Viktor Orbán: “All the Institutions of the European Union Have Utterly Failed”

Left to right: Polish PM Beata Szydło, Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka, Slovak PM Robert Fico, and Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán at the V4 summit in Bratislava, October 13 2017

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke today at a summit meeting of the Visegrád Group in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Below is the portion of the video of the event that includes Mr. Orbán’s remarks.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For more about this week’s V4 summits, see this article in the Visegrád Post.

Video transcript:

0:00   Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I respectfully welcome
0:04   everyone. I would like to
0:08   share with you a couple of quick thoughts.
0:12   I would like to mention the discussion about the future
0:16   of the Europe Union, which will be the topic of our
0:20   upcoming meeting with Mr [president of the European Council Donald] Tusk.
0:24   I would like to remind all of you that the Visegrad countries
0:28   have already released two documents
0:32   where they explained their opinion
0:36   on the topic. If you missed reading it, this is the perfect opportunity
0:40   to read it now; those are excellent documents.
0:44   I would like to also remind everybody that in January
0:48   we will have a large conference in Budapest, where the key topic will be exactly that.
0:52   The future of Europe and all the arguments about it.
0:56   The Hungarian point of view — which is identical to
1:00   the view of the Visegrad countries—
1:04   about the future of the Union may be summed up as follows:
1:08   If we want to move forward, we should not step back!
1:12   … However,
1:16   today we can experience that we are reversing the achievements
1:20   we reached in the past. The most apparent example of that
1:24   is the Schengen Treaty and the fate of
1:28   the Schengen Zone. There are
1:32   some people here — as old as I am — you can all remember what Europe looked like
1:36   a couple of years ago: the external borders were
1:40   closed and the internal borders were open.
1:44   If you look at Europe today, you will see, the external borders are open
1:48   and the internal borders are closed. In the meantime,
1:52   here in Bratislava [Slovakia], as a guest of Prime Minister [Robert] Fico,
1:56   we recorded here that the most important
2:00   role of the Prime Ministers is to return
2:04   to Schengen. That was the most important point
2:08   of the Bratislava Declaration. Return to Schengen!
2:12   Respected ladies and gentlemen, I have to say firmly
2:16   that all the institutions of the European Union have utterly failed.
2:20   Neither the European Commission, nor the European Council, nor the European Parliament
2:24   protected the Schengen Treaty. That is why we are
2:28   where we are now. I am convinced this
2:32   must not continue; the European institutions MUST comply with the
2:36   Law, and must comply with the agreements and return
2:40   to the Schengen Treaty. My last comment
2:44   is about the distrust of European institutions.
2:48   This is my personal opinion, what I am telling you now. I believe
2:52   there is no such thing as a European nation. There are
2:56   Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Germans
3:00   and many other nations, and if we want to strengthen
3:04   the trust toward Europe, the legitimacy of
3:08   EU, then we must strengthen the member states.
3:12   The strengthening of the European Union is
3:16   only possible through the strengthening of their national institutions.
3:20   Thank you for your attention.

4 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “All the Institutions of the European Union Have Utterly Failed”

  1. Who will speak this same truth to America?

    We cannot begin even to hope to MAGA until this fundamental reality is proclaimed and accepted and the various federal and social chains of the productive half of the country are broken. As Mr Orban has previously stated on behalf of his own country and people, no nation can survive an invasion by hostile immigrants bent on establishing their on law while living as parasites on the host they plan to destroy.

    Likewise, no nation can survive the utter assault, unto destruction, of its moral and civic virtue, of the family, the school and the very Rue of Law upon which it was founded. No elaboration upon this theme is needed here but a clarion sounding from someone of stature and respect in the nation is long overdue and would be a good start.

    Where is such a person today?

    • I don’t see such a person either. The Left media will not allow any info about the dangers of migration, and I speak specifically of moslem migration which is tearing the social fabric of European countries to shreds. Geert Wilders, the brave Dutch politician said the US is 10, posdibly 15 yrs behind this islamic invasion aka jihad. A wicked stealth jihad has been going on in earnest in the US, abated by the Obama Admin and their his deep ties to the moslem brotherhood. The Left and islam are in an unholy alliance. We are in grave danger because the media is purposely not informing Americans. And Americans are in a self-induced PC stupor.
      God help us.

  2. I would love to be able to hear what Fico and Sobotka had to say, would you have a link to the entire press conference?

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