Dzsihádfigyelő Runs Afoul of FISBEP

Long-time readers will be familiar with Dzsihádfigyelő, the Hungarian Counterjihad site, which has done volunteer translation work for us in the past. Although its name means “jihad watch” in Hungarian, it is not affiliated with Robert Spencer’s site.

Like so many other “Islamophobic” “hate” sites, the Facebook page for Dzsihádfigyelő has now fallen victim to FISBEP, after Hungarian Muslims complained about it. The following report on what happened was sent by the editor of Dzsihádfigyelő.

Hungarian counterjihad news site gets deleted by the Muslim Community on Facebook

by Dzsihádfigyelő

This is to inform you about a recent case of ‘Facebook jihad’ in Hungary. The content of our anti-Islamization website on Facebook was reported by the Hungarian Muslim Community (MIK) as ‘hate speech’, and consequently the site has been permanently deleted. As you might know, the meaning of ‘Dzsihádfigyelő’ is ‘jihad watch’ but the site is not an affiliate of Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. Our site has posted translations of news, videos and articles from Counterjihad sites like Jihad Watch, The Geller Report, Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna etc. for nearly a decade.

Screenshots prove that the main official organization of Muslims in Hungary (MIK) admits its role in getting Dzsihádfigyelő’s page banned, and rejoices over it afterwards in a closed Facebook group — calling the deletion of the page a ‘triumph’. The Muslims leaving comments below the MIK post also discuss ‘their obligation’ to respond to ‘attacks’ (on Islam).

Even though Hungary is one of the few islands of free speech in the West, with goverment officials talking about ‘no more mosques’, Facebook is a different story. A couple of other Counterjihad Facebook sites in Hungary have already been shut down or restricted by MIK.

Short summary by Dzsihádfigyelő of the following article translated from Breitportal, a conservative Hungarian website:

Hungarian Counterjihad news site gets shut down by the Muslim Community

A major Hungarian Counterjihad news site on Facebook, ‘Dzsihádfigyelő’, with nearly seven thousand followers and a maximum audience reach of 800,000 viewers, gets shut down by the Hungarian Muslim Community (Magyar Iszlám Közösség; MIK), after eight years of successful operation.

Muslims Destroy Dzsihádfigyelő’s Site

Posted by Breitportal, 14th November 2017

Freedom of speech reigns supreme within the Hungarian Muslim Community. They managed to get Dzsihádfigyelő banned from Facebook.

A Flagship of Criticism of Islam in Hungary

As many of you know it, Dzsihádfigyelő has for many years been informing Hungarian readers about the true nature of Islam. The site published content on religious and other issues that had not been available in Hungarian before.

The criticism of Islamic doctrine and opposition to jihad has been an integral part of Hungarian history. Dzsihádfigyelő pioneered in the revival of it in the early 2000s — and now has lost its nearly 7,000 followers in an instant.

Hungarian Muslims Did Not Like It

Not because the site incited hatred or violence — it did not. The reason was that the Hungarian Islamic Community (Magyar Iszlám Közösség; MIK) could not really handle criticism. The Muslim organization bragged on Facebook that it had reported content shared by Dzsihádfigyelő because of “hate speech and symbols that incite hatred”.

(Make comments, if possible.)

The enthusiastic Facebook censorship team has shut down the whole account in reaction to the report. The team suggested to “report it again” — if the page were reinstated and if the post in question reappeared.


Antifa Protects Them

(Meaning: Antifa protects Islam — Hungarian-English translator)

The anti-fascist network, interestingly enough, seems to maintain close contact with Muslim communities. has found a comment in which Antifa supported the building of a new mosque. (The information on the new mosque has since turned out to be misinformation.)

And they branded Generation Identitaire a ‘neo-Nazi movement’, referring to the recent flash mob of the group. Then the flash mob was branded a “hate crime” targeting Muslims. (GI has not incited to violence nor has it attacked anyone. Their flash mob was part of freedom of speech.) Antifa wrote: “we stand for the Hungarian Muslim minority.”

Incitement of Stoning is Allowed

In the meantime, in a close Facebook group of the Hungarian Islamic Community, the “believers” are discussing if “reporting pages to Facebook” meant the restriction of freedom of speech. “I think it (getting pages reported and banned — translator) does not serve the goals, but raises moral issues — wrote ‘János’. ‘István’ however thinks that “it is our duty to pick up the gauntlet if Muslims and Islam are attacked”.

Incitement to hatred, however, seems to be the method of the other party: Zoltán Bolek, president of the Muslim community (MIK), “liked” a comment (on Facebook) that called for the stoning of a person. (Reported by Pesti Srácok)

The comment writes: “Vince, you should be stoned for this kind of thinking.”. And this comment was “liked” by the president of the Hungarian Islamic Community.

Freedom of Speech!

We encourage all the kind readers of Breitportal to ‘like and follow’ Dzsihádfigyelő, which is our ideological ally on the issue of Islam:

Let’s show that there is freedom of speech in Hungary, and we will not cower and quail when the opposition does not like something.

Video about the Hungarian Islamic Community: “These homosexuals are the filthiest of Allah’s creatures. A Muslim must never accept this disease, this terrible depraved thing.”

With English subtitles:

18 thoughts on “Dzsihádfigyelő Runs Afoul of FISBEP

  1. You guys have been telling me all this time that these people are not in Hungary to speak of…, but now I read “The Muslim community” in Hungary has done such and such.

    Again, I pose the same question I posed her 2 weeks ago: Where in the contemporary Western World is there a country without a Muslim community?

    • The Muslims living in Hungary mostly arrived in the 80’s, when the socialist government had their Comintern duty of providing education to comrade Arabic countries. Many of them remained after studying and married in Hungary. Some born Hungarians also converted, which shows, dumb people are everywhere. The size of the “community” is about 30,000 people, which is way below the magical 5%, where Muslims go into Sharia mode. I guess they activated themselves.

  2. Now there is one ugly mug that is screaming to be improved via hemp necktie…

  3. Wait…there is such thing as a Hungarian Islamic Community? Zoltán Bolek does sound like a bone fide Hungarian name. Is it just a bunch of tired-of-life drifters who relinquished their brain to Islam?

  4. This is exactly why conservatives and their allies need to develop and bring their own platforms online – the lunatic Left own almost all the existing platforms.

  5. Why the surprise that Antifa support the Ummah’s colonization efforts?

    Antifa are traitorous filth who exist to destroy the West and liquidate its peoples.

  6. Breitbart BANNED me without notice simply for observing that their columnist Delingpole, producer of such pearls as, “the greenies’ [conservationists’] heads exploded…,” is an anti-conservation [dissembler]. Muslims may hate free speech, but they’re not the only ones!

    • I’m thinking there’s more to your story. I see some pretty extreme, and of course obscene, commentary from lefties on Breitbart.

  7. What a joke!

    The west is the laughing stock of islam. We dance to whatever tune they sing like true dhimmis. AND >>> AND AND :


    • I never heard anyone say that our media, most certainly not our MAINSTREAM media, is free. It’s well on its way to becoming a leftist money-puppetry show (a precursor to Islamic money-puppetry), as far as I can see.

  8. This action by Farcebook is just one more item on a veritable laundry-list of reasons why the eventual backlash against Social Media will be both brutal and decisive.

    The damage being done to Western Civilization by Social Media is incalculable—with their blatant show of favoritism towards Islam merely being the iceberg’s tip. Twitter’s new Orwellian policy of monitoring the offline behavior of its users is a splendid example of how these Internet titans are in the vanguard of anti-Constitutional efforts.

    Their arrogation of power presages some very difficult times ahead as people slowly but finally discover just how badly free speech and independent thought have been hindered or outright maimed by these would-be kingmakers.

    Expect near-continuous opposition to Trump even as Liberals move even further towards the Dark Side™ in their total contradiction of everything that Classical Liberalism always has stood for. This hypocrisy is both unforgivable and anti-American, especially with respect to its disquieting undertones of inciting violent hatred against White people.

    Any explanation for this hostility defies all reason when one takes into account which American demographic owns the most firearms. Just as how Islam continues to prod the nuclear-armed West with its pointed wooden stick, so do Liberals persistently antagonize those whose original (i.e., Constitutional) beliefs they continue to impudently shelter beneath.

    At some point in the not-too-distant future, that once-graciously proffered umbrella will be folded up faster than a linen napkin at a four star Michelin restaurant. Much like how so few in the West seem to realize that Islam has openly declared unending war against our way of life so, too, do Conservative Americans apparently remain relatively unaware that a new civil war has been declared against them by the Left.

    If one single (now-abandoned) political tradition epitomizes this rumbling tectonic shift in US politics, it is the disappearance of what was once termed the “Loyal Opposition”—who, despite whatever partisan differences, nonetheless sought to always do what was best for the nation.

    The Internet titans are prime movers in driving this polarization and there’ll be pure hell to pay for their complicity in dividing America in such a crippling manner. That they choose to also defend this nation’s self-declared Islamic foe only serves to remove any mitigating circumstances from their treachery.

    At the very least, look for a BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement to emerge that redirects much of middle class investment away from these hyper-Liberal engines. That would only be an opening salvo in terms of the true dimensions this conflict could (and likely will) reach as it is, literally, for the very heart and soul of America.

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