A Streetcar Named Desire — With Migrants

What a peachy keen idea! The citizens of Nuremberg get to ride on a tram with migrants for an hour and half so they can all get to be pals with each other. I’m sure everyone will have a swell time!

Isn’t this a swell idea? What could possibly go wrong?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this brief article from PolitikStube:

Completely nuts? Nuremberg: “Speed dating” with refugees in streetcar

This kind of tomfoolery can only happen in Germany. Somehow the imported gold pieces have to be sold to women or men. The desperate “refugees-welcome-squalling babies” come up with increasingly absurd ideas in order to make the “refugees” palatable to the indigenous population, to bring them closer, to “acquaint” them with each other. It’s going to be interesting what the resonance will be, how many indigenous women and men will show their interest.

[…] In the streetcar today (October 8, 2017), Nurembergers and refugees can get to know each other with speed-dating in Nuremberg. The respective 90-minutes long rides start at 3pm and at 5pm at the streetcar platform by the main train station.

The two special rides have been arranged by the ‘Citizen Engagement Social Referendum’ department together with the refugee association “Refugees Nuremberg”. The streetcar event expects about twenty refugees to participate for interested locals. The goal is to “bring together people with different languages and cultural backgrounds and in the best-case scenario to form long-lasting acquaintances,” says event organizer Kathleen Purrucker from the Social Referendum. The exchange will be accompanied with “oriental specialties” and tea.

An afterword from the translator:

I do not know why they want to peddle twenty refugees to an indigenous population in Nuremberg when the indigenous population is already being slapped in the face every day with this nonsense, whether voluntarily or not. Also, since there will be food, why are they offering “oriental specialties” instead of GERMAN SPECIALTIES?

This tomfoolery should be taking place with German Blasmusik, beer, and brats. Once again, they kowtow to Islam, they show how deferential they are, how willing they are to give up their own culture. Just another example of complete buffoonery. I can’t hardly take it anymore.

6 thoughts on “A Streetcar Named Desire — With Migrants

  1. Why don’t they offer them German specialty #1, their own daughters.
    Preferably blond and very young. I’m sure those fine young men would appreciate that.

  2. hummm, long lasting acquaintances, break language and cultural barriers?
    I have some foreign languages in stock, been everywhere, even as a houseguest, but long lasting friendships are rare and somtimes do vanish like do relations within our own cultural setting. By the way, in my college days I met some very kind and smart muslim students I am still in touch with after 40 years.
    They ate pork and drank beer in those days. Our girls were available to them when the guys were good lookers, which did not work for the muslim girls and us, though some of them were hot but did not dare.Too bad!

    • Western women who marry Muslim men have a very different experience from the expectations generated by the charm of the unattached Muslim prowlers.

      An a Muslim woman who dated non-Muslims would either have to renounce Islam, or basically live in hiding, or most likely, both.

      I knew a Muslim guy who wasn’t bad, personally. He would duck off by himself to pray, not interrupting anyone else. He would simply not eat if group functions included food that was haram, or if it was Ramadan. I actually know another Muslim like that now: very honest, observant Muslim who observes the religious mandates but thoroughly does not push it on other people.

      But personally, and policy-wise, I would not bring in any more of even these genial Muslims. They support Muslim organizations and religious functions, which is incompatible with the Western culture. Deep down, they really don’t understand concepts like freedom of speech when it comes to criticizing Muhammad. It simply doesn’t make sense to import people, even when genial and productive, whose root world view is aggressively incompatible with what Western culture already has.

  3. At this rate we are only a few years from seeing prime cuts of Eloi under the glass in Europe’s halal butcher shops.

  4. Sitting here not too far from Nürnberg, I searched for a while the Web for results of the arrangement: no report of success. The articles written since sunday also only report what the intention was or at most state completly vague how great it was. Seems the 20-or-so “refugees” and German “refugees-welcome-schickeria” stayed among themselves — as could be expected.

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