What, Me Worry?

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

A German Father: “I Am A ‘Concerned Citizen’. Go Ahead, Ridicule Me.”

by Egri Nök

Preface: “Concerned Citizen”, besorgter Bürger, is a recent, sarcastic pejorative for people who criticize the government’s “refugee” policies, implying that only losers would be concerned. Example: “I wonder if Germany can handle that many migrants” — “Haha, look at this concerned citizen!”

An original translation from Achse des Guten.

I am one of them. A concerned citizen. Now go ahead, ridicule me.

by Thilo Schneider

I have a 19-year-old daughter. She is, in my opinion, a pretty and ambitious girl, funny and sensitive. Back then, 36 months ago, I did not care if she went to town or to a club, on her own or with a friend. I thought it was cool when she and her girlfriends took the train to visit other major German towns, maybe party. She is young, full of life, it is her bloody right to explore the world.

These times are over. I am worried. I have lost faith in the state protecting her and her girlfriends when I’m not there. I lost trust that the people she will meet will respect her dignity and her integrity. I am worried for her. I don’t want to constrain her, but I lose sleep when she’s not home. We did not read for her at bedtime, and we did not do math homework with her, so that some a**hole from some weird country gropes her because, in his eyes, she is an “unbeliever slut” and “worthless”. And I don’t trust that anyone will help her if she is in duress. After all, she is “only” a “German”.

I am aware that there are also filthy pigs among those “who have been living here for a bit longer” [Merkel’s recent expression to avoid the word “Germans”], who can’t keep their hands off others, but in my opinion, this is not an argument to invite people in, sort of as a “compensation”, who have a — let’s say “conservative” — view of women, and where our state isn’t even interested in who they are, how old they are, and what they are up to.

I am sorry that she can’t grow up in the same free country that I grew up in. I am sorry that she can’t go to a swimming pool without taking care, without constantly being on the lookout for whether trouble is imminent, and without keeping “an arm’s length distance”. As if anyone whose entrance ticket I subsidize with my tax money would care. Thank you to those who opened the floodgates without examining who is coming in. I imagine that neither I, nor my children deserved this.

Perfect target for “the new arrivals”

My son was beaten up by Russians. Just because. Because they could. He did not fight back, to prevent worse. He was right. There is no point in resisting. Our children were not raised in, and for, violence. This makes them, when the state fails, perfect targets for the “new arrivals”. The “integration industry”, which battens itself at the public trough, does not even watch in indifference. They watch as appeasers, insulting and downplaying, spitting on the victims of the collateral damage of their protégés who allegedly “seek refuge”.

We spend Christmas behind concrete barriers; the controls at concerts are stricter than at the airport. And, yes: some districts with predominantly newly-arrived inhabitants are now filthy and dirty and not a good place to live. Because it is the people living there who lack any consideration and respect for other people’s property, because they have completely different challenges and desires.

They have no obligation to the greater common good outside their own family and clan. And those zones are under the rule of the relevant clans. And they behave accordingly. They hate me, and the country that reached out to them when they were in need. They still like to take our monthly welfare cheques.

And I am getting older and wondering where I can find affordable living, where I won’t have to dwell under threat for life and limb. Yes, I am concerned. I am a concerned citizen. Now go ahead and ridicule me.

14 thoughts on “What, Me Worry?

  1. Welcome to the permanent and endless nightmare.
    Can you still make and drink beer in Germany? I hope so but I can see a end to it. So, drink while you can and be happy.
    I reed in the News that Angela Merkel and the socialists are happy to work together and make a New government. Shure, they will change everything and things will be better.
    If you consider to move to a low cost place I know Ulan Bator would do the trick.

  2. Merkel is on the way out. Her cabinet won’t last long. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it will last long enough. Long enough to either makes reversal impossible or a civil war inevitable. Even if AfD would get much stronger in the next election, they won’t get strong enough to reverse matters. Same goes for all western Euro countries.

  3. My son was beaten up by Russians. Just because. Because they could. He did not fight back, to prevent worse. He was right. There is no point in resisting. Our children were not raised in, and for, violence. This makes them, when the state fails, perfect targets for the “new arrivals”.

    This just about sums it up.

    My Swedish friends have had similar problem in the kindergarden: A few black five year olds would keep on beating the white boys so much so the white Swedish boys were terrified of going to the kindergarden. My Czech friends and I would propose to unite a few Swedish boys against those violent immigrants, to fight back. Since adults cannot punish children in Sweden, we thought the small children must sort it out among themselves. But we got shouted down by pretty much every female Swede we encountered, that “violence is not the answer” and so on… So the white Swedish children were kept terrorized by the immigrant children, and the only viable solution – to show strength to fight back – was forbidden!

    The children are actively taught not to fight back. Slaves…

    • Much of Europe after 30-40 years of liberal Social Democrat ideology is now ripe for the picking, when any alien predatory culture arrives. Unless the native culture adapts and changes to meet the new circumstances in time it will be swamped and absorbed into the invaders’ culture.
      This is not a new phenomenon, study history and you find numerous societies that could not resist and ultimately disappeared.

    • If you listen to people you know are wrong don’t be surprised by the outcome. I never let my wife talk me into a time share and I am all the better off for it. Swedish kids still get beaten up.

  4. Thank you for sounding the alarm, sir. It is ominous and disturbing that your unvarnished, timely description of the ordeals of daily life for rational native citizens in an open-door appeasement-state isn’t published for maximum exposure by all “free” mass media of the world, not even as OUR FREEDOMS ARE BEING CORRODED BEFORE OUR EYES.

    They who would dismiss as “alarmist” the public outcry of CONCERNED CITIZENS in times of dire crisis, are themselves AGENTS OF OPPRESSION, i.e., TRAITORS!

    Citizens of the world, WAKE UP! We must protect our families’ and our descendants’ freedom while we still can! WE KEEP ONLY THE FREEDOMS THAT WE DEFEND… TODAY AND EVERY DAY!

    • ‘Citizens of the world, WAKE UP! We must protect our families’ and our descendants’ freedom while we still can! WE KEEP ONLY THE FREEDOMS THAT WE DEFEND… TODAY AND EVERY DAY!’
      For me it is too provocative,cheap and populistic shout.
      First of all-when (if) people will wake up Big Bro already has a big arsenal of repressive projects what have been waiting quietly for decades in their shelves and have a big layer of dust on the top. All of these ‘projects’ should be implemented immediately. Must take it in account!
      Secondly-What freedoms do you refer to? Have we any left? Can you name some of them,please?….

  5. Your enemy only respects force.
    They are not met with force.
    (Do NOT tell me that’s “illegal”. Where there’s a will………….)

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooring, it is.

    • Bingo! Absolutely agree!
      Regarding parent-kid relations it should be interesting to dig up who and when implemented this ‘bright’ idea that parents have no rights put a finger on their kids!

      All starts in the family. And if the father is restricted by the law from putting the sticks on the [rear ends] of (let me say) teen who commited rubbery or abused someone by power – it leads to the situation we find ourselves in nowadays! Violence,gangs,total disrespect,drugs etc..
      This is what the System created purposely and people, like sheep, accept it!

    • If you get a chance, catch some of the Russian movies made in the 1990s, when moviemakers probably had more freedom than any other time in Russian history, including now. They give a frank and gritty picture of life under communism: brutal, nasty, and short. So, it’s quite conceivable that Russian immigrants would use violence to assert their own dominance.

      This recent Darwinian history makes it unlikely that Muslims will achieve the sort of social intimidation they employ in traditional welfare countries like Sweden and Germany. Think of Muslims penetrating North Korea, which is a Darwinian state par excellence, including a fierce group identity, and laugh.

      The sad fact is, the welfare of the German people does not lie in any of the incentives driving German bureaucracy or German politics. It’s not difficult to find countless examples of this. It’s not something to get worked up about, because righteous anger does not affect the incentives of the German tyrants.

      Is there a path to action for native Germans? I don’t know. I hope so.

    • Re. Russians or “Russians” –

      The first case of selective enforcement that I remember from Germany was, years ago, a female judge let off lightly 3 or 4 Russian young men, who had gang raped a woman as punishment for something she had done or said.
      The judge argued that the young Russians didn’t know that this wasn’t acceptable in Germany.

      But I’m not demonizing Russians per se. Cultured Russians are wonderful people in my experience. I often think, more cultured than their German counterparts.

      It feels like a cliché to say that, but I guess Russia is a country of extremes.

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