Mutti: “Does this mean I’ll have to hold another one of those tiresome elections? Curses!”

Coalition negotiations have failed in Germany, and there will probably be another general election. Egri Nök just filed this report at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Angela Merkel “deeply regrets” the FDP’s decision to abort negotiations.

Germany: FDP Abort Coalition Negotiations, Merkel Plunges Into Crisis

By Egri Nök

BREAKING: FDP announce that they abort coalition negotiations.

This pushes Merkel into the deepest crisis of her twelve-year career.

“It is better not to govern, than to govern wrongly,” said FDP chief Christian Lindner to the press around midnight local time.

Angela Merkel said in the early Monday-morning hours that she deeply regretted the FDP’s decision. She still believes that it would have been possible to find a compromise with the Greens on the controversial topic of refugees.

But FDP chief Christian Lindner said that while it would have been possible to find common grounds with the CDU (Merkel) and CSU, the differences between FDP and Greens were simply irreconcilable.

[Photo (not shown): FDP chief Christian Lindner cancels coalition negotiations.]

Until Sunday night the central contentious point was the topic of migration [i.e. refugees]. CSU and FDP demand a curb of migration, while the Greens oppose that and demand (on top of that) “family reunification” for hundreds of thousands of Syrians in Germany.

The only possible scenario remains a so-called “minority government” with either CDU and the Greens or CDU and the FDP. Such scenario would represent barely 40% of the voters. A “minority government” needs permission from the other factions, however. Observers think it is virtually impossible that Merkel would risk this.

The pack is reshuffled.

We at Vlad have been predicting this from the moment the results came in on September 24.

As a reminder, the result of the Bundestag Elections 2017, Sept. 24:

German election results September 24, 2017 #2

Merkel said in the early morning hours that she intended “to lead the country through the difficult weeks” that lie ahead.

25 thoughts on “Mutti: “Does this mean I’ll have to hold another one of those tiresome elections? Curses!”

  1. It’s time for Her to go !!!, it’s totally disgusting what she did to this country and betrayed own people,AFD , have now chance to get bigger, if people are smart , and get rid of this Islamic Greens , they are enemy with CDU ..

    • Merkel-The German Mugabe….She brought several of her GDR pals into power. She uses them to shutdown debate. Merkel is evil and fails to realise that the Germany of today is not the GDR. Isee troops being used soon, to ensure compliance. This situation across Europe is a tinderbox and could explode. What with Brexit and Greece ruined by millions of illegal cultural enrichers- many from Sub-Sahara Africa terrorising benighted Greek populace and now Italy left to deal with thousands more and 3,000,000 on their way. Merkel committed high treason. It is not for her as a public servant to invite in 1,000,000 and more illiterate negros and Pakistanis in order to replace native Germans. My family in Germany say it is “Absolutely terrible” there.

      • It could be terrible there, still they keep voting the same ole parties that promise them more of the same disaster. I can understand that the Islamic Green party has the vote of the previous generation of migrants, but give me a break; they’ve got to develop a brain.

  2. Just look at Her face , and tell me if she not betrayed German citizens, !!, and no regardes whats so ever …

    • She is a Communist

      “Communism has never concealed the fact that it rejects all absolute concepts of morality. It scoffs at any consideration of “good” and “evil” as indisputable categories. Communism considers morality to be relative, to be a class matter. Depending on circumstances and the political situation, any act, including murder, even the killing of hundreds of thousands, could be good or could be bad. It all depends on class ideology. And who defines this ideology? The whole class cannot get together to pass judgment. A handful of people determine what is good and what is bad. But I must say that in this respect Communism has been most successful. It has infected the whole world with the belief in the relativity of good and evil. Today, many people apart from the Communists are carried away by this idea.” – Unknown

      • One could say that with some exceptions, most people in Western countries today believe in a subjective, self determined good and evil. What is interestingly noted in your quote, is that Communism does have a solution in the form of a hierarchical morality, which is exactly the same solution that islam would impose on us. Communism and islam do have common outcomes if not common goals.

        What is best is an important question. Are persons born with an understanding of morality? Obviously not, we learn some basic lessons as we grow, but as the saying goes, “Too soon old, too late smart”. Is a moral hierarchy like islam or Communism desirable? I would say that morality cannot be imposed top down upon people with any success.

        I like the Christian model of today that says that a gold standard of objective moral truth exits, that it is unobtainable by man, yet functions as a moral mirror to show us our true self, and that we seek such truth in order to be better persons, and have better societies. This is my opinion of what the purpose of religion should be, and what makes religion so universally important to people.

        • And the Christian model as apart from the Church dogma and more influenced through the New Testament, is an ideal moral system providing that it can be maintained by a moral people.

          And that is why China and the Globalists are very intent on destroying Christianity or as in China’s case, restricting its influence among the people to the point of almost stamping it out.

        • There are some controversy about that. I read multiple sources stating it was not Solzhenitsyn, who said this. So to be on the safe side I wrote “unknown” to the end.

    • I tend to think that her missing Stasi file must have some terrible secrets. Otherwise, why would you hate your nation with such passion.

      • The bombing of Dresden by the Allies during World War Two may have some answers for you there. The Soviets used the destruction of Dresden with which to slander the destructive force of Capitalism onto their newly acquired country of East Germany. Mutti Merkel was a resident of East Germany so therefore received her ‘collective’ education which would have included such a reference to Dresden.

  3. That commie battle axe won’t be releasing her talon grip on power so easily. Count on her dragging this out for a year or more.

    • Soros will flood her warchests with blood money to ensure that the Stasi slug remains in office.

  4. This pushes Merkel into the deepest crisis of her twelve-year career.

    Merkel’s “deepest crisis” is a few more seasons down the road when—if there is any justice in this world (or Germany)—she will be hauled before the country’s most supreme court and made to answer for charges of high treason when it comes to how she willfully inflicted, upon that nation’s people, the crimes that millions of determinedly, non-assimilating, viciously hostile, and violently inclined invaders perpetrated upon a (stupidly) trusting population.

    • Once again they have opportunity now to get rid of that evil face , people wake up !!, for Your kids !!, AFD , and only this can save You from this horror she created ..

  5. Day may be dawning early in Merkelwood. Can the dwarves slay Smaug with a little help from their human friends?

    • Grab your chance if she calls an election, kick this evil witch
      Into touch.

      You have no excuses this time – she has ruined your once proud
      Nation morally, economically and politically so GET RID!!

      Should you choose not to, heaven help you all, your last chance
      To save your nation will be gone forever, having chosen to elect
      A failed communist, ethnomasachistic, self-loathing egomaniac
      Over the welfare of your own kind and all in the name of political

  6. All she had to do was talk to the AfD instead of the Greens. Their position is far closer to the CDU/CSU core beliefs than the Greens will ever be. But no-one will talk to the AfD, since they are waycists, hence anyone who talks to them is also a waycist. And hence there is the mess Germany finds itself in today.

    • That’s right , why nobody talk AFD ???, they have real solutions for this s mess she created, so sad 😞 for Germans..

    • Merkel has eroded the CDU, they adopted so many positions from the Greens. They even have an Islamic group.

      • I read she with her colleagues opened the door to the filth to co-opt the Social Democrats: letting them in was the popular move initially.

        Not only is the AfD seen as waycist they are seen as Nazis. Can I they overcome this hurdle of Hitler’s revenge before it’s too late?

        Also I’ve read that the opening of the gates was a violation of law and the AfD promises to investigate this in the Bundestag. Two retired constitutional court judges said the same.

  7. Merkel is most likely been galvanizing her “troops”.
    Selling either in soft or hard ways.
    It is difficult for many of the Germans/Europeans to get past the bla… bla… etc.. of needing immigration for their economy, diversity enhances the community, tolerance has to be learned so a true multi-culture can bring about a new paradise on this earth.

    I meet a number of young Germans, and some older.It is very rare to get past the conditioned minds, and the rationalizing reasons they use.
    Always I end up saying, mark my words, and tips like read the koran chronologically and figure the abrogation verses. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Warning to the West, and take time to think about them.
    Think about it when you can not really understand what is going on, when your future dreams of that paradise seem to dissolve.

    Some talk of immigrating, but I tell them that personally I would resist them, as I do not want that infiltration of their ideas into my country and community. It is bad enough as it is, as our country does not look around, and now wants to be make up for lost refugees and immigrants.

    I also get the feeling that some would even become muslim, as that is the soft and only way for them to go. Sell outs.!

    Still we must keep persevering, even though we may not which seeds will sprout and grow.
    Perhaps once planted, some else may water, and another fertilize/feed and some else pull some weeds. Success can only be engendered when many seeds are planted.
    Like fishing, you can not catch fish unless you put the line and hook in the water. Changing baits, line, size of hook, weights, locality, time of tides/moon, are all extra. One learns more when actively trying, and the line is in the water.

    Many thanks to Baron & Dymphna, with their wide ranging knowledge, and work in keeping this blog.

  8. Watching her henchman ask everyone present to applaud her today for working so long and hard on the unsuccessful coalition talks was embarrassing for her I think. But really, she reminds me of the old Duracel battery bunny commercials– no matter what she
    does or does not do, or what any one else around her does for that matter– you just can’t knock her down; she’s always still standing with that little smirky smile on her face, ready for service.

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