Mama, I’m So Hard To Handle!

Last September’s general election in Germany saw the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) seated in the Bundestag for the first time. As a direct result, there has been another first: the issue of crimes committed by “teenage” “refugees” has been discussed on the floor of the Bundestag for the first time.

Anton, who translated the video below, includes these introductory notes:

Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) made Katarina Barley — the Social Democrat who serves as minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth — answer questions about the murder of a 15-year-old German girl by a Muslim in Kandel.

When asked how she intends to protect women and girls in the future, she said we need to talk to them, those who come from macho cultures. We need to bring their families over because they are easier to handle when their sisters and mothers are with them.

The AfD just laughed at her. And the Socialists applauded.

This is the first time a minister has ever been questioned in Parliament about a crime committed by someone claiming to be a refugee. Even though hundreds of thousands of crimes have been committed by asylum seekers since Angela Merkel opened the floodgates in September 2015.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   First question to our colleague Nicole Höchst (AfD).
00:10   Based on the official crime statistics and against the current backdrop of the crime in Kandel.
00:18   What concrete educational and danger prevention measures is your ministry planning
00:25   in order to protect and successfully inform women and girls in the long term
00:31   about the disproportionately increased physical and sexual and life-threatening attacks
00:38   that have taken place since 2015 by so-called “asylum seekers”? Many thanks.
00:44   Unlike you, my ministry and I are anxious to protect all women and girls from sexual assault.
00:54   And that’s why this is not just about a single cause.
01:02   We have… we know from many investigations,
01:06   unfortunately also recently from the terrible case in Freiburg…
01:10   That the vast majority of sexual assault takes place in the context of social proximity.
01:15   This is not intended to conceal or minimize those cases that do not.
01:21   Nor the actual abuses perpetrated by refugees.
01:27   We have to approach this from different angles.
01:30   On the one hand, this concerns the accommodation where the unaccompanied young refugees live.
01:39   Also of course to the… yes… to the macho culture from which they often come …
01:46   That one does not conceal this and attempts to discuss this there,
01:51   and of course influence them, this is quite obvious.
01:55   But as I said, now… I do not know exactly where you were going with education?
02:02   As if you had in mind that you should say who you do not look in the eye,
02:05   or do not shake hands with or something, I have no idea?
02:08   What they are thinking? We erm, we erm, we have
02:11   the expert’s report from Professor Pfeiffer here,
02:14   which gives very precise starting points, which firstly says… [interrupted: Many thanks]
02:19   Yes, but it is now… Please give me two more sentences in this case. [OK]
02:23   There are… we must work with the youth, and we also know that family reunification is important.
02:27   Because the adolescents… [laughter] because the adolescents…
02:30   Well, yes. You know. If you think only half of the expert’s report is correct.
02:34   You have cheered half of the Professor Pfeiffer’s report, but you must then read it all.
02:39   And he says it is just the same with young men whether they come from here or elsewhere.
02:44   They are easier to handle when they have their mothers and sisters with them.

9 thoughts on “Mama, I’m So Hard To Handle!

  1. Well, this does seem like progress, because they are now forced to discuss this. But, nothing will change because the German govt is like a lenient parent, not a strict one- when it comes to crime . Amazing how the Germans went from being mean son of you know whats 70 years ago to the apparent all around softies they are now.


    although whenever I read the latest report of a MIM (mentally ill Mohammedan) cutting someone into bits I always hear the old Ramirez refrain in my mind … cause no one’s gonna warn ya, no one’s gonna yell attack, and you don’t feel the steel, till it’s hanging out your back … and there ain’t nothin you can do … yes, those are bad boys all right & what the hell has come over the world, that it is self destructing like this?

  3. The “macho” culture? I think you mean the ISLAMIC culture.

    Incredible though – yes, we’re taking over loads of single young men of fighting age, and they’re a-raping and a-killing all over the place, so the solution is … to bring over whole tribes of their relatives!

    That’ll have a good long term effect on our society!

    These people are totally CRAZY – they’ve lost all contact with reality altogether. They’re a clear and present danger to society. They really need to be rounded up and put on an island to live, all of them together, with a big electrified fence round about it so they can’t escape. Alcatraz is empty, isn’t it …??

  4. Family reunification is the first order of business. The Yutes have to be returned to their families en masse and immediately.

    • This assertion that these young fighting age men behave better in the presence of women is well, open to challenge, shall we say One can read the USCIRF annual reports on what goes on in Islamic countries, and have the facts relating to that assertion to hand. However, if we grant that assertion for the sake of argument, then as you say, the alternative solution is to send them all back to be among their female relatives. If that is the place where they behave “better” then that is where they need to be, obviously.

  5. Working with children I know all two well that teens are much easier to control when the father is around, they usually don’t care all that much about the mother. That is, children are usually afraid of the father, while the mother is the “good cop”. In that perspective it makes no sense what that woman said. And because their fathers are problematic (encouraging mistreatment of women), there are only two solutions: deport the men present in Germany, or put them in strict boarding schools where male teachers and caregivers will force them into submission. Those who wouldn’t oblige until their studies are over would be deported.
    Unfortunately I am fully aware that nothing like that will be put into practice. At least not as long as Merkel’s leading.
    I don’t remember who said it, but “one death is a tragedy, thousands are a statistic” is very true in Germany and the West part of the EU. Perhaps the AfD should question them about every case, constantly, steadily, until the coalition is either forced to actually solve it or the public wakes up and does it themselves.

  6. Macho culture? We are actually talking about people whose religious ideology tells them it’s OK to capture and rape non-believing women and even keep them as sex-slaves. The role model of these men himself did this – and they regard him as the “Perfect Man.” This is not “macho culture” – it is Islam. The problem is Islam and it is high time someone had the courage to point this out.

  7. Katharina appears confused and frightened. She clearly knows she is defending a poor position that she likely disagrees with herself.

  8. I smell a genuine batikhäxa here.

    [Machine translation of the Swedish definition:

    “Batik witch is a political term that, with a sarcastic undertones, describes a person with mostly politically correct statements and behaviors. Does not rarely work in the state or municipal sector. The person is fictitious and does not exist in actual sense, but rather is regarded as visualization of particular characteristics”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments, or translate the term after using it. –BB]

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