Germany: Two Minutes Hate Against Viktor Orbán

As mentioned in our earlier post, an interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was published today by Die Welt am Sonntag. Now the “Heute” program of the German public broadcaster ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) has picked up the interview and used it for this Facebook post:

This afternoon Our German correspondent Egri Nök and our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare were discussing the Two Minutes Hate against Mr. Orbán that is being organized by the German state:

Egri:   They are slaughtering Orbán on ZDF (public TV, second channel). They even produced a meme, so that people can hate on it.
    What they are doing here is very primitive. They quote him in selective abbreviation, changing the meaning, so that it is easy for the Gutmenschen to feel superior and insult him.
CrossWare:   Something about the fence… I am not good at German.
Egri:   “Hungary has got a finer sense for the topic of migration than Germany does, even if it were for geographical reasons alone […] We have our soldiers at the borders of the EU, this has cost us one billion euros so far. But what do Brussels and Berlin do? They don’t pay us anything, and insult us.”
    So now hundreds of morons are commenting: “LIAR!!! Of course the EU is paying money to Hungary!” (But Hungary gets no money from the EU for the fence or patrolling the border. On the other hand, Turkey is paid billions of euros more, on top, in addition to all the regular EU payments, just for keeping refugees out. Or pretending to keep refugees out.)
CrossWare:   They’re mixing up the cohesion funds with defense costs.
Egri:   Yes. But that is too complex for Gutmenschen. They can’t think straight for longer than two sentences.
CrossWare:   Most of the cohesion funds usually end up at German companies. The stats show 9 units out of 10 are being repatriated. The cohesion funds are given as compensation for opening up the market.
Egri:   Anyway, even if it stayed in Hungary, the thing is: Turkey gets billions ON TOP of the EU money for defending the borders.
CrossWare:   Yes that’s true — a good point!

15 thoughts on “Germany: Two Minutes Hate Against Viktor Orbán

  1. The European Union is going to either come down to being an almost police state level authority lording it over Western Europe, with a hostile nations around it, or they are going to recognize that they can not over ride national sovereignty. The Eastern Europeans, and other nations are not going to surrender all their culture and power to Brussels. The fact that such an obvious truth escapes the European technocrats astounds me.

    • You are assuming some modicum of goodwill by EU bureaucrats towards native Europeans. Such goodwill is nowhere in evidence. The EU bureaucracy and dictatorship exists solely to provide money and power to themselves. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised to find there is a lot of money flowing from Middle Eastern oil kingdoms to EU officials who are compliant with open Muslim immigration.

      In other words, the EU is not going to change itself because of any consequences of its actions. The only way to control it is for countries to remove themselves from it. Even that is not so easy to do, and the British Brexit vote is being thoroughly sabotaged by the traitorous British government.

      Hungary is able to resist the EU for one reason because the Orban government is smart and disciplined enough to keep itself out of debt to the global financiers. This is one reason, by the way, that Hungary should NOT admit Germans who are trying to flee the Islamization of Germany. The Germans, by and large, carry the ideas and values leading to globalization and Islamization, even if they are now fleeing the results.

      • Excellent Analise !!!
        Your comprehension what is and what is not EU should be known for everyone.
        I like to add that Germany ,Holland to less degree France smartly designed and use EU as a political and economical toll to colonize and subjugate CEE countries..German and French Imperial ambitions always alive ..

      • That’s a good point. I was a little surprised about what you said with Germany, but I don’t know that I can find fault with your logic.

        The Germans frequently have this weird inability to change (or maybe it’s a disinclination). I don’t know what it is. Does anyone have any history on that?

  2. Eventually ; the” good germans” will be faced with the demographic explosion of a rather primitive social order . Their belated applications to emigrate to the Visigrad Nations will be refused. The Americans { almost insouciant to a man } will finally allow many people with no capacity to assimilate into any culture but Islamic culture, into America. That might not happen if the geo engineering activity { denied by All Nation’s governments }; will make our planet uninhabitable. There were quite a few extinction events on this planet in the past. Enjoy yourselves right now.

  3. We have our soldiers at the borders of the EU, this has cost us one billion euros so far. But what do Brussels and Berlin do? They don’t pay us anything, and insult us.

    Somehow, there springs to mind the age-old adage of, “He who laughs last…”

    (But Hungary gets no money from the EU for the fence or patrolling the border. On the other hand, Turkey is paid billions of euros more, on top, in addition to all the regular EU payments, just for keeping refugees out. Or pretending to keep refugees out.)

    The “billions of euros” being paid to Turkey, “…just for keeping refugees out. Or pretending to keep refugees out.”, is (simultaneously) one of this modern era’s most pluperfect examples of large-scale extortion, or merely whatever degree of theft that makes Bernie Maddof look like a commonplace pickpocket.

    In light of this continuing shakedown, it appears as though this most ridiculous and excruciating farce will continue unabated. Evidently, few European people seem to recall that a primary step towards resolving this sort of lunacy involves making sure that (the) Turkey gets stuffed.

    • PS: CrossWare and Egri Nök, endless thanks for all that you both do to help Western Civilization have even a slight chance of surviving the onslaught of this combined Islamic and Postmodernist assault upon our world’s finest hope of reaching the stars (and I ain’t talking about any Hollyweird actors!).

      Without the dedication of individuals such as yourselves—along with Gates of Vienna and innumerable other worthy Counterjihad websites—humanity’s chances of interplanetary and interstellar travel will be significantly (if not entirely) reduced. I know that this may sound grandiose or over-exaggerated, but if mankind falters or stumbles at this particular point in time, all hope may be lost, forever.

      See: Obama Tells NASA to Improve Muslim Relations

      • I echo your sentiments on the value of the contributions of CrossWare, Egri Nok and other translators and commentators to maintaining not only GoV, but civilization as we know it.

        On your subject of space exploration, I think we can pretty much kiss any government project leading to space colonization goodbye. Any excess capital is going to be soaked up by welfare schemes, government handouts, and racial identity policies. The only prayer we have is private companies developing space technology. And the encouragement of free enterprise making that possible is rapidly shrinking, as the third-world proportion of the US population increases.

  4. 1/28/2018

    Donald Trump:

    ” The United States as of today will reach out to the persecuted peoples of Western Europe. Your governments do not care if migrants rape your mothers, daughters and
    wives. Henceforth the US considers you oppressed people and slaves of Cultural Marxist policies.

    Any Western European individual or family that wishes to start afresh in America are welcome. You are truly, “Dreamers” and since you are “Dreamers”, any politician or political party that opposes your migration to America is no different than the Democrat Party of the 1860’s that supported slavery and later the Ku Klux Klan.

    In that regard I have spoken to Macron, Merkel, May and other Western European leaders and any American opposing this new immigration policy from Europe will be warmly welcomed to the Western European country of your choice.

    As soon as any plane with refugees is re-fueled your plane awaits you to bring you enlightened Western Europe. We wish such people a safe journey and prosperous future.”

    ….or something like that.

  5. The real subject is whether this state sponsored propaganda outlets should be sponging on taxpayer money, or should be cut loose, and fight it out in the marketplace by donations, and ads. Good luck comrades.

  6. The former Warsaw Pact nations should maybe reconsider reestablishing their former alliances with Putin’s Russia. They survived the USSR but remaining in the EU may prove fatal, especially with Germany in control of the EU.

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