friday, just after 4 PM, a 51-year-old and his 43-year-old wife from Cottbus wanted to visit the Blechen-Carré on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, when they were attacked by three Syrian youths aged 14, 15 and 17. They demanded precedence, says police spokesman Ines Filohn. They also demanded that the woman show respect to them. When the woman refused to do so, the youths attacked her husband.

Two of them physically attacked the man and tried to push him over. Another from the group produced a knife. At that moment a brave passer-by intervened and helped the husband. “With his courageous help, the man prevented a worse outcome,” says Ines Filohn. The security staff who were called seized the three suspects and held them until police arrived.

Mayor Holger Kelch is shocked: “It is appalling, and not tolerable for us as a city, and a state under the rule of law, what happened in these first days of January in Cottbus. Violence is not a way to encourage or resolve conflicts. My sympathies are with the aggrieved parties; I hope they get well soon and will be able to get over these experiences.”

Kelch and the police hope that the courageous passer-by will make contact to support the investigations as a witness. “As a witness, he can call the phone number 0355 4937 1227 at the Cottbus police office, or any other police inspection”, says police spokesman Ines Filohn. According to our enquiry, as of Sunday, he has not yet contacted police.

“The lawful state will have to bare its teeth, even if some lawsuits can be arduous and tedious,” says Holger Kelch. “I have arranged a meeting of the responsible administrative sectors to discuss the situation. If we are responsible for the custodianship, we will do everything in our power, to make it clear to the youths which values and rules prevail in Germany and in Cottbus, and that they have to adhere to them. We will also contact the parents, to make it clear to them that their children’s behaviour will not remain without consequences,” says Kelch. “We will not have our city’s progress ruined by such incidents.”

In the meantime, witnesses were found, and surveillance recordings and the knife were secured. The 14-year-old is already known to the police as a violent offender. The youths were handed over to their legal guardians. Criminal police begun investigations for dangerous battery. As the three suspects are minors, they will be tried under juvenile criminal law.

In general, attacks by foreign fellow citizens seem to become more frequent lately. “At least, this is the intuitive sense,” says Ines Filohn. “For exact numbers, we will have to wait for the analysis of the criminal statistics, which we will have in spring,” says the police spokesman.

41 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. I guess the German couple oppressed them with their racist white privilege. So incitement at the very least.

  2. “They also demanded that the woman show respect to them.” What exactly did they mean by that? Are we expected to behave like Dhimmis already?

    • I was wondering, too. The original German wording was just as vague.
      Or maybe what he said was as vague as that, and the whole mindset is just so alien to us that we don’t understand what a 15 year old Syrian means when he demands “respect” from a woman more than twice his age?

      • Searchengine told me, Blechen Caré is a shopping center. So I guess the five persons came at the same time to the entrance.
        The “youths” tried to press in first, the women told them — perhaps in the loud and high-pitched tone many women get in at such occasions — to behave and and that seems too much for a true Muslim man.

        Some more voters for AfD!

      • In all those countries where it has been my misfortune to interact with muslims, the contempt they show even as 8 YOs towards women is quite open and even those in their own family. So, it is not hard to see several muslim teenagers all filled up with their fresh madrassa/mosque venom to expect to be able to treat the abhorred infidel female the same in public.

        Muslims seem to be creatures who take offence over anything for any reason: even a cinema seat for which I had the ticket and he did not. He would have been 12 yet his abuse was that of an adult. We were told later that he and about 6 allies, all a little older, returned and demanded but were not allowed entrance to the cinema as the usher had noticed his actions and decided to stop escalation. I wondered if he finished up paying for that bit of courage.

    • This caught my eye too.
      She probably didn’t turn her eyes downward, or had her hair uncovered. Plenty of reason to attack someone with a knife, at least in the muslim mind.

      Also, the culture of honor that the muslim world has, is so alien and twisted that who knows what set them off?

  3. Zero tolerance for any violent behavior, lawlessness and refusal to integrate, learn the local language and get a job. The parents of these young savages should be deported. Make an example out of them. Here in the States, parents are held responsible for any property damage done by their underage offspring. All three of the savages should be deported as well! Place them in a juveniles detention center until their court dates.

    • Thank the tsunami of leftist psychiatrists and psychologists who have been dumping the responsibility for crimes onto society since the 1950s instead of where it belongs, on the individual. Psychology degrees were useless until this wave created multiple counselling jobs so that 25 YO childless women could tell parents aged >35 how to raise their children and clearly show that they have not a clue and are still useless.

    • Oh but Gretel, don’t you know? Respectable scientists have proven that sricter laws and punishments do NOT deter from crime!

      A leftie told me today 😉

  4. Another, annoyingly redundant reminder that Saracens are incurably incompatible with actual civilization, should never have been admitted and had best be rounded up and expelled.

    The singleton cure for the presence of Islam and Muslims, is the absence of Islam and Muslims,

    And our Courts and our Government exist for us. Saracens have no standing and no access. I don’t care how they feel about it. Typhoid Mary didn’t like it either.

  5. According to the most holy, oh so holy, Koran, the non believers are supposed to feel themselves subdued and are supposed to defer to their Muslim “betters.” From early Muslim times, the dhimmis were supposed to give deference and “respect to Muslim. The Pact of Umar, a supposed “agreement” between non-Mulims and Muslims, has canonical status. For example, according to this so-called pact, non-Muslims must give Muslims “respect” and rise from their seats when Muslims wish the seats, etc., etc.


    These “youths” are only being good Muslims in their behavior. Naturally, the ignorant Germans are “shocked,” just shocked.

    Most people in the West are just as ignorant.

  6. Mayor Holger Kelch is shocked: “It is appalling, and not tolerable for us as a city, and a state under the rule of law, what happened in these first days of January in Cottbus. Violence is not a way to encourage or resolve conflicts.”

    Kraut heads are exploding that the asylum seekers are not behaving as asylum seekers should, and are taking over the asylum. You know Kelch kraut, report it up the chain of command to Angie, and activate your defective merchandise policy. Oh, you don’t one?!

  7. What a shame Herr Glock was not in company that afternoon; those Syrian camel molesters could have been taught a lesson in respect of their own…

    • Realistically – no chance to use Herr Glock to resolve the conflict. They are under age teenagers – all polit-korekt media and state prosecutors would vigorously advocate and pursue a lawsuit against the one(s) who use Hr. Glock leaving the real criminals aside and making them actually victims.

      That’s the problem with the vermin inside the gate: there’s no way to answer their aggression with adequate force (even here in the Great State of Texas I would not believe that an armed response would automatically save you from felony charges) .

      That’s the weakness of Western democracy: when undermined from within, it seems defenseless.

      • It’s not just about democracy. After all, the Athenians regularly voted to enslave and sometimes kill defeated populations. It’s also about modern, voluntary, participatory nation-states which observe rule of law and individual primacy. All this rests on trust, shared values, perhaps a broad sense of shared kinship (new genetic research is suggesting that genetics may in fact dispose different populations to particular kinds of social arrangements) – at least a shared majority identity. Start taking the various pillars away from the bridge, and the whole edifice will collapse.

        • Actually it is about using ethics to destroy the society that created the same ethics so that in the end the ethics will be trampled under and Dark Age Bedouin barbarism will replace them. I often wonder if most of these SJWs realize that they will be the FIRST to go under sharia. However my spouse insists that the cowards will all convert one the going toughens up.

  8. The combined mendacious evasiveness of the scribbler who committed this article in German and the mayor Kelch are typical State Gutmenschentum, to wit:

    – the perps are described as Syrian who apparently have parents (where? in Germany? what is their legal status, both parents and children? asylum seeker? if so, what type? which of them have been recognised as such, or rejected and tolerated on German territory (geduldet)? etc. ) but on the other hand are handed over to their legal guardians? How so and why, if they have parents? Are these perps rather in fact MUFLs, minors who are unaccompanied refugees? So is Kelch not trying to insinuate that they are not MUFLs by means of mentioning “parents”?

    – the scribbler uses the term “foreign fellow citizens”, ausländische Mitbürger. This prissy phrase predates 4.9.2015 by decades and implies that any foreigner at all resident in Germany is a fellow citizen ie a German national with ID card and passport. That is, the phrase ignores the law.
    One has to have seen the simpering look on certain German faces when the appertaining lips utter the phrase to feel the full weight of the sanctimoniousness.

  9. As the mayor of another (by now only geographically) European city remarked, this is part and parcel of life in a city now. Like the big attacks, these small everyday incidents are meant to terrorize the indigenous population, make them feel helpless, subdue them.

  10. We were always taught that respect had to be earned,by ones demeanour,an appreciation of others rights,and a willingness to be part of whatever society one happens to be in.respect is not free,it has obligations.

  11. “…when they were attacked by three Syrian youths aged 14, 15 and 17.”

    Plain English interpretation; “when they were attacked by three Syrian men aged 24, 25 and 27.”

    • Syrian males would be the correct version. “Syrian” and “men” do not belong in the same sentence unless “not” is also present. Especially so, since these young thugs claim to be in Europe was that they were fleeing war. Cowards.

      By their logic, Syrian girls and women are bigger “men” than their males ever will be.

  12. “Violence is not a way to encourage or resolve conflicts. ” Eh? What does this mean? Violence both encourages conflict and resolves it – the problem is that violence is not being met with violence. Only extreme violence will resolve this conflict with Muslims/Islam.

    • Muslims ONLY respect far greater violence. Even a superficial look at history makes this quite apparent whereas any offering of compassion, mercy, kindness etc. is seen as a weakness. You would think that after ~70 years of fighting communists who also only respected violence, that the west would have some inkling of its value. If ONLY those mercenaries who cleaned up Boko Harem could be used to clean up the west using their same methods as they use in Africa.

  13. “Without any apparent reason…” Really? The reason is ISLAM.

    “The lawful state will have to bare its teeth, even if some lawsuits can be arduous and tedious,” says Holger Kelch.” Kelch is a truly brave bureaucrat. Such willingness to endure a lawsuit in order to protect the innocent must be rewarded with a Profiles in Courage Award. (Sarcasm)

  14. If the German citizens don’t start to get tougher, this is not going to end well for them. They must start carrying knives or any other weapons they can get their hands on.

  15. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that’s what Germany needs from thee.
    You were welcomed as guests. You just as easily be shown the door and the gate, as in the outsides of both.

    • But they won’t be shown the gate. The government, as leftists and fully and knowingly in collusion with the globalists and their plan to replace white Europeans with a mixed race, has brought them here. The government of Germany, among other western governments, is knowingly working AGAINST its own people. It decided (1) what it wanted to do, (2) how to do it, (3) what to tell the people, (4) how to “manage” popular counter-reaction.

  16. Here’s a prediction: All three have already been release without charges or bail required.

    After all, they’re “children”.

  17. Cottbus. Brandenburg, southeast of Berlin, possibly 20 miles from the Polish border, 70 or thereabouts from the Czech border. Well into AFD voter country.

    Something about trying to rub peoples’ noses in it?

  18. Well, now I can go wild again.

    There is a well understood principle in economics that bad money drives out good. Many wish not to understand it, of course, but there will always be such ones.

    Lets consider another idea, that bad language usage drives out good.

    Or another, that lies drive out truth?

    Many western governments ask that we believe these young foreigners who claim to be 14, 16 or 17 years old when they may obviously much older.

    If the Judeo-Christian-Greco-Roman standard was that ones words must be true, the Sharia-Leftist standard is not. A bureaucracy that will happily accept lies will defend those lies.

  19. They all know it is not true. But there is good money to be made.

    The German government pays €5,000-€6,000 per “youth” per month (That is 6,100-7,300 USD or 7,600-9,100 CAD). The “charitable” organization gets to keep half of it, the other half goes to the legal guardians of the “youth”. It is more than an average German income.

    • Wild response: could someone tell the migrant youths who is getting all that money instead of themselves. Names and addresses of the organisations. The results might be entertaining. It could be published…but anyone who did publish it would very soon be in very big trouble with the legal authorities.

  20. Anyone who has to demand respect clearly does not command it, and certainly does not deserve it.

    We must hope that those who do command respect will summon those who do respect them, and free that blighted land from the dual scourges of Islam and its Lefty apologists. By the time that eventually happens, and I believe it will, what could have been solved ten years ago with a stroke of the pen will sadly be accompanied by rivers of blood.

    I see no possible way to avoid it other than total capitulation to quite the vilest, sub-human ideology on the planet. I think a lot of people will fight very hard to avoid that, when the truth of what is happening, and the identities of those liars responsible for hiding it, finally dawns on them.

  21. So I have been busy on my search engine looking for German Government issued information on what they are doing. I tried refugee resettlement in Germany and got a little bit: 5162b3bc9.pdf…Germany by the government of germany UNHCR handbook, in English. I did not ask for English but that is nice for me. Eight pages.

    Admission target 800 for 2016.
    For 2017, up to 14,300.

    14,300 for 2017 is not a believeable number, or even close to one.

    In a country as large as Germany such numbers might hardly be noticeable.

    I judge that numerous other search terms might be needed to get believable information.

    Other references get me a lot of individual feelgood stories…as with the cases of rescue cats and dogs.

    I do not know why they cannot just rescue stray cats, stray dogs and stray Germans.

    Looking for information from government sites might not be a reasonable use of time.

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