Mugging and Mutilation in Berlin

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

The man is suspected of mugging an 87-year-old lady in Berlin, and wounded her massively. Photos: Berlin Police.

Berlin: 87-Year-Old Lady Maimed In Brutal Robbery In Broad Daylight

by Egri Nök

After 10 days of investigation, Berlin Police have now released these wanted photos of the suspect in an extraordinarily cruel attack on an 87-year-old lady.

The original account of the assault is extremely disturbing. Please be aware of that, if you wish to read on.

Last Wednesday, at around 10:50am, in the district of Zehlendorf, Berlin, the 87-year-old pensioner Anneliese L. was on her way home from the ATM machine at the nearby subway station when an unknown man assaulted her. He knocked her to the ground, so that her head hit the cobblestones, and dragged her along for several meters.

When a woman rushed to help, the attacker escaped on a bike with Anneliese L.’s purse.

The witness called police and an ambulance, and was able to describe the attacker. Anneliese L. was taken to hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

A neighbor, who lives across the street, is still in shock, and tells Berliner Zeitung B.Z.:

“I was just about to walk the dog, when I saw the lady across the sidewalk. She did not have a face anymore. Everything was hanging down. All was full of blood. The police officers cried. I have never seen anything as brutal as this in my life.”

According to a police spokesman, Anneliese L. is not in critical condition, but her face is so badly disfigured that police initially, mistakenly, thought that the attacker had stabbed her in the face with a knife. The responding officers received pastoral counseling.

Thanks to the witness, police are now able to release wanted photos from the surveillance camera of the nearby subway, showing the suspect and his bike. Police are also looking for other subway passengers as possible witnesses.

[See Vlad’s place for the other photo.]

8 thoughts on “Mugging and Mutilation in Berlin

  1. I have been wondering if there are any real men left in certain places. Within a few days we may find out. I am betting against it.

    • Any “real man” of European heritage who tried to stop this immivader would have gotten 15 to 20 years in a prison system overrun with Muslim gangs.

  2. Do you know this bike?Have you ever seen this bike? Do not approach this bike as it is dangerous.Just contact your local enforcement precinct.

  3. Life behind the Iron Curtain of Islam in Islamic countries must certainly be living Hell for the inhabitants. If what we see of these low bred bottom slime invading the West – dragging 87 year-old women on their faces, FGM, raping, stabbing, killing, beheading, defacing, defecating, honor killing, groping, stealing, sex with children and so on – one can only imagine what goes on in Islamic countries every hour of every day and night that is never reported by their media. If what goes on there every day is known to the universe, more people would rise up against Islam. But maybe not since people no longer go to Church or believe in God.

    In Islamic countries young men must roam the streets looking for victims of their whim of the moment. No wonder women are locked in their houses and clothed in burqas on the street. Who would want to go outside to be killed or raped. My guess is that what we see going on in Europe with the invaders is only the tip of the iceberg of the evil of Islam going on behind the Iron Curtain of Islam in Islamic countries.

    • The argument would be the same like claiming those women choose to veil themselves on their own free will. The problem is, they were never told they have a choice, so of course they choose to cover their faces. Similarily when they are never told it’s not their fault they were raped, assaulted, or whatever, they automatically think they must’ve done something wrong and it was deserved. That is, if their male relatives don’t kill them in an honor killing before they make that realization.
      Those things are so deeply rooted in muslim societies that commoners don’t even think it could be wrong. Partially because due to the lack of education they don’t think about these things and partially because their sacred text literally tells them that thinking anything in it could be incorrect makes you a bad muslim and you need to try harder to not ask questions.
      The sad thing about that is that those lines of thought are slowly being put into practice in Western Europe too. And once children grow up without ever witnessing freedom, they will think those things are normal.
      It’s no wonder some scientists think it would take 70 years at best for humanity to go back to the Stone Age. Once the older generation dies, especially when most of the time is spend providing basic stuff like food and shelter and not much time is left for educating the younger ones, their knowledge will be lost. In another generation nobody will be around who remembered modern civilization and BOOM! Funnily enough, newest research seems to confirm that has happened in the past at least once.

  4. My grandma is around that age, would I be a relative of the victim, I would set Heaven and Hell in motion to find the bastard and make sure he gets what he deserves.

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