“Refugees” With Fake Papers Caught at the Hungarian Border

A group of “refugees” was detained attempting to cross Romania’s border with Hungary using fake identification papers. According to the migrants’ own report, their intended final destination was to be the Netherlands.

Many thanks to Stefan Cel Mare for translating this TV report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:10   The group of five was caught this morning
00:13   while attempting to cross the border with Hungary illegally on foot.
00:17   Because the five persons could not justify their presence in the area, they were escorted
00:21   to the nearest police station in San Nicolau Mare for interrogation.
00:24   According to the police report, four of them are from Afghanistan and one from Pakistan.
00:34   Three males aged between 18 and 28 years, and two minors ages between 15 and 17 years.
00:37   All of them have requested asylum in Romania.
00:40   According to their own declaration, they attempted to cross the border with Hungary
00:44   illegally in order to arrive in Western Europe.
00:47   Policemen are researching the case, and the group is accused of attempting
00:51   to cross the Romanian border illegally, which is a crime.
00:54   At the border crossing in Nadlac, a family — mother, father and three children, later discovered
00:57   to be from Iraq — tried to cross the border with fake ID documents [claiming to be Hungarians].
01:00   During ID control the police observed that the pictures did not match the persons
01:04   pretending to be in the documents [fake Hungarian IDs].
01:07   And this is why they have been sent to the frontier police for further research.
01:19   According to police research report, they are all from Iraq.
01:28   They declared that they wanted in this way to get to the Netherlands,
01:33   and that they must pay €13,000 at the destination to the smugglers.
01:38   The border police initiated a criminal investigation against them regarding the attempt
01:42   to cross the border illegally using fake identities, and the forgery of ID documents.
01:45   With them were also arrested three Hungarian citizens [smugglers],
01:49   and they will also be put on trial for human trafficking.