Gianluca Buonanno to the EU: Where Does All That Money Go?

In the video below, the late Gianluca Buonanno, a politician for the Lega Nord, takes the EU to task for its corruption and profligacy with public funds.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Buonanno. —President…
00:03   I wanted to ask the Commissioner (who is present with us, whom I thank):
00:07   How much is this summit aimed at helping poor countries going to cost?
00:14   Because you see, no one ever explains that 80% of all funds goes towards covering
00:24   representative expenses, to pay bureaucrats, to put things together…
00:29   But very little is left of the loot you collected to help those in need.
00:35   How much is this summit that will be attended by the whole world? I ask again.
00:42   Furthermore, where is the whole world going to assemble? Turkey.
00:46   We know how democratic Erdogan’s Turkey is…I think it’d be better
00:52   if he recused himself, since he’s a true dictator, in my opinion…
00:55   He’s like a Hitler of the 2000s…
00:59   It’s as if we gathered some drug addicts,
01:05   and in order to improve their circumstances,
01:08   we hired Pablo Escobar as supervisor,
01:12   who was a huge drug lord in Colombia and worldwide.
01:16   You’re doing the same exact thing! I mean, if there was only one country
01:19   where you shouldn’t have held this summit, Turkey was it!
01:22   And what you do instead? You “talk” about drugs and you call Pablo Escobar!
01:29   Congrats, congrats. You do us a great service.
01:32   Will you guys explain to everyone here where all this money goes!?
01:37   Because you don’t give it to the people, you keep all for yourselves!

2 thoughts on “Gianluca Buonanno to the EU: Where Does All That Money Go?

  1. The incredible expense and inefficiency of the EU can be attributed to size and bureaucracy.

    The larger an organization is, the less representative its governance is. The EU bureaucracy and socialist leadership has succeeded in making itself totally immune from accountability and has given itself access to unlimited funds, drawn partly from grateful international arbitrageurs, and partly from the fees individual countries are not allowed to refuse to pay.

    Can the European parliament put a brake on the EU bureaucracy? Any representative government with widely differing citizenry almost by definition cannot act decisively and depends on the bureaucracy.

    A bureaucracy by its nature will grow, expand its powers, and shrink its accountability.

    The only real way to reform a bureaucracy is to get rid of it. Adding layers of oversight simply expands the bureaucracy. A massive entity like the EU guarantees a massive bureaucracy. In truth, the EU has no business existing at all, like NATO at the present. As long as the EU exists, the bureaucracy is going to gin up disasters, causes and catastrophes. The particular cause doesn’t really matter as long as the bureaucracy expands, spends money and holds conferences feting its own benefits to the world.

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