Giorgia Meloni: “OUR identity should be defended first and foremost!”

Below is a spirited defense of Italian culture by Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We can’t deny that a process of Islamization is currently going on in Europe.
00:06   Anyone who denies that is an accomplice.
00:09   Saudi Arabia and Qatar are spending billions to spread their fundamentalism
00:12   [in the West, in Europe, in Italy]
00:18   by funding the opening of mosques, cultural centers, and universities.
00:26   Erdogan’s Turkey explicitly tells Turks who reside in Europe
00:31   to have as many children as they can [since Europeans aren’t procreating anyway]
00:35   in order to conquer Europe demographically…
00:40   You see, I think it’s nonsense that we fought bloody wars for hundreds of years
00:49   to stop the Islamic conquest of Europe from Poitiers to Lepanto,
00:54   only to find ourselves being conquered just because we are unable to react.
01:00   I say that we have to react and defend our culture and our traditions.
01:08   Meanwhile, I’m ashamed of how our institutions react
01:14   When the Islamic Heads of State come to Italy,
01:18   we cover up classical naked statues, we remove wine from the table,
01:24   and we think we are being nice and smart by doing so.
01:31   When Mrs. Boldrini goes to meet with them, she makes sure to cover her head
01:40   out of respect. Then to meet the pope, she chooses to wear slippers!
01:45   Because all cultures should be respected except ours!
01:50   Well, we say that cultures are to be respected, but ours comes first!
01:56   OUR identity should be defended first and foremost! Theirs have got NOTHING on ours! NOTHING!

9 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni: “OUR identity should be defended first and foremost!”

  1. I wonder how many children does this lovely woman have. Because speaking fervently about the demographic demise of Europe is all well and good. But remaining barren is absolutely the worst she and the rest of European womanfolk can do. Women would love men to carry the babies in the name of Feminism. However, this is for the time being impossible, so what do they do in the meantime? They pontificate. They should take a cue from the Israeli women who manage to serve in the army, some in actual combat positions, And graduate from academic institutions, And be gainfully employed, And have 3.2 children per woman, because they KNOW their men will protect them from Muslim depredations.

      • AFAIK only one, a girl called Ginevra. She gave birth somewhere in summer 2016. By that time Mrs. Meloni was already 39 or so year sold.

        So in spite of her very righteous talk, this lady is, demography-wise, very typical of today’s Italian women. Actually worse. Because on average, the authochton Italian woman has 1.27 children in her lifetime.

        I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with my ‘fellow’ Europeans. I’m about to hire a new employee. A Pole, Przemyslaw. He’s 40 years old and is married to a Flemish woman. They don’t have children.

        My ‘fellow’ Europeans seem simply to REFUSE to procreate. Which begs the question, does a people that cannot even muster the will to survive as a species even deserve fighting for?

        • If the welfare state did not guarantee them basic sustenance and comforts in their old age, fertile couples would have children to provide the same guarantee. ‘Twas ever thus.

  2. This woman, i like, she is great orator,

    Her argument is exact, conscise and floorless, shes speaking the truth!

    Further, Shes very sexy, and v attractive i might add :))

    She is a STAR! ****$

  3. You can’t really defend your culture. You can only limit the number of people of other cultures in your society. Taking action to defend it is wasting time unless the action is limiting immigration. Every new person, born or imported, lowers your cultural density.

  4. I totally agree with her.

    We in Europe have fought wars for the freedom; we have now only to give it away to PC.

    Yes we must respect other peoples culture and costumes But they must respect us as well Nobody forced them to come to Europe and we didn’t invite them either.

    We give them shelter and protection so they must respect the culture and costumes of Europe.If they don’t like it then they should go back where they came from.hen we go to their counties we have to respect their costumes.

    It’s a two-way thing.

    • Respect is not given, it is earned; it’s not something one is forced to do. Respect is a form of trust. Do you trust these people?

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