Will There Be Another German General Election Shortly?

From Egri Nök, just posted at Vlad Tepes:

Germany: Deadline To Form New Government Near — Negotiations Cancelled Over “Refugees”

[Photo (not shown): Party leaders Angela Merkel (CDU), Christian Lindner (FDP) and Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) at coalition negotiations]

Germany — The deadline is just hours away, but Merkel’s CDU/CSU, Greens and FDP have cancelled their negotiations at 4:30 in the morning local time.

The F.A.Z. is speaking of “massive” differences.

If a new government is not formed by Friday, new elections might be pending. The CDU/CSU saw the worst results in their history ever at the recent German Bundestag election. To obtain the necessary majority to form a government, but still be able to ostracize the AfD, Merkel chose the FDP and the Greens as partners.

The Greens reportedly are making only the slightest concessions on topics such as coal power stations, taxation of Diesel cars, etc., while demanding that to accommodate them for these concessions, the CSU should meet them in the “refugee” issue, particularly in “family reunification”.

“Family reunification” under its current regulation is estimated to bring between one and two million more Syrians into Germany in 2018.

Polls show that the majority of Germans, especially women, reject this prospect. But hundreds of thousands of “family reunification” visas have already been granted. CSU and FDP demand to suspend “family reunification”. But the Greens comment that the right to a family was a basic human right, “of course not just for German families”. So family reunification is “a core issue” for them.

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  1. If family reunification is so important to the Greens, let them fight to return refugees to their families back home.

    But, no, the flow of third-world welfare seekers is one way and one way only – toward Europe. No one knows why. Gravity is easier to understand than this sacred doctrine.

    • It is simple, it’s an invasion, and the Greens are just brainwashed and/or paid for fifth column.

    • I was listening to The History of Byzantium podcast (yes, I have odd tastes) and something struck me as rhyming in our time….

      The Byzantine emperor in the lates 900s did not have children and did not have any interest in a succession plan. One theory on this is he was convinced the world would end 1000 years after the birth of Christ. Fast forward to the apocalyptic Greens and I start to see a reason for why they don’t care about the destruction they promote

        • https://thehistoryofbyzantium.com

          Most episodes are free and there are a few premium ones. There is a refreshingly honest (by mainstream podcast standards) premium one on the origins of Islam done a year or two ago. It provides me some hope that a dwindling group of Greeks were able to hold off Islam for 800 years possessing a technology which only armed them with sharp pieces of metal, though did not end well, of course

        • There is a fascinating four-part series on the history of the Byzantine Empire by John Romer available for free on Youtube. Just do a search for “Byzantium: The Lost Empire”.

          I find the West has much more in common with the Byzantines and their long slow collapse in the face of foreign and domestic threats than we have in common with the fall of Rome. A fascinating culture nevertheless, and inspirational and depressing at the same time.

    • The Greens are the stupid (environ)mentalists (not to offend the true environmentalists). What does bringing millions of [third] worlders to the hyper-consuming first world; increase consumption, environmental destruction and emission of greenhouse gases. Some are undoubtedly on the payroll of the Soros Foundation, most have obviously no brain.

      • Some observers believe that the Greens are in fact just Marxists, and that they seized the environmentalist cause when it became fashionable in the 80s. But that their true agenda was leftism.

        Everyone I know who ever had to deal with Greens on a professional basis (for example as a mayor in a small town with representatives of the local Green party) tells me of these people’s surprising lack of knowledge of local fauna and wildlife.

        • No surprise. Their high priests: Al Gore, prince Charles, D.Suzuki are probably among the top 5% of carbon emitters, the rest not far behind. Refugees welcome for them is yet another form of virtue signaling.

          • I suspect that this is why the Queen is hanging on – imagine the disaster of having Prince Charles on the throne.

            I’ve had a hardcore leftist (whom I suspect of being a closeted communist) tell me that the Greens is where the “hope” is (in so many words). They don’t even really hide it.

        • I believe the vast majority of the upper echelon environmentalists (especially of the political variety) are Marxists first and foremost. What better way to rally everyone around your globalist crusade than to say the entire planet is in danger and it is only by coming together that you can save it?

          Of course, pointing this out makes people accuse you of hating the planet. It’s not like I’m pro-pollution.

        • In 1958, the FBI director, J Edgar Hoover, wrote a book called “Masters of Deceit”, probably one of the most underrated books written.

          Hoover noted the importance of front groups for the Communist party. Front groups allowed people to support Communist causes without being identified as Communists. Front groups also served as a recruiting resource for the hardcore Communist party, which coincidentally, served as a recruiting resource for Russian and other Communist espionage activities.

          But, most people who read alternative news media (real journalists) are aware that feminist groups do not support actual women’s issues, gay groups do not support gay issues, and worker parties do not support worker issues. They are all cultural Marxist fronts, and exist only to advance the goals of cultural Marxism, which, in a nutshell, are to destroy Western culture and civilization and dissolve its racial distinctiveness.

      • NASA said….well… the green house story….is just a story…and a lot of money…

  2. The Greens got fewer votes than AfD. The Greens, though are being allowed to influence the agenda, while AfD are of course barred from all coalition talks. Democracy in action, folks.

    • Democracy, like all forms of government, has its benefits and disadvantages. Democracy has problems when there is a heterogeneous, highly diverse society where there is no consensus on any issue or even value.

      For example, Muslim countries, particularly where there is a significant component of both Shi’a and Sunni, do best with a strong man dictatorship. Saddam Hussein, vicious as he was, suppressed the natural tendency of the Shi’a and Sunni to fight each other, and kept a lid on Islamist fanatics.

      The split between the left and the right is almost as total and destructive as the split between Shi’a and Sunni. It’s almost impossible to get a bill through both the US House and Senate. The Democrats are obstructionist, not merely opposition. Unless something breaks, the Democrats are looking to achieve the parity or majority in the Senate, the President will be Trump, and the only way government will function at all is through Presidential degree, roughly akin to a dictatorship.

    • Just as long as AfD minds the ballot boxes and vote count. Maybe Das Vote Count should mind the ballot boxes. One vote for freedom, ha, ha ,ha, ha! (Oops, that’s Sesame Street)

  3. Family reunification is “a core issue” for me as well. And for those poor souls languishing in homesickness for their beloved families, immediate return is the only acceptable remedy.

    When is the US going to get hopping on immigration? Why are undesirables continuing to arrive? Did we not decide this in a recent national election? How long before we’re down to two million Muslims, then one, then the zero Muslim target?

    I haven’t handled a bayoneted rifle in a half-century, but I’m free most afternoons, and will be more than pleased to participate in the round-ups. I don’t require a wage for this; a job done well is it’s own satisfaction.

    I don’t require much from life: two thousand calories per day and Muslim fannies mounting the gangplank should about do it.

  4. Germany is done , finished, for me this is one big disaster, not only for Germany but for whole Europe, here we go again, another invasion Muslim welfare parasites, for ever …

  5. A lucky stroke is that provincial elections are held in Bavaria, next year, where the CSU cannot afford to loose votes to AfD, again. New elections aren’t a good solution for them, either; AfD would probably gained more votes. There still may be some hope for Europe.

  6. Where is AFD after election? Why they so quiet??, Merkel blocked them ??, Why this Islamic Greens have more voices then AFD ?, AFD is the third biggest party in Bundestag not This freaking Greens , it’s just disgusting really..

    • No worry. The new parliament cannot come together until a new government is formed. Until then, the old government acts as a caretaker.

  7. Eventually, the German citizenry will figure out what to do. I wouldn’t want to be a muslim barbarian when they do.

    • Really? They don’t have any wespons except the old farmer families. I just don’t see the average German fighting a muslim with a kitchen knife to save his family of one and the gorgeous churches he hasn’t stepped in for years. No, the average German will take his current girlfriend (few commit to marriage these days), and move to a different EU country, or whereever they have connections and possibilities. I highly doubt there are many German men willing to wrestle their country from the invaders phyiscally. I do not think they love their culture and homeland that much.

      • Again very sad for German generations and small kids to come , it’s heartbreaking how this beautiful country and awesome culture disappearing of front their eyes..

      • »»They don’t have any wespons except the old farmer families<<

        Not true. E.g. here:


        "There are 5.5 million legal and registered guns in Germany, owned by 1.45 million persons: hunters, shooting enthusiasts, collectors, or security services."

        From the map I guess the major part are hunting guns, as density is high in the regions were there are many hunters. So a simple calculation shows, some problems might be solved within a few hours … Of course privatly owned guns would be no match for what police/military could bring into the field. Therefor only a political solution is viable.

        Greetings from one of the well-armed districts in NE Bavaria!

        • In the video article you attached, one of the afterward comments given was the following;

          ” Bayern ist das Texas Deutschlands.”
          Bavaria is the Texas of Germany.

    • Don’t be too sure on that. Germans are sheep, and will only do what they are told to do. If someone were to wrest title of head sheepdog from the current shepherd and decide it was high time to gas muslims and nafris, then they would proceed to do so with Teutonic efficiency and a singlemindedness that would make Himmler proud.

      Until then, not a single original or rebellious thought will pass between their ears.

      • Just who do you think it is who is going to give the Germans the call which they will heed to civil war violence?? Naahh, not happening any time soon.

      • You don’t know how many Germans are resisting every single day in original and rebellious ways. And I can’t tell you, unfortunately, as this sort of resistance has to stay under the radar. If it weren’t for those countless nameless people, it would be much worse. Could be Sweden or Rotherham, after all.

        • I would love for you to be right and myself wrong. But alas, I am much more pessimistic where Germans are concerned. After all, they just had national elections and the AfD barely got into the double digits which tells me most Germans who vote are still oblivious to the danger they are in.

  8. Family reunification would be a nightmare for host countries. The average Muslim invader could bring in: 5 siblings, 3 wives, his parents, and his children. It’s likely seen as an extended vacation or sabattical with lots of free stuff, and 1 or 2 could join in martyrdom operations to further the cause of Allah. You can see how Muslims must see this as an opportunity provided by Allah to advance the faith. It’s all good, in their view. A time for celebratory rapes and feasting and rejoicing as the sanctioned slaughter begins. Allahu akbar!

  9. Plus on top of this nightmare, false documents they holding, so will be double dip , Germans never learn from own mistakes, one question, Why Merkel won ??? After all this nightmares WHY ???

    • I expect one answer to your question is that of opportunity. Readers of GoV see alternative opinions and information presented and discussed every day. The news Germans get is controlled by the government, and Germans who dissent publicly are fined or jailed.

      I don’t know if Germans are sheep or not: I hope not. But, their access to information is controlled by a Stasi-trained chancellor.

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